Jesus Alone Is The True Author

Jesus Alone Is The True Author

Recently when walking through town with my son James, we came across several members of the “Jesus Christians.” (Have you heard of them?) Now I don’t care very much for that title, never have. But as usual they were selling cheap paperback books, written and I guess paid for and printed by their Australian leader and guru, Dave Mckay (also goes by the name of Zion Ben Jonah).

So I got thinking: what is it about these dedicated people of all religions, who offer so much of their time in promoting and enlarging other assorted corrupt men’s works and ideas, I have to ask?

Why? Just simply look and search always for Jesus Christ!

Look at the Mormons (LDS) for example and just you try to interact with any young Mormon with your theological doubts about Brigham Young or Joseph Smith’s pet theology and just you wait and see what happens; it’s not a pretty sight, I might add. I’ve seen it!

It’s the same with the works of Ellen White, Mary Baker Eddy, Ron Hubbard, “Judge” Rutherford or his successor, Charles Russell. Don’t forget the Fillmore’s and those other well-worn Far East and middle eastern religions.

Just you try to challenge any of them and you’ve made a new enemy, pretty quickly-of that I guarantee!

What about the assorted dubious popes with their fine crafted encyclicals. Do you want to take them on? Mind you most Catholics, I propose, know very little about the Bible and mores the shame.

And what about the lesser gurus, you know the small fry such as Marshall Applewhite, Jim Jones, David Koresh and all the others – not worth the time.

Did you know that all of them have peddled a suicidal, pessimistic philosophy? Is this really what you want for yourself?

Just spare a thought if you will for those many families still grieving for the loss of their beautiful children – so easily lured it seems by these false men into dangerous destructive cults. And with such terrible final consequences in the end. I think you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

But sadly from Mao and his little ‘Red Book’ or Chou En Lai, to Karl Marx and his financial sponsor, Fred Engel’s, to Kim Il Sung, from Hegel to Hitler and his picked henchmen, all four were once the false ‘grandmasters’ of atheism.

Each of those men in their own callous way has sown the final seeds of destruction in this secular world. And as they say, the melody still lingers on.

And don’t even attempt to dismiss the tomes of Lenin and Darwin, who even today with their loyal friends, will still attempt to keep that false flame burning, and always it seems in the popular television media and the press, and I have to ask WHY? Just extinguish that false flame NOW. Do you not know that GOD ONE DAY WILL! AND VERY QUICKLY!


All who knowingly cultivate these counterfeit creeds will one day tramp that well-worn road to HELL. And I have to ask, was it really ever paved with good intentions? Oh, I doubt it so. Please don’t ever try to find out, this has to be my only advice to you. SO PLEASE LISTEN!

All of these dangerous expositors, and do you not know of their material faiths are deeply flawed: they have to be, you know it. I know it!


We preach and promote only Jesus and the Holy Bible.

We follow no man or his teachings or his religion. We march only to the sacred beat that Christ Himself set down two thousand years ago on the dusty streets of Israel. And in that secure fact, our faith is sealed, of this, we know and in this, we rejoice. And always will!

And let no man try to tell us otherwise.

And just remember, Jesus Christ is the true Author – just read your Bible, His book!

All glory as always to Him: and, never to any holy man, false organization or popular religions.



1st February 2006

(All Rights Reserved)