The Great White Throne Judgment

The Great White Throne Judgment

Some Personal Reflections

(“And I saw a great white throne,

and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away;

and there was found no place for them.”)


In the book of Revelation the reader is introduced to The Great White Throne Judgment.

In that chapter the youngest Apostle John, now an old man proclaims through a vision that: “And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.” In other words folks, it’s Judgment Day – that predicted the last stopover for non-believers before the fires of Hell are stoked up for the final countdown. Now justice will prevail throughout the whole universe.

Yet in our day writes Erwin W. Lutzer, quoting church theologian, Martin Marty: “Hell disappeared, and no one noticed.”

Is this your attitude dear reader to the existence of Hell? If it is, be very careful!

Or as a recent Newsweek article stated: “Today, Hell is theology’s H-word, a subject to write for serious scholarship.”

In other words, be quiet! Don’t even say it or whisper it, except as a cuss word or expletive! Seems you can use it then doesn’t it?

But did not the Lord Jesus refer to the terrible topic of Hell more times than the blessings of Heaven in the Scriptures? Interesting that, isn’t it?

But back to The Great White Throne Judgment and its awesome vision. You see one day in the future there will be no other place to go. Life’s final journey has delivered you here, prepared or not.

Now you will wait for what is to happen. (My personal prayer for you dear reader and whether you reside in Paris, Perth or Paphos is that you never ever stand before The Great White Throne to be judged as a lost sinner, but instead arrive at the Judgment Seat to collect rewards as a saved sinner.)

First of all The Great White Throne symbolizes purity. And its future location is fixed.

Of course, any freestanding throne has to represent a higher authority, this is of course Christ. He will judge from the Throne towards the wicked and disbelievers.

God will judge the world through Jesus Christ, this is confirmed in John 5:22:

“For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgement unto the Son.”

Well, perhaps a selected site located between the earth and the coming New Jerusalem. But will born again believers be present to silently watch from the benches or bleachers – that’s what I want to know as the slow proceedings start to unfold? Some believe they will, and the event will be very painful as family and friends will wait to be judged. In fact, one preacher said he will look away during this most solemn of judgments with tears in his eyes as dear unsaved family stand before the Throne and wait for their turn. But won’t this apply to all of us as we watch and wait for our lost loved ones too!

Reference needs to be made of the opening and examination of the books.

“The Book of God’s Law” as referred to in the letter to the Galatians, warns of the penalty of those who heard of God’s word and foolishly ignored and rejected it.

In “The Book of Works” our assigned guardian angel I believe has meticulously recorded all past wrongful acts and callous deeds. Perhaps on DVD or CD-ROM, to be played at our cited condemnation and for all to hear and view!

And of course “The Book of Life,” mentioned eight times in the New Testament, will be opened for inspection. This sacred book has inscribed in its pages the names of all the saints who can claim to be saved by the precious blood of Christ. They will of course not stand at The Great White Throne but at the Judgment seat of Christ.

This forthcoming event has yet to be played out, and none however important they were in this life, will escape its sentence.

However, this week I was in a Crown Court and so much of the drama I witnessed that morning is, I believe, a representation of what will happen at The Great White Throne. Well, let me try to explain.

First of all just getting into the nominated building by any person with court business forces them at the entrance to remove all metal objects and be subject to a body search. If you don’t comply with the order you simply do not get in – it’s that simple! Rather like getting into Heaven if your profile doesn’t fit, then for you, its no admittance.

Once inside with many others, the long wait begins for your appropriate case to be heard – and it can be long and tedious – no one, of course, offers any apology of why such a delay is happening. This rather reminds me of the waiting room where at a future day billions will tarry to be judged with fear and trepidation. And you won’t need a passport to get there! Once inside the Court (your delay is finally over) usher announces briskly: “ALL STAND.” Naturally we all do, if not we could be in contempt of court (and just see what happens if your mobile phone bleeps – immediately you will, of course, be ordered to leave, perhaps even experience a brief sojourn in one of the cells is perhaps another possibility – they do take this sort of thing rather seriously you know!)

The hushed arrival of the wig and gowned sombre judge is an image of Christ. All judges represent the authority that is bestowed upon them by the state.

Then after the prepared evidence has been placed before the judge the defendant stands and waits to be sentenced. At the future Great White Throne arbitration, some Bible commentators suggest each person will stand in space – naked and wait for God’s final damnation! Something to think about, isn’t it?

So, in conclusion at the forthcoming judgment, I have to propose that there will be no kind solicitor or high celebrity barrister pleading your case. Sorry no Perry Mason, Ally McBeal, John Deed or Kavannah QC. No Jury (bribed or sympathetic!) No press gallery, no appeal, or plea-bargaining, or side railing will be allowed…And no legal loopholes to find!

There will be no leniency or favoured probation order or a community service or a fine. No written character reference will be submitted to the Judge on your behalf. None of which will be any good to you anyway. The punishment must now fit the crime.

“Since no man’s works or sufferings can save him, he must bear the full weight of his sin through eternity” (Martin Marty.)

Let the Judgment begin!


The Great White Throne Judgment, by David Levy and

One minute after you die, by Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer




July 2006

(All Rights Reserved)