Munich Nights Chapter 69: “Hermann is Summoned By The Police”

Munich Nights Chapter 69: “Hermann is Summoned By The Police”

Just as they were about to walk towards that open, gilded elevator with the usual waiting, bored attendant observing their arrival, at that same time a young agitated desk clerk had discreetly approached Hermann announcing himself with a quiet cough.

The youth then silently passed over an official-looking embossed letter that had just arrived that morning. He then explained, looking around and stating almost in a whisper that it had been hand-delivered. And as well, by the feared police inspector Kraft. Known to all the hotel security staff for his stern, rude manner and unblinking eyes.

Herman grudgingly accepted the offered letter with a sigh. Then he opened it slowly and silently, read the words several times and then a scowl appeared on his face.

He slowly turned to Walter saying with some annoyance as he folded the letter and carefully placed it into his inside jacket pocket: “Would you believe it, Walter? I’m now expected to attend city court for the inquest in the morning. It seems the coroner has asked me to testify in an official capacity. It seems they also want to release, as soon as possible to his family for burial, the body of poor old Doctor Bernstein.”

“So Walter, I suppose you’d better accompany me in the morning and let Sgt. Picoult knows there’s been a sudden change of plan and to stand by for any further instructions.”

He paused then added.

“Maybe it’s for the best I suppose? Because it does allow Doctor Nagel some more time hopefully to decipher what he had written in his awful spider handwriting and to be able to understand his medical notes?”He started looking out of the picture windows into the distant countryside.

Karen suddenly wondered just what would happen if the summoned doctor was unable to decipher and understand just what was written in the deceased doctors’ assorted dog-eared notebooks. And if she could or did not wish to spare any additional time to stay any longer here in Bamberg? 

And then seriously Hermann would then have to ask her to accompany them all to Heidelberg with or without her consent. And this could be awkward. And just how Doctor Nagel would feel about any intrusion into her professional life that affected the running of her popular Berlin clinic.

Karen then noticed that the ornate elevator, placed between two doric columns for some odd reason, had silently arrived. And had quickly deposited some of the departing guests into the large hotel foyer. Most with their heavy luggage and steamer trunks. They were then carried by the hotel porters to waiting taxis in the forecourt.

Some of the guests seemed pleased to be now departing the building. Others just seemed indifferent to what was happening all around them. 

Karen had earlier noticed that surprisingly no young children were either coming or going with their parents in or out of the hotel. Only older children with their parents and mostly now looking bored as they tagged behind their unobservant parents in and out of the hotel. But now Karen and Walter along with the others walked towards the now vacant elevator. They entered and Hermann requested their floor number.

The always-dour attendant pressed the appropriate floor button as ordered with a polished polite nod. Then the elevator slowly ascended to the required floor.

Its internal occupants had spoken very few words to each other because all were now comfortable in their own thoughts. Except Doctor Nagel that is, who had always felt slightly nauseous in any confined moving space, especially stuffy elevators. Obviously when people next to her were enjoying their disgusting tobacco intakes such as Captain Goering, who always seemed to be relishing his cigars too frequently for her liking or approval.

Now on arrival at their respective destination, they separated for the time being. Leaving Hermann with Karen and Walter to quietly enter the ornate Goering suite. When seen on arrival, Carin was now sitting and just waiting for their imminent arrival in a comfortable embroidered upright Kaiser chair. She was elegantly dressed and prepared for the occasion in a specially designed velvet emerald green day dress, with cream ruffles arranged discreetly on the front bodice panel. For her foot comfort, Carin had selected a matching pair of soft leather slippers. Her feet resting comfortably now on an embroidered hotel logo footstool.

Amazingly she seemed to resemble Karen’s eyes looking now remarkably fit with some welcome colour sketched on her pinched but well made up face. The only natural light witnessed now in the large room was a piercing shaft of sunlight that had peeped through the partially drawn ivory Venetian blinds.

The room was now also lit by expensive assorted onyx-based table lights and standard lamps. A green baize card table was arranged in front of Carin with an open, well-thumbed pack of playing cards resting upon it. 

And copious crystal vases of assorted expensive flowers, that had been artistically arranged by someone from the local flower shop but of course naturally under Carin’s personal supervision.

Carin had also been indulging herself earlier in playing and enjoying “Solitaire (a game Carin always claimed had derived from Sweden) and she was now trying without too much success, to clarify the rules of the game to an unenthusiastic Gertrude her devoted maid now perched on an armrest by her side looking puzzled.

The young girl’s handsome boyfriend Frederick, had it seemed weeks before hinted to her of a future expected marriage for them both. But now that suggestion was suddenly up in the air it seemed, according to his younger brother Joe that is.

Gertrude certainly hoped that would soon quickly descend from the air and land safely in a small country church located in her home town. Where hopefully their awaited blessed nuptials could be performed. This childhood romantic dream she had prayed about for so long would now finally be realised she desperately hoped.

Karen entered the thick carpeted room with Walter following behind his wife. Both have now arrived in the Goerings’ hotel suite. Hermann naturally walked over first smiling to an awaiting Carin. And lovingly kissed his darling wife on both cheeks and lips. And then shared a few loving private whispered words with her. Then he complimented Carin on her personal choice of fashion, her newly purchased Parisien dress. And of course how well she appeared on this bright morning to welcome Doctor Nagel.

To be continued…

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