Famous And The Infamous

Famous And The Infamous

Bishop James Pike: “The Blasphemous Bishop From Near Berkeley”

“Pike proudly displays the broken blasphemous sign, the so-called “peace symbol” on his pectoral cross” Forty-six years ago this month, on September 9th, 1969, the controversial American Episcopal bishop, James Pike, journeyed into the remote desert in Israel, accompanied by his third wife; he was …READ MORE

Charles John Cobb: “A First World War Christian Conscientious Objector”

The following is a tragic account of the last few weeks on the release of Charles John Cobb. This is from The Tribunal, dated March 27th 1919. Charles John Cobb of Croydon, who was arrested on August 31, 1915, and served five terms of imprisonment …READ MORE

Dan Barker: “A Fundamentalist Atheist”

On a recent US radio phone-in programme, Dan Barker was once again allowed to propagate his fundamental and biased philosophy against the nature and attributes of Almighty God. Mr Barker, according to his own testimony, was a devout Christian for some 19 years in a charismatic …READ MORE

Darwinist Germany: “When Man Forsakes God!”

Introduction We took the following photographs, during our visit to Germany, to demonstrate the terrors and unspeakable evils that occur, when man (whether Nazi or Communist) departs from a Biblical faith in God and treats their fellow man like nothing more than a ‘glorified animal,’ a …READ MORE

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Who Am I?”

(Bonhoeffer stands in the courtyard of the military interrogation prison at Tegel, 1944) Throughout the world, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is celebrated as a German martyr (a victim of the Second World War.) That he opposed the pagan rule of Nazism and collaborated with others in …READ MORE

Freud, Marx, And Darwin: “The Devil’s Dangerous Deceivers”

So much of the moral mess proposed and promoted by the three men above is still widely scattered around us in the 21st century and still permeating the halls of debate and “revolutionary ideas” in assorted academic, media, medical, and political circles. Unfortunately, the same …READ MORE

General William Booth: “Always A Symbolic Army Man”

Any appraisal of the lasting Booth legacy must include his private “army” and the role of his wife. In fact, I suggest that the two were interchangeable because one could not have survived without the other’s existence or dedication. In some ways, Booth was just …READ MORE

George Best: “Don’t Die Like Me”

(Before the bottle) I suppose the footballer most admired and talked about over the last forty years or so must be the Belfast born winger, George Best. I must admit to never seeing him play on the pitch, but like many others, I read about …READ MORE

Martin Luther Speaks Out

(1483-1546) Ten things Martin Luther wanted to say: On the Papacy: “Dost thou hear this, O Pope! Not the most holy, but the most sinful! Would that God would hurl thy chair headlong from heaven and cast it down into the abyss of hell! Who …READ MORE

Princess ‘Madeline’ Noor: “The Spy Princess Remembered”

I first came across the courageous story of Princess Noor when I stumbled across the book The Spy Princess, by Mrs Shrabni Basu, so much so that after reading it I was moved to compose a short selection of music, illustrating her short life. Today …READ MORE

Serial Killers Repent And Get Saved

Former Pol Pot high executioner Kaing (Duch) Eav was sentenced to 39 years in jail for committing thousands of murders and rapes against his fellow countrymen and women. But it seems the 69-year-old now turned born-again Christian, requested to be “stoned to death” for his numerous crimes. …READ MORE

Who Is David Icke?

When David Icke first came to my attention nearly 20 years ago, I did wonder whether or not he was just another ex-football player turned TV commentator, trying to re-launch himself with a new career, or whether he was someone different, attempting to get an …READ MORE

Zhou Enlai: “Secret Protector of the Chinese Underground Church”

A dear friend of our ministry who lives in the Far East visited their Christian Chinese doctor today (an unrelated health issue) only to be told quite rightly, “GOD is angry. China is the country which has so many wicked things going on there. People …READ MORE