Patrick’s Street Report

Patrick’s Street Report

I have known this old busker for some years (I don’t know his name) and have always witnessed to him, whenever I see him. He knows where I am coming from and not surprisingly for men of his generation, he has some knowledge of the Holy Bible.

He always takes some offered tracts and promises to read them, I hope he does.

The point is you should always keep trying to explain to people, rather like him, that time is short and that there is a judgment coming, perhaps sooner for someone of this age. Remember, persistence sometimes produces results but it takes patience on your part to do it.

This lady and her magnificent Great Dane, known as Henley, recently paused to talk to me.

I complimented her about his height and shiny coat and so the ice was then broken. I also told her that these were God’s animals and that so many people nowadays treat them so cruelly and she naturally agreed.

She then took a tract and started to read it, so this gave me a chance to witness to her, whilst stroking and admiring the dog.

(Incidentally, always ask dog owners if it is all right to stroke their pets first).

She listened thoughtfully and then thanked me, saying goodbye. I patted Henley and then she left.

Animals, especially dogs, are great icebreakers and it doesn’t take a lot of courage to admire someone’s pet before bringing up the choice of an offered tract if you can.

People will always happily talk about their pets, seldom about the destination of their eternal souls.

And as for the old question of do pets go to Heaven when they die, well Revelation 19:14 states that horses will return with the Lord and the saints, mounted upon them in shining glory.