Any famous London architectural sight,

Is always, at least for me, a lasting delight.

And to any feint hearted well-wisher that is perhaps weary and sad,

Does it not make all of them and me smile, and feel perhaps very glad,

That we are all devoted and true Londoners.

And does not the imposing rotunda of St. Paul’s imposing dome,

Remind all of us that this is London’s true spiritual home.

Fashioned and shaped over a turbulent thousand years,

That still today rings down through the years with ‘blood sweat and tears.’

London: a lasting breath of freedom,

Bestowed upon its citizens by God’s lasting wisdom.

Any Freedom for this City is indeed a benefaction,

That is indeed a gift in any excellent season.

And have not many diverse assorted armies and cruel dictators,

Upon England’s green fields tried to stamp their jackboots

Or cruel sharpened spears?

On the English race?

All failed in their false contrivance

To tame this proud Anglo Saxon race.

From her beautiful parks,

To her always shimmering lakes,

To her imposing Georgian structures,

To her charming quaint Edwardian theatres,

This is the London I recognize and love.

And does not Regent Street, and Oxford Street,

And yes even 10 Downing Street,

Remind all loyal English subjects of her Majesty the Queen,

Of the blood price that was once forfeited,

By Londoners in the blitz who’s twisted bodies lay broken, soiled and naked.

This is the cost of freedom that will never be defeated!

And if and when I arrive at Heaven’s golden gates above,

I will always proclaim to all the saved Saints who care to listen and observe

Of the charm and courage that is London: the city I know and Love.



January 2005

(All Rights Reserved)