The Truth About Israel And Zionism

The Truth About Israel And Zionism

A recent enquiry came our way from a sceptical party about why the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. As this is a popular subject for Bible believers, we felt it might be worth sharing in this article.

First, may I say that before one even attempts to approach this sacred and emotive subject, one must understand that this is very much a two-fold issue. 1) It’s an invisible war that the unsaved world cannot see nor perceive and 2) it’s a matter of divine authority.

Please allow me to elaborate.

The Bible makes it very clear that God not only chose the Jews to be His chosen race (along with their promised land of course), and how His word would be the world’s final and only authoritative and timeless manual for mankind.

Bible prophecy made it crystal clear that God would bring His people back to their land to await their Messiah before the Second Coming. It must also be stated that there have always been Jews living in Palestine (a derogatory name) since Biblical times.

Another point I would like to make is that the reason why not all Jews are Zionists (something the Bible upholds) is that not all Jews believe the Bible. Again this is part of the two-fold issue. Authority.

As for the Rothschild’s and the British connection, I would remind you that the UK not only reneged on their promise to give the land back to the Jews (this was done simply to help Britain win the First World War) when in truth, they never had any intention of honouring this. Then after the Second World War, the Jews kicked the British out of Israel, retook their God-given land and fulfilled Bible prophecy.

In 1948, the US and Russia voted at the United Nations to acknowledge the new Jewish state, whereas Britain shamefully abstained. Overnight Britain became a third-rate nation, whereas the US and Russia became super-powers (Gen. 12:3).

Sometimes sinful man carries out God’s plan, without even knowing it (John 11:49-52; Rev. 17:16).

Scripture makes it plainly clear that anyone that interferes with Israel is considered an enemy of God (Zech. 12). And in case you don’t believe any of the verses I’ve cited, may I remind you of the following facts: The last three Israeli Prime Ministers that tried to give God’s land to the Muslims, were either assassinated (Yitzhak Rabin), struck down with a stroke (Ariel Sharon), or suffered from cancer (Ehud Olmert). And one mustn’t forget how Rabin came the nearest to sealing the phoney peace treaty with the terrorist, Yasser Arafat!

In closing may I remind you of the ludicrous situation here: there are six million Jews surrounded by 250 million Muslims fighting over a country the size of Wales! Crazy. And Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East!

When Jesus Christ returns, He will rule and reign from Jerusalem, so man better get used to His theocratic kingdom, which will have no democracy whatsoever (Ps. 110).

Finally, may I encourage you to seriously study the Bible and make sure you are on the right side?

The invisible war that I cited earlier is only understood by the Bible believer. Those that cannot or will not see what’s happening here are in spiritual darkness, thanks to Satan, who has successfully achieved this for generations, to those that love darkness rather than light (see John 3:19-20; 2 Cor. 4:4).



April 2011

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