Munich Nights2

Munich Nights2


He had by now declined any food that my father had secretly brought to him to be passed through those cold iron bars. He would shake his head saying simply: “I’m just not hungry Rory.” …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 38: “Confinement For The Defeated Brother”

For the grieving brother Jerome, all he could now do was watch these pre-funeral rites being performed before him while believing he had simply failed his patient. His own future he knew was uncertain and frightening. His coming fate would soon be revealed to him …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 37: “Death In The Bedroom, And The Brother’s Life Now In Danger”

My father turned and assisted the dazed brother to his booted feet but although intimidated, he then quickly dismissed any request for a refreshment. And instead with a deep bow to lady Louisa, he returned to his temporary dispensary. Still desperate somehow if possible to …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 36: “The Dying Duke Receives Help From The Brother”

Both Karen and Carin had been entranced of course by the old man and his shared and perhaps painful family memories that must have reached back some fifty years or more into his youth. It had been fascinating for them both then to listen to …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 35: “Caring For The Dying Duke, And Danger Seen In The Castle”

The new infirmary quickly and happily flourished treating the usual medical maladies. Such as ear and eye infections, sprained wrists and ankles and toothache. Even an occasional birth happened and naturally, death lingered to introduce itself. There was even a small comfortable enclosure prepared for sick …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 34: “A New Infirmary Is Planned And Some Further Alphabet Lessons Are Arranged For The Boy”

“Even then when an unexpected sudden shower splashed down onto the crowded square, the now excited audience did not decrease but somehow increased, in their sickening cruel enjoyment and satisfaction in this cruel puppet depiction of the king and his queen. The rain would certainly …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 33: “Happy Memories of Old Venice, And A Sinister Puppet Show Performed In Windsor”

My mother and sister were both of course anxiously waiting and very concerned at the open door of our cottage when I arrived home. Excited but still very confused about what had just happened. I just walked inside past them without a word and sat …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 32: “The Lady Louise Arrives To Seek The Brother’s Assistance”

And true to his word I departed to reluctantly leave for my home and leave him happily to remain with his beloved books alongside his jars and pots and antique scales. An authoritative voice from outside announced its shrill presence demanding to be heard: “Open …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 31: “Rory Learns Important Lessons of Life”

The brother then wrote carefully on his little board the first ten letters of the alphabet and immediately below each letter, the numbers from 1- 10. He simply explained to me the difference in words and numbers. And had me count by rote and with …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 30: “The Brother Settles In And Quickly Makes An Impression”

When my father had mysteriously departed that foggy May morning the previous year, remarking casually to us, ‘that he was just going out and would be back soon with some much-needed kindling firewood,’ we sat and foolishly waited. But of course, he never returned to …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 29: “Brother Jerome Arrives Mysteriously” 

“Our little village of forty souls boasted some fifteen children of various ages and sizes. We never knew how old we all were of course,  simply because none of us had ever celebrated a known birthday. We were just born or had just arrived and …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 28: “The Old Man And His Village, And The Arrival of Brother Jerome”

Darling Walter, Today I am going on an exciting picnic with Carin, well who else, to see and explore the surrounding but rather interesting countryside and we’re really both looking forward to it. Otto will be our usual driver … oh but before I forget, …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 27: “The Gradual Demise of Carin Goring And Introducing ‘Brother’ Jerome”

Since she had been a young girl and experiencing and approaching adolescence, Karen Auer had recorded her thoughts, dreams and desires into her trusted Moroccan bound yearly diary. An unexpected Christmas gift, as she later recalled, on her twelfth birthday from her father. After her …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 26: “Geli Raubal’s Lost Diary And An Important Encounter With An Academic”

Heinrich stood watching his staff car depart into the folds of the Munich night. Then he turned and beckoned one of the passing white-coated waiters. He requested that Herr Hess, Doctor Goebbels, Captain Goring and Herr Frick please join him in one of the few …READ MORE

Munich Night’s Chapter 25: “Karen’s Important Announcement And The Order of The Green Sash”

Placed diametrically along the walls were some gold and silvered framed and dated enlarged black and white gloss photographs of the party’s past progress taken over the previous years. They depicted marches and rally skirmishes and parades all now captured in portraits and with printed …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 24: “New Party Headquarters Opened, And Geli Gets Frightened”

Although Walter fully supported the policy of the party and indeed had helped write the party’s manifesto as regards the so-called ‘Jewish question’, he had always remained perhaps rather ambivalent about such a ‘conspiracy’ concerning the accused Jews and their role in the coming political …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 23: “An Armenian Tragedy And Finally On The Move”

Some months later Heinrich wished to confide a certain secret to Walter. The recent unexpected financial collapse on Wall Street in New York seemed to have greatly benefited the party coffers for some reason. And with hundreds of new prospective members and donors seeking membership …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 22: “Some Visits To Paris By The Couple And Other Highlights

Greta Sconia’s invited party was being hosted at the famed Ritz Hotel in the sumptuous ‘Van dyke suite’ and it was revving up to be a success and as always fuelled by copious amounts of lethal alcohol when the couple arrived slightly late. The heel …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 21: “The River Seine Claims A New Victim”

Walter and Karen had themselves been welcomed most warmly by a smiling fawning doorman fitted out in the usual uniform of a commissioned Russian Cossack serving in the Tsars Royal guard. He smartly saluted and welcomed them in Russian than in French then escorted them …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 20: “A Dangerous Mission In Paris”

The years following the nuptials of Walter and Karin were rich and rewarding for both of them. A bond of love was fermented between the two. It would later become imperishable. Quickly they became familiar with each other’s habits and sense of humour and shared …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 19: “On The Move And The Removal of A Body”

Now hopefully soon after her arrival in Germany there to arrange the acquaintance of this man who had stood very close to Heinrich Himmler in that recent news photograph she now speculated that it should not take too long to motor down from Stuttgart to …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 18: “Important Orders Arrive From Moscow”

Bella Stavisky was suddenly aware of a shadow standing, somehow looming over her, and turning she looked into Leonard’s face. His stubble seemed to have spread she noticed that was highlighted in the fading London afternoon light. “Come, Lt. Colonel Stavisky, we both have important …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 17: “Bella Is Attacked, And Receives An Award At The Russian Embassy”

Through a colleague in the parliamentary members’ office was a man who was always very sympathetic to any soviet cause, Bella had learned with great interest that the young man had a birthday approaching in several days time. She then instructed Ninotchka to post to …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 16: “Bella Arrives In London On Secret Moscow Mission”

Bella Stavisky arrived at Victoria Station and was welcomed by her embassy contact answering only to the name of ‘Serge’. His face rather resembled a bloated frog after a debauched pub crawl, with his hair smeared back by goblets of pomade. She herself had experienced …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 15: “The Death of Bella’s Baby”

But the Tsar’s brutal Okhrana police DID arrive and with newly signed arrest warrants for both of them. Just ten days after that bureaucratic blunder that the police had overlooked, had now been discovered and rectified by the authorities. Bella and Lev had been married …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 14: “Bella Stavisky And Murder In Zermatt”

For some reason Bella Stavisky, unlike the other excited Zermatt tourists, detested snow. It brought with it too many unpleasant memories of her youth. Yes, it was pretty she supposed in a fanciful sort of way as it silently descended from the leaden skies. Only …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 13: “Zermatt And Its Consequences”

For Walter, the arrival into the enchanting town of Zermatt would never be obliterated from his memory even ninety-eight years later. For him, it was the first time he had departed from Germany. For Karin, Zermatt was also a delight to visit and explore. She …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 12: “Wedding Lunch With Some Musical Delights And Surprises”

The celebratory luncheon for the couple was to be allocated and hosted in the Bavarian Room of the then prestigious five star Hotel Pierre. It still stands gracefully and proud today, only now christened the more oblique Hotel Dubois. In previous years, engagements were catered …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 11: “Walter And Karin’s Wedding”

Just weeks before the couple’s wedding day was both dangerous and daunting for Walter as a serving police officer. Yet he revelled in all aspects of the Munich police procedures and principles. “Oh yes, Walter is a natural administrator Heinrich and in my humble opinion, …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter, 10: “Carin Relates An Old Swedish Legend With Walter In Her Garden”

(The above is the only known portrait of Karin to have survived.  It was discovered in a bank vault in Hamburg whilst the building was being refurbished.  Along with personal letters, some jewellery and a coloured urn of cremated ashes, recipient unknown.  As there were …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 9: “Reopening Painful Family Wounds In Berlin”

Frequent reoccurring health ailments had arrived and assaulted Walter Kyper’s health. These being a painful ear and throat infection.  He always blamed these ailments on being assaulted by his frequently inebriated father. He had in fact been frequently rendered unconscious as a defenceless boy, suffering from his father’s …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 8: “A Request And A Warning”

Several days before their future wedding nuptials were announced, Karin suggested they perhaps motor out to the atmospheric Lake Starnberg region.  Here historically in 1886, King Ludwig of Bavaria was discovered face down in the water. A memorial cross marks the spot. (see picture). His then …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 7: “Stavisky’s Swan Song, And A Silent Plea From A Lost Princess”

Then clutching the artifacts Heinrich had presented to him, he turned and began walking home to his deserted rooms. He then stopped, paused and decided that he would, however, return instead to the party office.  Now feeling somehow awkward and affected by being watched carrying the …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 6: “Enter Leon Stavisky, And Later An Unexpected Marriage Proposal”

Over the next few weeks, Walter had eagerly accompanied Karin Auer to the parks as well as to those majestic Munich museums and the always popular coffee houses that this ‘city of charm’ offered in abundance and variety.  Always talking and learning so much more about …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 5: “Attempted Assassination On Himmler”

Some days later, Walter reported to the party headquarters before signing in that afternoon for duty at the police station. The security was visible outside as usual, he was satisfied to note.  However, he was aware that there were two men outside that he hadn’t noticed …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 4: “An Historic And Lost Photograph Taken In The Auer Garden”

In the pages of history, there have always been those defining days that designed our perspective of the past. For example, when Mary of Magdala first witnessed the Lord Jesus walking near the tomb, or when Columbus the navigator sighted the “New World,” or when …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 3: “Departures and Arrivals”

In the 1928 elections for the Reichstag, the party did unexpectedly well and returned 12 out of 491 deputies. Walter then presumed that they were onwards and upwards. Maybe, at last, he speculated, the political tide had perhaps turned. Obviously, all those tedious miles they …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 2: “Meeting ‘Uncle Ernst,’ ‘Lady Cynthia’ And The ‘First Lady of The Party’”

Captain Ernst Rohm finished his stein of pilsner beer with a belch, then dismissed the group of hangers-on at his table as he turned towards Walter and enquired with genuine concern, “Have you somewhere to stay in Munich… any relatives or friends?” as his forefinger …READ MORE

Munich Nights Chapter 1: “Waiting & Remembering”

For the past 17 years, at 3.35 a.m. each morning in his comfortable Munich bedroom in the suburb of Haidhausen, Walter William Kypper opened his eyes and thought to himself, “I’m alive,” as the night departed and the dawn arrived. Walter had always considered this …READ MORE