Just Call Me Father

Just Call Me Father

The debate concerning titles of clerics in the Church of Rome and in certain areas of Protestantism, is an interesting one, for according to the Catholic Church, only in recent years did the title “Father” come into being, for ordinary parish priests. This is another point of evidence to the evolution of Roman Catholicism:

“In English-speaking countries the title Father is now universally given to all priests alike whether secular or regular in addressing them or as a prefix to their surname,though formerly the secular clergy were invariably spoken of as Mr. So-and so and addressed as “Sir” (A Catholic Dictionary, St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, 1960, p. 344).

We at this ministry do not believe in clerical titles, so we will normally address “clerics” in Christendom as “Mr,” “Sir,” “Brother” or “Sister.”

After witnessing a two-tier unbiblical priestly structure in Catholicism for too many years, we are not content to enjoy it in Protestant and Fundamental circles either.

All Christians are royal priests, therefore let us not seek to elevate ourselves over one another, but rather humble and submit ourselves to one another (Matt. 20:27; 1 Pet. 2:9).



April 2006

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