Vatican Assassins

Vatican Assassins

One thing is quite certain: there is no absolute truth outside of the Holy Bible.

The material that makes up this article is taken from Eric Jon Phelps’ book and DVD, Vatican Assassins.

Mr. Phelps’ exhaustive study covers a very wide range of subjects, from Jesuit involvement and interference with every major country in the world, since the Reformation to the current day.

We will simply list the main points of his 148-min DVD presentation, and allow you the reader to do further research.

As far as we are concerned, this material is quite plausible and perhaps even probable.

And we should also add, that those in the conspiracy community are also divided into certain aspects of the New World Order, so common sense and an open mind is needed to decipher the following information:

  • The PLO was conceived and orchestrated by the Jesuits.
  • Adolph Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf was written by a Jesuit.
  • Any old dictionary will affirm that the word Jesuit means, “assassins.”
  • The Jesuits trained Joseph Stalin, while he trained to be a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Communism was a Jesuit invention, designed to carry on where the dreaded Inquisition left off.
  • Pope John XXIII “conveniently” died of fast cancer like fellow Catholic Jack Ruby.
  • The New Age Movement was set by in 1960 by the Jesuits.
  • Jesuits with over 30 years of service, take private oaths to do ‘all they can’ to promote Vaticanism around the world, regardless of legality.
  • All popes take oath to uphold the Council of Trent.
  • Cardinal Spellman was President Roosevelt’s main intelligence liaison officer during the Second World War.
  • Joe Kennedy, 4th degree member of Knights of Columba and master gangster/bootlegger, had “interests” in Paramount Pictures.
  • Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln were both murdered under orders from the most powerful man in the world “the Black Pope” head of the Jesuits.
  • US “leaders” ordered the assassination of Catholic South Vietnam President, Ngo Dinh Diem – this is one reason why the Catholic Church killed Jack Kennedy: 20 days later, JFK is dead!
  • Kennedy Jr, tipped to run for office with a war chest of $100 million, was “taken out” and according to Phelps, Ted Kennedy wouldn’t allow anybody near his body and the others, before they were cremated.
  • The Great Irish famine of 1845-1850 was controlled and orchestrated by the Jesuits – also the Royal Family since King George III, have been in the pocket of the Jesuits.
  • No Jews are allowed to join the Jesuits – same rule for the Catholic SS.
  • 1968 all Jesuits were expelled from Iraq. Since then, untold bloodshed and an illegal war has plagued this country, while mason, Saddam Hussein lived like a king, until America decided his time had come to be thrown to the wolves, just like President Slobodan Milosevic.
  • Freemason, Vladimir Lenin allowed the Jesuits back into Russia, after Alexandra kicked them out several decades previously.
  • Malcolm X, before his assassination, once said that the KKK and his Nation of Islam were both funded and controlled by Masonic Catholics. His wife, to this day, insists that the current leader of this fake movement, Louis Farrakhan, took part in his slaying. Farrakhan has always refused to answer questions about Jesuit involvement in his religion.
  • Members of the Royal Family, whenever they visit the Jesuit school, Stoneyhurst have to genuflect or curtsey to Jesuits. (Prince Charles had to change wedding plans, so as not to miss Pope John Paul II’s funeral).
  • Queen Victoria turned a blind eye to Catholic atrocities across Europe during her reign, for she was in the pocket of the Jesuits.
  • The Protocols of Zion were not written by Jewish leaders, but by a Jesuit priest. And Phelps has further information in his book to corroborate this.
  • Catholic mobster, Lucky Luciano was given parole from a US prison, on orders and intervention of Cardinal Spellman. He was officially released to help the Allies kill Mussolini.
  • Irish Jesuit, Francis M. Browne, boarded Titanic and photographed all passengers on board, before existing this cursed ship in Ireland. Actor and Jesuit trained, Martin Sheen, affirms this priest had “a lucky escape.” Mr. Phelps presents information that the Jesuits plotted and carried out the sinking of this ship.
  • Film director Oliver Stone and Fidel Castro are Jesuit trained.
  • Conflicting reports of Hitler’s escape to Brazil and Pope Pius XII allowing requiem mass to be said for Hitler (both accounts cannot be verified).
  • General Patton was ‘eliminated’ from Europe on orders from Catholic “Wild” Bill Donavon, head of OSS (now CIA).
  • FDR secretly gave Stalin nuclear bombs in 1943, which apparently were used in Japan in 1945. (This information comes from James Roosevelt, president’s son).
  • And the Vatican is also involved in the drug trade.



March 2006

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