Saving Lost Souls From Hell

Saving Lost Souls From Hell

A Light Note!

If there’s one thing we always say, it’s that we never know who or what is coming around the corner. A kind gesture came our way this past week, when an unsaved gentleman that we have witnessed to for over 18 months now, bought us two large lattes from a local coffee vendor. There was also another recent occasion when another unsaved gentleman bought Patrick a slice of pizza from a local bakery. And not to be outdone, a third unsaved gentleman bought Patrick a pack of jaffa cakes.

James also unexpectedly received a hot cup of chocolate and some cookies from our Islamic “friends,” during one bitterly cold winter afternoon, preceding Christmas. How strange to receive such gifts from unsaved people. Maybe they do it to somehow “appease” their consciences, and in the process hope to “gain favour” with God on Judgement Day? Or maybe they just paradoxically “appreciate” our public presence.

I guess the main lesson to be learnt would be this: planting seeds, distributing free King James Bibles, talking to lost sinners, and trying to help and edify confused and mixed-up Christians will one day (maybe not in our lifetime) be remembered by such people, and that, with the gentle prompt of the Holy Ghost, it will encourage them to ask the following questions: why did these two saved men, who weren’t connected to any church system or structure, stand on their local street corner, 365 days a year, and put up with being rejected, reviled, and ridiculed? What did they have that we didn’t? What motivated them to do this? And even if the vast majority of unsaved people that we have spoken to die rejecting Jesus Christ, He and He alone is forever glorified and honoured by our persistent and consistent daily outreach to unsaved lost sinners in our town and beyond.



April 2015

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