Saved! Saved! Saved!

Praise the Lord!

Once I believed I was alive. But I was dead,

Surviving in a fallen World. To that, I was happily wed!

Bonded to all false dogmas. In that life, I would happily spend,

All my wasted hours in the garden of doubt and tend,

And foolishly promote simple notions that would offend,

Neither family nor friend.

Yet once through the Holy Bible, I was deeply influenced,

To accept that HIS Word was intended,

To prove and promise once and for all that Jesus did ascend!

And that one day He will descend!

On to His beautiful clouds, to take me to spend,

Eternity with Him. My sweet Lord!

And that my dear friend,

Will joyfully happen to you, if you also yearn to be saved,

because, until I believed,

until I was saved,

Until I fully trusted,

I never, never ever lived!



July 2004

(All rights reserved)