Opus Dei: “God’s Work”

Opus Dei: “God’s Work”

(Lavish upmarket HQ)

The recent and I would say unhealthy, interest in Opus Dei (or Octopus Dei as it is sometimes known,) is due I suspect, to its political and financial tentacles that extend into many dark corners of this fallen world, does fortunately offer my son, James and myself a chance to scrutinize and try to understand the secretive facts about Opus Dei.

Founded in Spain by a young Catholic priest, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer in 1928, with the intention according to him, after a vision that he claimed to have had, that, “God wants Christians to be Saints and Apostles.”

Opus Dei would it seems over the next 40+ years, offer advice to its many willing devotees concerning sexual conduct, family life, spiritual devotion and the promotion, naturally enough, of Opus Dei. And encourage new adepts of how they should all observe the dictates of Escriva. (One is reminded of Chairman Mao’s dangerous little “Red Book” that influenced three generations of militant Chinese, and still does!)

Since 1945 Opus Dei’s creeping influence in the Catholic church and its multi-layered finances have dramatically expanded. And as Rome’s Vatican II beliefs have since then marched dramatically to the political left with its smothering emphasis on the social gospel, it seems somehow Opus Dei has remained very much bonded to the distant days of pre-Vatican II. I’m not sure how they have managed this in today’s magnanimous prevalent culture.

But they surely have. However, many of today’s Catholics (and the many that I knew), view Opus Dei as an unpleasant fascist movement, indeed many professional Catholics do wonder why the Roman Catholic hierarchy blindly allows this pseudo clerical movement to work and proselytise in parishes? What’s going on, they ask?

Incidentally, I might add, today’s loyal Catholics have always observed the shadowy reputation that Opus Dei enjoys, with its assorted international connections with many fascist governments since the Second World War, as very, very dubious. But Opus Dei has always been anti-Communist and I suspect rather proud of it. And I would suspect Opus Dei still views the churches “liberation theology” message as Marxist in everything…but name.

But politics does make strange bedfellows, does it not?

Its also no coincidence that the late founder (now a Catholic “saint”) always had it seemed, some very personal connections with the late General Franco’s regime in Spain, General Stroessner’s Paraguay, General Pinochet’s Chile and Fascist Portugal. Today its ethereal authority is witnessed in Peru, Argentina, and El Salvador and also in Austria. Now that to me is some assorted political racing colours to be associated with, isn’t it?

The sect’s founder, Mgr. Escivera would always, we are informed, be deeply suspicious of all people who criticised him or Opus Dei, along with Freemasons, the Illuminati and possibly even the Jesuits. (Too far to the left for his personal choice, I suspect.)

In later life he once boasted:

“I have met lots of bishops, and different popes, but I am the only founder!”

And he must have had many loyal friends in high places in the plush rooms of the Vatican, for between his death and his canonization, as a “saint,” it took a matter of some 17 years. This must be a religious record in the history of the Catholic church, don’t you think?

Yet somehow both these active religious political wings of the Catholic church do seem to happily co-exist, with perhaps I would suggest, the very influential Opus Dei surviving at the popular behest of the hierarchy of Catholic Bishops. Indeed even in England, with its long tradition of liberal views, the UK’s Catholic Bishops, do seem to have a comfortable working relationship with Opus Dei.

But what the serving laity at parish level or the secular clergy thinks of this close relationship is another matter.

Today the controversial Opus Dei is granted from the Vatican a “personal prelature.” And since 1982 they still remain happily outside the supervision of whatever diocesan bishop they come under in parochial or other works. Some past favour from the last pope must have augmented this privilege and I have to ask do other religious orders have such a blessing from Rome?


Some exterior estimates suggest a popular worldwide membership at around 80,000 active committed divisions, and with 1,500 serving priests operating in many countries, with a further 15 consecrated bishops that we know of supervising them in their parishes and educational works such as at universities and other educational facilities.

It has been claimed by the press, but not substantiated, that the former UK minister for Education, Ruth Kelly, along with her husband, joined the Opus Dei at university. (Maybe she introduced Tony Blair into this sect also?)

It does seem to me that this is a well-oiled religious machine.

According to Opus Dei money watchers, the financial worth of the order is estimated at $2.8 billion! Indeed according to some cult observers, the Catholic church in just America alone is itself valued at $102 billion. Absolutely amazing, don’t you think? If nothing else they certainly have the Midas touch for accumulating wealth!

  (Masonic chequered floors)

One smart piece of real estate that we know of (and there must be many others we don’t know about) is located in the fashionable Lexington Avenue in New York City. This today is the abode of the Opus Dei worldwide operations Inc. Once valued at $42 million when it was constructed in the early 1980s, one can only speculate what its worth is today.

(Expensive marble floors)

The early church did not seem to be glorified with such blessed divine business acumen, did they? You know they didn’t!

Because, we read in the New Testament of the Lord Jesus and His apostles, being hungry and eating ears of corn (Matt.12:1.)

I mean can you imagine Benedict XVI dining on ears of corn with cardinal Sodano, Rowan Williams and Gene Robinson tasting this simple meal? You can’t, can you?

And did not the Lord remind many who would listen:

“The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head” (Matt. 8:20.)

Now I’m sure the cardinals of Westminster, Paris or Chicago have more than 5 or 6 desired locations to rest their weary heads each evening, or perhaps your local archbishop, in fact, why don’t you ask him when you see him next.

And the apostle Paul, writing to a young preacher, asked him to “bring my cloak” (2 Tim. 4:13.) This when he was alone, shivering and hungry in a damp Roman cell! Do you see what I am saying? The apostle Paul, the author of 14 epistles in the New Testament, now awaits his favoured cloak, and how warm was that you might ask? We can only wonder. So until it arrived, Paul had nothing but the cold to keep him warm!

And what about Jesus and His chosen apostles having no food it seems, for I suspect a midday meal was all they got to eat and share. And how would you react if after hearing your doorbell ring you opened it and saw the Lord with the favoured twelve on your doorstep or in your front porch perhaps waiting to be invited into your home?

Makes you think, doesn’t it? It also seems that they had no current abode or dwelling place in which to sleep, but slept I suspect, many times under the bright stars-AMAZING, don’t you think?

What’s My Point?

Nowhere do I read in the New Testament of:

The First National Bank of Jerusalem

The Allied bank of Bethlehem

The United bank of Nazareth

The Royal Bank of Antioch. Or was it Corinth?

If God can “bless” the Catholic church today and all the evangelical television ministries (or has He?), could He not have set up adequate fluid money transactions for His only Son and His faithful followers two thousand years ago, rather than wait to turn on the money tap in the 20th century?

What’s going on here?

And yes, I know that Judas was the group’s financial man, so he must have had a money background. But look what happened to him and his reputation? Also, don’t forget the cursed thirty pieces of silver and how money sealed the fate of Judas at the end of a twisting rope!

It all rather seems to me, that money and its portentous power as written in the New Testament, is cursed rather than blessed. Oh and what about that much quoted rich man and the camel? Remember that one?

Finally, what did the Paul warn in 1 Timothy 6:10:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

But don’t tell Pope Benedict XVI this, for are we not reliably informed that the Vatican’s financial gurus control some 7,000 bank accounts! WOW!

And who would wish to forget the terrible final warning of Jesus:

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matt. 16:26.)

And with that final terrible warning on the building of the false fabric of financial empires from the very Lord Himself, I suggest that organized religion and those who prop it up, need to get out of that lucrative currency market. Just leave it to the secular boys, after all, it’s their god! Well isn’t it what they worship?

Just a few years ago the mention of the shadowy group “Opus Dei” would have raised very few secular heads. Well maybe in some Church circles. But not today.

To date, the best seller The Da Vinci Code has sold a staggering several million copies.

I suppose Dan Brown has become a wonderful recruiting sergeant for Opus Dei. (I am not aware that he is in any way associated with this Catholic sect, but if you know otherwise please let us know.) As well as the many popular guided tours in Roslyn, Scotland and in France, all it seems to introduce even more gullible people to Opus Dei and its strange non-Biblical religious rites.

Recently some further personal research unearthed by my son does seem to paint Mgr. Esvavira as a rather cruel misogynist. Former Opus Dei member, Maria Del Carmen, described in her book Beyond the Threshold: Life in Opus Dei, of a very vivid sexual remark that he once made towards a terrified young woman, who as a paid-up member of Opus Dei (yes they do bestow their salaries to the order, it’s mandatory!), had according to the author, committed the unforgiving sin of posting a letter without the Mgr’s. permission!

Incoming and outgoing mail from all Opus Dei houses, it seems were always scrutinised and read (sounds like KGB censorship!)

Former member Joseph Gonzales witnessed Bible’s and other books being burnt in the garden of his Opus Dei house. (Sounds like a Nazi book-burning gig, in Germany in the 1930s, ordered by propaganda Minister, Dr. Goebbles.)

So what is going on here, I have to inquire. Well let’s see, shall we?

Please remember that political mind control was used very successfully in Red China and Nazi Germany. Assorted cults under Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Jim Jones and “Judge” Rutherford thrived on it. And still do. So does it not seem possible that the present Catholic church must also be guilty of such a serious crime against these obliging members entrusted to their care?

I’ve also read past members who were forcibly rescued from this evil sect by concerned families, had to financially resort to having them de-programmed! Its all been documented.

You know I’d love to hear from any readers who had to pay a professional to de-programme a family member out of the sect. I also wonder who is qualified to carry out this dangerous work. If you have any information do let us know at this ministry.


If you’re a paid-up member of Opus Dei or just an admirer GET OUT OF IT!

If you are thinking of giving it a try PLEASE DON’T!

If you know a friend or family member involved with this sect WARN THEM!


If you know someone who has escaped please let us know.




I suppose what I am trying to emphasise is that all those people in these cults and others must look for the exit door before it is too late.

Then when you have walked through it, repent, and then seek the saving grace of being saved through being born again. AMEN!



December 2005

Updated October 2010 

(All Rights Reserved)