Pope Benedict Begins His Reign

Pope Benedict Begins His Reign

A famous writer and I cannot recall his name, once said of the Catholic religion that, “the only thing wrong with a Catholic is his church.” How true. So many Catholics who I once knew and thought of as friends would now cross the street if they saw me coming, or wish they had walked the other way.

As I watched the installation of the pope, I did give thanks for not seeing the “Triple Tiara.” That is still housed in an air-conditioned Museum in Washington but still owned by the Vatican, and who knows maybe to be used by this pope’s successor (perhaps Petrus Romano, as predicted by ‘St.’ Malachy.) This is one item of jewellery we do not want to venerate! For it simply means that the pope has jurisdiction in Heaven, Earth and Hell. How preposterous and how blasphemous! No man can see into these regions, nor should he claim such an interpretation.

However the crude depiction – that is Christ as represented in the broken staff – remains an obscene image of our Saviour. One Catholic writter said of it: “It displays the sinister symbol showing the repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, invented by Satanists in the fifth century, and used by black magicians and sorcerers in the Middle Ages to represent the Biblical term, ‘mark of the beast.'”

(We did it. Now over to you, Joseph)

Today many Catholics are unaware of the hideous meaning of this symbol, that started with Pope Paul VI.

Now I note his reference when he said, “pray for me that I may not flee in fear of the wolves.” Strange choice of words for a new pope?


Today saw Joseph Ratzinger depart from his Roman apartments, courtesy of the Italian Airfare by helicopter to Castle Gandalfo, set in the rolling Italian hills. Yet many suggest in all seriousness that he should have been escorted by the Arma dei carabinieri to the old Roman papal prison, a den once of murder and maiming, so favoured by previous popes, in eliminating their long suffering victims, and to serve his sentence. It won’t happen of course, not in this fallen world.

Of course, he has long arranged with most Governments for diplomatic immunity that will protest him and others from crimes his church committed against so many, for so long. But there will be no special immunity coming on Judgment Day at the Great White Throne.

Always an ambitious priest he now vacates the throne room, with perhaps only his conscience left as a reminder that, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” (Ezekiel 18:4). And this is a warning to all who subjugated and robbed so many children for so many years of their innocence and perhaps faith.

The recent scandals of the so-called “Vati-leaks” that ensnared the naive butler; the safe houses offered to protect predatory priests and their masters; the international money laundering, as well as the deception and deceit, are synonymous with his now-defunct eight-year reign.

Yet his victims seek justice for themselves and their families who still grieve, with many needing counselling for life.

Today there are numerous arrest warrants signed by international judges for the arrest of Joseph Ratzinger, charged with among other things: child transportation, child molestation and rape by others, and yet it is unlikely these Writs will be served on him or his fellow conspirators in their life time, but never say never.

Today those grieving victims still cry for justice, their families demand the truth about the cruelty admistered by men and women of his church on their loved ones, with many alone and defenceless. As one remarked emotionally: “The pain never goes away.” And probably never will.

These men of the cloth were never going to usher in the coming Kingdom but rather through their idolatry and paganism have attempted to impede its arrival. Yet now is the time to be born again, to experience the new birth and the death of the old self.

“If any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away behold all things are become new.”

Today so many abused children, with many now discarded and destroyed in their sufferings, will continue to inquire why their wicked abusers were allowed to escape retributions and for so long.

Yet the truth is not an important thread in the Vatican corridors, crypts and stateroom’s but God sees all and remember: “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth” (2 Chronicles 16:9.)

The Lord is never asleep and none should ignore these terrible warnings of what is to come, and perhaps very soon.

Joseph Ratzinger’s eight years are now ended but his crimes remain closed like weeping sores, others now concealed waiting to come to light. Today many of its cardinals and bishops stand accused in the dock of public opinion. But will many still have faith in the new man and his church who will be presented on the balcony to the people and the world? Probably.

The asinine discussion from Rome this week of who will wear the Prada shoes (does the devil really were Prada?) shows how much the media lap up this instant trivia. But who cares or listens as the world races to judgment and destruction.

Yet the sins of Ratzinger and others can be removed through the gift of salvation and that stain of sin will vanish through true repentance, there is no other way.

One day the Vatican will crumble as will all citadels of sin that suppressed the Bible and its teaching for so long. That approaching hour of destiny has still yet to arrive and maybe sooner than people think.

“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great a salvation.”

I dedicate this article to those women who suffered at the evil hands of the Magdalene Sisters. They still demand justice for themselves and the dead girls they knew and loved and worked alongside in those notorious laundry rooms. Not a day goes by without them remembering the humiliation and cruelty and torture that was inflicted upon these children in Dublin’s so-called “fair city” over so many years ago by those wicked nuns, and for far too long.



24th April 2005

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