Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Heroes of the faith!

John Wycliff and John Huss, both professional Catholic theologians, went on to renounce Romanism, and subsequently were martyred by Rome. Wycliff not only had his writings publicly burnt but his corpse was later exhumed and burnt, while Huss was burnt alive at the stake.

Huss, as recorded by Rome, not only prayed for himself but also his killers before he was murdered:

“He refused to retract anything and so was condemned as a heretic, deposed, and degraded, and handed over to the secular arm, which in turn condemned him to perish at the stake, at that time the usual legal punishment of convicted heretics. He suffered that cruel death with self-possession and courage and when about to expire, cried out, it is said: “Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on us”! (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. IV, p. 292).

King James, unlike the ‘humble holy fathers’ of Rome, once said of himself:

“I am neither a god nor an angel but a man like any other” (Heather Jenner, The Royal Wives, p. 167).

John Bunyan was arrested four times for street preaching without permission and licence from a bishop; he served a total of 13 years in prison for this.

Mark Twain foolishly once said how he’d rather go to Bunyan’s Hell, than read his Bible (Lawrence Nelson, Our Roving Bible, p. 199).

Calvinist Jonathan Edwards, on four occasions, invited Arminian John Wesley to preach at his church, before Edwards’ church kicked him out; he was 47 when he died.

David Brainerd, missionary to the Native Americans in Pennsylvania, wrote the following shortly before his premature death at just 29:

“There is nothing in the world worth living for but doing good and finishing God’s work, doing the work that Christ did. I see nothing else in the world that can yield any satisfaction besides living to God, pleasing Him, and doing His whole will. My greatest joy and comfort has been to do something for promoting the interest of religion, and the souls of particular persons. And now, in my illness, while I am full of pain and distress from day to day, all the comfort I have is in being able to do some little char (or small piece of work) for God; either by something that I say, or by writing, or some other way.”

George Whitefield, ever the shrewd businessman, turned towns and cities upside down whenever he preached the gospel. He was a life-long close friend of John Wesley, yet he often found himself rebuking Wesley for some of his more “unconventional” meetings. However on one occasion, on New Year’s Eve (1738), after a long prayer service, which lasted until 3am, both men “fell to the ground.” Perhaps this was an early “slain in the Spirit” account, or just some religious hysteria? Students at Yale University were also warned to ‘avoid’ Whitefield.

On his deathbed, the following prayer was offered:

“Lord Jesus, I am weary in Thy work, but not of Thy work. If I have not yet finished my course, let me go and speak for Thee once more in the fields, seal the truth, and come home to die.”

David Livingstone, much like John Wesley, was an immense traveller, clocking up 9,000 miles in 16 years, and mainly by foot. He would be separated from his wife in the jungle for up to 4 years at any given time.

Charles Spurgeon, the boy preacher when only 16 years old, would call on all evangelicals in the Church of England to get out of that church, due to its awful liberalism. One can only wonder how loud that cry from him would be today, if he were still alive. Interestingly, when John Wesley’s feminist mother/preacher was dying, Wesley begged her not to join his church but to remain in the Church of England, for Wesley never really broke away from the Anglican community, although they banished him and treated his converts with contempt.

He also loathed the title ‘reverend.’

John Wesley travelled over 250,000 miles a year across the UK on horseback. However what some people don’t know about him was the sad reality that his wife (he was only married once for a brief time) had the dreadful habit of storming his meetings (some authors believe she may have been demon-possessed) and accusing him of every sin under the sun. Wesley took it all in his stride, although it must have been humiliating and very painful for him, for by all accounts he loved her dearly. He made exceptions to some women preachers. When he left organised religion (after being called a “church splitter”) he had problems ordaining elders into his church. Because he wasn’t allowed to preach in Anglican churches or buildings, on one occasion, Wesley was forced to climb on to his father’s tombstone and preach to a massive crowd in Epworth. When he died over 10,000 people passed by his casket. To avoid any more people turning up, it was decided to hold his funeral at 5 am.

During George Mueller’s life, he read his Bible through one hundred times on his knees.

A. Torrey preached in over seven countries. When he visited the UK over 15,500 genuine conversions were reported.

George Fox, founder of the Quakers, was not only a Bible-believing street preacher (no Quaker today is), but he suffered terribly for his uncompromising beliefs, i.e., jailed, beaten, and stoned.

William Booth was a real man’s man. He preached the old rugged cross his whole life and was frozen out of his stuck-up Methodist church because of the working class people of London which he led to the Lord. In total, over 2 million of them came to personal faith in Christ during his lifetime. He also suffered verbal and physical abuse from his numerous enemies, inside and outside of organised religion.

Billy Sunday not only very much enjoyed reading Spurgeon’s moderate Calvinistic writings, but said the following:

“When the Bible says one thing and scholarship says another, scholarship can go plumb to the devil.”

DL. Moody always went out of his way to win souls to Christ. He never kept records of his mass conversions. One attempt was made of his life with a knife by a Roman Catholic. He was also never ordained.

The same is true of Harry Ironside too.

Bob Jones I was preaching when only 15 years old. His denomination (the Methodist church) excommunicated him, for he was very much a rough and ready, crude sort of street preacher. There were several attempts on his life, like on one occasion, 300 men tried to storm his stage, while he was speaking and kill him. Why? Because he supported prohibition. (Maybe Joe Kennedy might have been behind this)?

Charles Fuller’s long and successful radio ministry resulted in seven people not committing suicide (not to mention scores of people receiving Christ as Saviour too).

Sam Jones lived on the edge. On one occasion, a mob tried to blow up his barn when he was preaching in it. He said: “If I understood all about the Bible I’d know somebody wrote it who didn’t have any more sense than I have.”

John McNeil offered the following:

“A God who does not smite, I would despise Him, and so would you. This modern God for some people is nothing but love, as Joseph Parker said, This great, new, modern love, and He is nothing but a great big kiss.”

Frank Norris many times had people trying to kill him for his uncompromising preaching, not for his refusal to teach Greek and Hebrew in his Bible school. However, he did have the following words of contemplation:

“Do you want to get out of your own troubles? Are you seeking comfort in sorrow? There is only one way out. Quit nursing your troubles. Quit brooding over your losses. Get up and go and witness to a lost soul about Jesus Christ, and then you will have power and peace.”

Mordecai Ham – the man who led over 300,000 to Christ – shares the following story after one of his preaching engagements, when a gang were calling for his blood:

“Finally I went out and spoke to the ringleader who immediately threatened me with a long knife. I said, Put up that knife you coward; if you weren’t a coward you wouldn’t pull a knife on an unarmed man. Now I’m going to ask the Lord either to convert you and your crowd or to kill you. ‘Do as you damn please,’ snarled the leader as he stormed off. Four of them died within twenty-four hours.” This wasn’t a one-off event, many times he was attacked, by people and one occasion a mob threatened to kidnap his young daughter.

George Myers, Al Capone’s personal chauffeur got saved but was unable to lead Capone to the Lord.

Peter Ruckman, when he was out on the streets one day, drawing one of his many chalk-talks, a man, deep under conviction, throw his whisky bottle on the ground and handed Ruckman his loaded .38 gun. Apparently, this man had just been released from prison for manslaughter and was on his way to murder his ex-wife, that was before the Spirit of God got a hold of this sinner and converted him right there on the spot. This type of thing has happened to this preacher on more than one occasion.

William Ward not only had the pleasure of leading Glenn Miller’s wife, Helen to the Lord but also a Catholic priest, Anthony Zachello, who once said the following:

“The greatest book [the Bible] ever written against the Roman Catholic Church was not written by any converted priest; it was written by God.”

The author of J. Vernon McGee’s signature tune How Firm A Foundation, remains unknown to this day.

Walter Martin helped lead the former editor of the Jehovah’s Witness magazineAwake to leave the Watchtower and get saved. Whenever Martin would arrive at Brooklyn, to present the Witnesses with problems in the NWT, this veteran JW would hide under the table until Martin left. Years later this former Witness gave a public testimony of faith in Jesus and personally thanked Martin for remaining faithful in his desire to reach cult members.

This same cult-buster had rocks thrown at his house, his name slandered by his enemies and eventually, the Mormons humiliated his wife, when she unfortunately misinformed family and friends of the details of his death.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Its founder Charles Taze Russell was divorced by his wife on the grounds of adultery after she discovered he was having an affair with his young female servant (The Brooklyn Daily Newspaper, 19 February 1912, p.18).

He appeared in court three times during his life and each time lied under oath (The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Rev. John Ross and the Eagle; Some Facts and More Facts About the Self-Styled, Pastor Charles T. Russell, p.17).

A full copy of this 5-hour transcript from 1913 is also held on file at the JW’s headquarters in Brooklyn. Staunton was Ross’ attorney and “Judge” Rutherford was Russell’s:

(Staunton): Do you know the Greek alphabet? (Russell): Oh yes. (Staunton): Can you tell me the correct letters if you see them? (Russell): Some of them; I might make a mistake on some of them. (Staunton): Would you tell me the names of those on top of the page, page 447, I have got here? (Russell): Well, I don’t know that I would be able to. (Staunton): You can’t tell what those letters are? Look at them and see if you know. (Russell): My way [he was interrupted at this point and not allowed to explain]. (Staunton): Are you familiar with the Greek language?(Russell): No. (Staunton): Is it true you were never ordained? (Russell): It is not true.(Staunton): Now, you never were ordained by a bishop, clergyman, presbytery, council, or any body of men living? (Russell), after a long pause, I never was. 

Source: Rev. J Ross, Some Facts and more Facts About the Self-Styled Pastor.

Frederick W. Franz

Amazingly however on 24 November 1954 Franz would too find himself being cross-examined under oath concerning his authority and biblical expertise:

Q: Have you also made yourself familiar with Hebrew? A: (Franz) Yes. Q: So that you have substantial linguistic apparatus at your command? A: Yes, for use in my biblical work. Q: I think you are able to read and follow the Bible in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French? A: Yes. Q: You, yourself, read and speak Hebrew, do you? A: I do not speak Hebrew. Q: You do not? A: No. Q: Can you, yourself, translate that into Hebrew?

A: Which? Q: That forth verse in the second chapter of Genesis? A: You mean here? Yes. No. Source: Walter Martin, The Kingdom of the Cults, 2003, p. 93.

Westcott and Hort: Secret Jesuit provocateurs and rank liberals!

“The danger of our church [Anglicanism] is from atheism, not Romanism.” 

“I am inclined to think that no such state as Eden ever existed.”

“But the book which has most engaged me is Darwin…my feeling is strong that the theory is unanswerable.”

“Had I been alone, I could have knelt there for hours [at a Marian shrine].”

“I have been persuaded for many years that Mary-worship and ‘Jesus’-worship have very much in common in their causes and their results.”

Source: There is much more information about this dubious couple of liberal/secret Catholics, which can be found in David W. Daniels, Did the Catholic church give us the Bible, 2012? 

Roman Catholicism

The word Vatican in classical Latin means divination by the serpent.

“That it [Vulgate] has many defects has never been denied” (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. XV, p. 370).

“It [Douay] certainly had great faults, for it is disfigured by uncouth and sometimes scarcely intelligible language” (Catholic Dictionary, p. 280).

The Vatican’s payroll a year is $7,250,000, while they take in $800,000,000 a year (Peter Ruckman, The History of the New Testament Church, Vol. II, p. 120).

The Jesuits on more than one occasion have been banned by various popes. For example, when France, Portugal and Spain finally decided to remove all Jesuits from their soil (1758-1769) Pope Clement XIII refused them entry into Italy, while Clement XIV enjoyed suppressing them (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. IV, p. 33).

Most of the papal elections during the sixteenth century were influenced by ‘political conditions’ and never of course under the guidance of ‘the Holy Spirit’ (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. VII, p. 5).

Augustine once said: “He [that is a faithful Catholic] cannot have God for his Father who refuses to have the church [that is the Catholic church] for his mother.”

He also stated how all non-baptised babies went to Hell.

Was responsible for the murder of hundreds of non-Catholics; and several hundred thousand after he died.

He also had the following to say about prostitution:

“If you expel prostitutes you reduce society to chaos through unsatisfied lust” (Saturday Times, 16th December 2006).

After the Spanish Civil War, Catholic children returning from Switzerland had to return their Bibles to waiting priests.

When ‘papal infallibility’ was first introduced to Roman Catholicism, it was done so simply for political purposes, with only 451 bishops, out of 1,084, on the first vote voting, yes to accept this non-Biblical doctrine! So with a split vote, this bishops of Rome gave their pope this new power and authority (Bernard Hasler, How the Pope Became Infallible, 1981).

When Pope Pius XII officially decreed the bodily assumption of Mary, he made the following dictatorial statement: “No one may be permitted to violate this. Our declaration, proclamation, and definition or to oppose or transgress it…if anyone should dare to attempt this let him know that he will occur the indignation of God Almighty” (1 Nov. 1950).

However the ‘Assumption of Mary’ is primarily based on a fifth-century forgery, by Dionysius the Areopagite (O. C. Lambert, Catholicism Against Itself, p. 76).

No Protestant chaplains were allowed to serve in the German SS during World War II. (Most SS men were Catholic, with Adolph Hitler being raised in a Benedictine school, run by the Jesuits).

The SS Nazi swastika came from Hitler’s Catholic school (John Toland, Hitler, The Pictorial Documentary of His Life, pg. 7).

Hitler and Hess, when young men, both thought about joining the Catholic priesthood (Ruckman, p. 406).

Cardinal Hinsley of Westminster, was pro-Nazi Germany, and was quoted in the Catholic Times, on Oct. 18, 1935, as saying:

“It was the cause of God.”

“Since 1868 Monaco [the world’s largest gambling industry after Vegas] has been a diocese directly dependent on Rome” (Lambert, p. 102).

(One can well understand how organised crime and Rome go hand-in-hand).

“The Vatican Council did not exaggerate in describing the priest as “another Christ” (Cardinal John Heenan, A Crown of Thorns, 1974).

The pope is not only exempt from all human laws (never revoked at Vatican II) but every country is still under his domain (Exer. De Const. Licens IX Quaest 3, cited from Bishop Jewell from Cardinal Manning).

The Catholic church murdered 50 million people since the 4th century (Rev. R. B. Cook, The Story of the Baptists, 1884, p. 45).

500,000 men died during the crusades, fighting for the pope.

Constantine was not only from Britain but called himself the ‘Bishop of bishops’ (Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church, Vol. IV, p. 25).

Constantine killed many Christians (August Neander, A General History of the Christian Religion and the Church, Vol. II, 1870, p. 229, 250, 251).

“He most certainly cannot be acquitted of grasping ambition. Where the policy of the State required, he could be cruel. Even after his conversion, he caused the execution of his brother-in-law Licinius, and of the latter’s son, as well as of Crispus his own son by his first marriage, and his wife Fausta” (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol, IV, p. 300).

Constantine’s mother, Helena allegedly found the cross of Christ, after taking a large private army to Jerusalem. Upon its discovery, legend has it that a dead boy miraculously came to life when applied to the cross.

The Catholic church never recognised the Magna Carta, so they anathematised it for all time (Potthast, Imperii, 1881, p. 316).

Catholics used to baptise adults in the nude (Thomas Armitage, The History of the Baptists, p. 378, quoting Catholic Bremner from St. Anshava, Gemina).

Lay Catholics needed permission from clergy to read the Bible.

Pope Pius V set up a covert school in France, which allowed Jesuits to be trained up to infiltrate and take over the Church of England (Blakeney, Popery in its Social Aspects, p. 165-166). This shrewd and successful operation was concluded by 1884, by which time Canterbury had fallen (Wilkinson in Fuller, Which Bible?, p. 283-285).

Dr. Desanctis, the former Catholic priest, also affirmed this.

It has also been suggested how the Jesuits infiltrated the charismatic movement and even went as far as to deliberately use certain “women” to ruin famous TV preachers, with national news coverage.

Erasmus not only refused to accept the red hat (a term for being made a Cardinal) like Savonarola but was very much papal material. (Savonarola was terribly tortured for two months and subsequently burnt alive at the stake).

Jesuits plotted the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as they did with King James I, and Parliament.

Charles I hired foreign Catholic troops to kill his own Protestant people.

One of many fables that Rome has long purported was how Adam’s skull was conveniently discovered near where Jesus was crucified, so Jesus’ blood was taken and dipped into his skull (A Catholic Commentary on the Bible, p. 1013).

Catholic tradition has long held to this mythical view that the three wise men in the Bible, were named as Saint Gaper, Saint Melchior and Saint Balthasar.

Apparently the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany is their burial home.

“A vast number of incredible and false miracles have been forged by some” (End of the Controversy, p. 145).

Peter’s inverted crucifixion came from a forgery (Apocryphal Acts of Peter and Paul, Lambert, p. 87).

The Catholic church has long enjoyed the very lucrative alcohol trade, yet what may interest some is not the fact they brew and sell their own brand, but, “At one time [1954], the Brothers [that is the Marist fathers] reported, the Reds [Communist China] took eighty cases of wine, liqueurs and champagne to ship by airplane to their embassy at Moscow” (Lambert, p. 110).

(The sin of alcoholism has plagued numerous lives, including many priests we’ve known. Please see our George Best article for his feelings of deep remorse before he died).

St. Patrick was only interested in the Bible as his sole authority (Schaff, Vol. VI, p. 47).

No evidence he ever visited Ireland and no mention from him of any hierarchy above him. Made thousands of disciples, baptised only adults and created over 300 local churches (Schaff, Vol. IV, p. 46).

In 800 AD, transubstantiation wasn’t as universal as it was in the West. And there no evidence before 600 AD that any church in Ireland ever worshipped Mary or held to transubstantiation. The early British and Irish churches did not pray for the dead, nor believe in transubstantiation either.

Greek Orthodox Church

Holds to view they are ‘the one true church,’ and nor do they recognise the infallibility of the pope.

The Eastern church holds to the sinful nature of Mary. Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople (879-800 AD), during the eighth ecumenical council, called pope Nicolas a heretic and wanted him anathematised (Schaff, Vol. IV, p. 89). Marsilius of Padua (1270-1343 AD) called Pope Clement VI the devil of Rev. 12:9.

Seventh-Day Adventism

Ellen White, the pope of this church, taught that going to church on Sunday, was taking the Mark of the Beast (Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, 1911, p. 449).

They also said that Jesus had ‘a sinful nature’ (Arthur Stanley Maxell, Your Friends The Adventists, 1967).

David Wilkerson possibly New York’s most famous preacher was killed this week in a car crash, leaving his wife fighting for her life. Wilkerson had been a very popular charismatic speaker and writer for many years but regrettably fell prone to embracing charismatic Catholics as “brethren” and also made numerous “prophecies” that failed to come to pass. Once again, we plead with people to examine everything and anything they read, see or hear in light of Scripture.


Martin Luther called Mohammed, “The firstborn child of Satan.”

Islam’s third most ‘holy site,’ the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, has a curse inscribed on the right side of the porch:

“Cursed be he who proclaims that Jesus is the son of God.” 

Jewish Talmud 

In the Talmud, it says, “All Gentile children are animals” (Yebamoth 98a).

“Even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed” (The Truth About the Talmud, by Michael Hoffman).

Jesus and the Devil

There are two kingdoms in this world: one for Jesus (John 15:19; Eph. 2:6; Rev. 1:18) and one for Satan (Luke 4:6,7; John 8:44; Acts 26:18).

Jesus commissioned His people to preach the gospel (Matt. 28) and so does the devil (2 Cor. 11).

Fear, manipulation and emotional blackmail are used by cults and false religions to get their way with ignorant people. God does not bless them or their lucrative ministries.

Lucifer means “Light-Bearing” in Latin and may also mean the planet Venus, which is the morning star at dawn. In Greek mythology, Lucifer was personified as a male figure bearing a torch. Hence, we have the origin of the Light-Bearer of the Olympic Games [the Nazis created today’s Olympic symbols of the 5 rings of fire.

The serpent god of healing was generally represented in the pagan arts entwined on a stick, staff or a stock of a tree.

December 25 was the birthday for Baal worship.

The symbol of the snake on the pole, which UK and US medical associations use, was originally the symbol of the Egyptian god Hermes, who was Nimrod’s father, Cush.

Nimrod to the Egyptians was Osiris; for the Romans he was Mars. 

Symbols and words

The mitre that pagan priests wore is the mitre that popes wear today. The mitre that resembles a fish head was worn centuries before the birth of Christ by pagan high priests of Dagon.

The pound symbol (£) is a Gnostic coin showing the Serpent and the number 6.

Witches to show they have rejected Christianity and Jesus Christ derive the CND symbol, the broken cross.


Three leading Nazi leaders each received Jesus Christ as Saviour before being hung at the Nuremberg Trials:

Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm Joachim von Ribbentrop, according to American Army Colonel, Burton C. Andrus, in his book I Was the Nuremberg Jailer, p. 151, Ribbentrop told him: “I put my trust in God.”

One Lutheran pastor (Henry F. Gerecke) is also mentioned, and he quoted Ribbentrop as also saying just before he hung: “I’ll see you again.”

Hans Frick also confessed Jesus as Saviour and was trusting in His blood for Salvation (Ruckman, The Book of Job, p. 291).

Wilhelm Keitel had daily Bible readings in his cell and the same Lutheran pastor (Henry F. Gerecke) stated that Keitel never doubted his salvation.

His last words before dying were: “I call on the Almighty God to have mercy on the German people.”

Pop music

John Lennon of the Beatles once said: “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that. I’m right, and I will be proved right. We [the Beatles] are more popular than Jesus now” (St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 5th Aug 1966).

The Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven played backwards can be heard to say: “MY SWEET SATAN…THE ONE WILL BE SAD WHO MAKES ME SAD, WHOSE POWER IS SATAN.”


Some believe the Illuminati is a front for the Catholic Church, in which it sets out to pull all religions and governments together.

Freemasonry is nothing more than witchcraft re-branded.

In many small towns in the south and midwest America, almost every white male Protestant man belongs to a Masonic lodge (Handbook to Secret Organisations, Whalen, p. 51).

James Hoban was a Catholic Freemason, who designed the Capital of the United States, and was the chief founder of the Federal Masonic Number 1, in the District of Columbia (Sutton, p. 142-143).

Americans are made to believe that the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI on the pyramid, which adds to 1776, is to celebrate Independence Day of July 4th 1776. This isn’t so. This is an oculist sign with its slogan “NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM,” which is to commemorate the founding of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776 (Sutton, p. 232).

Karl Marx, a member of “The League of the Just” (another name for the Illuminati) would be commissioned to update Adam Weishaupt’s writings:

“We [the Illuminati] are the Fathers of all Revolutions – even of those, which sometimes happen to turn against us. We are the supreme Masters of Peace and War. We can boast of being the Creators of the REFORMATION! Calvin was one of our Children; he was of Jewish descent and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the Reformation” (The Roman Catholic Gazette, February 1936). 


Feminists cannot be Darwinists, for Charles Darwin said the following about his religion:

“The chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man attaining to a higher eminence in whatever he takes up than woman can attain, whether obtaining deep thought, reason or imagination or merely the use of the senses and hands.”

That Darwin also was racist:

“The preservation of the favoured races in the struggle for life.”

That Lucy turned out to be a 3-foot chimp.

How Nebraska Man, after creating an entire skeleton, had only one tooth from an extinct pig to work on.

Piltdown Man’s jawbone belonged to a modern ape.

Neanderthal Man – located in France – turned out to be an old man, who suffered from arthritis.

One Bible scholar said how he believed Darwin got his ‘facts’ back to front. According to this preacher, man never came or evolved from animal, but will, in fact, become an animal at the second death – more specifically – a red worm, and a worm that never dies, according to Jesus who said so three times in Mark 9:44-48.

Evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould made the following statement:

“The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil records persists as the trade secret of palaeontology.”

Ernest Chain:

“I would rather believe in fairies than in such wild speculation.”

Sir Arthur Keith, who wrote Darwin’s forward for the 100th-anniversary edition said:

“Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable.”

That the Bible says the following about this type of pathetic and shameful behaviour:

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19).

Let’s pension off these poor deluded and deceptive folks and get back to the Bible; for not only are they taking the key of knowledge and bending it out of shape, but they are allowing generation after generation to do likewise, and subsequently and tragically, committing spiritual suicide! (Luke 11:52).

The following distinguished scientists and inventors Robert Boyle, Sir James Simpson, Alexander Graham Bell, Johannes Kepler, Edward Jenner, and Michael Faraday were all committed Christians.

In total there are 10,000 scientists that believe in Biblical Creation, or Intelligent Design, as it is called by some.

Someone once said:

“If the first thirty-four verses of Genesis are true than atheism, agnosticism, materialism, hedonism, existentialism, polytheism and pantheism are all invalid.”

Darwin once wrote:

“To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree”.

He would also say:

“My work is the Devil’s gospel” (Life and Letters, Vol. 2, p. 124).

That you cannot make something out of anything. Evolutions have never been able to show how life itself first came into existence. A design also pre-supposes a designer.

That if you lined up all the obsolete books on evolution they would measure more than 30 miles in length – so much for this ‘gospel truth.’

That the entire human race descended from one woman which scientists call the Big Mama.

That we have carbon dating, numerous and independent witness statements, and artefacts from Noah’s Ark.

Men have been found dead and alive inside cachalot whales, and yet ignorant Bible rejecters laugh at Jonah’s story.

The Bible is totally authentic

The Bible is united in content, written by 40 writers, living on 3 continents, over 1,600 hundred years, from different walks of life and social positions. Most had no contact with each other, frequently didn’t understand the full significance to their writings, yet the Bible is correct 100% in its history, geography, botanically, scientifically, astronomically, and archaeologically.

Isaiah wrote in 700 BC that the world was round. Job, thought by some to have built the Pyramids, stated that air has weight and earth is suspended in space, some 1520 BC.

That 300 Biblical prophecies concerning Jesus Christ are all fulfilled in exact detail, written centuries and sometimes thousands of years before His birth. No other religion can boast this.

There are 39 secular and independent writers who mention Jesus Christ outside of the Bible.

The Bible had been translated into Ethiopic, Syriac, Latin, Gothic and perhaps Celtic and Persian, before Jerome’s time.

God and man

19 countries would rather ban the Bible than the bomb!

Winston Churchill, after reading Gladstone’s book, The Impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture, had no reason to disagree with its content about the total accuracy and reliability of the Bible.

Former American President, Andrew Jackson said the following about the Bible:

“That book is the rock on which our nation rests. When that falls I assure you, that the liberties will go with it.”

A Yorkshire miner was saved when he read on a bus ticket, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever beleiveth on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

A journalist working in London came to Christ when he read the following inscription on a pen, “Christ died for our sins.”

A leading atheist Professor Michael Clarkson, head of the Veterinary Parasitology at Liverpool University, was converted when he read the Gospel of John.

Bertrand Russell and Bernard Shaw, lifelong atheists, before they died both acknowledged that God was indeed God.

Shaw even went as far as to say the following about the King James Bible:

“The translation was extraordinarily well done because to the translators what they were translating was not merely a curious collection of ancient books written by different authors in different stages of culture, but the Word of God divinely revealed through His chosen and expressly inspired scribes. In this conviction, they carried out their work with boundless reverence and care and achieved a beautifully artistic result.”

Then, he made the statement of his life:

“The science to which I pinned my faith [evolution] is bankrupt. Its councils, which should have established the millennium, have led directly to the suicide of Europe. I believed them once. In their name, I helped to destroy the faith of millions of worshippers in the temples of a thousand creeds, and now they look at me and witness the great tragedy of an atheist who has lost his faith.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said the following:

“I hold the Gospels to be absolutely authentic. They are like a reflection of the person of Christ, a reflection that is sublime and more divine in character than anything that has ever appeared on earth. I bow before them before the divine manifestation of the loftiest principle of morality” (Eckermann, Conversations with Goethe, III).

And Jean-Jacques Rousseau offered this:

“My friend, something made up does not sound like this; and the facts of Socrates’ life, which no one seriously doubts, are less well attested to than those of Jesus Christ” (Emile, IV).

Former president of the United Nations General Assembly, Dr. Charles Malek, once said the following:

“If I were asked to choose between the dialectical materialism of the Soviet and the practised commercialism of the West, I’m not sure I would choose the Western brand…We have lost the sense of the eternal battle raging between Christ and the devil.”

No tribal people have ever been discovered anywhere on any continent on the face of the earth over the past 5000 years that were not deeply religious. Only those ‘educated’ in the west have foolishly abandoned their built-in man-made receiver for God.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Christian Science founder was a professional medium.

Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill both consulted private mediums during their lives.

The Apollo XV mission to the moon, reported Col. James Irwin as saying:

“God walking on earth is more important than man walking on the moon.”

The same Greek word used to describe eternal (aionios) Heaven is also used to describe eternal Hell. Yet many cults have problems believing in Hell lasting forever, but not Heaven?

If all religions are right, then Jesus is right, and if Jesus is right, then all other religions are wrong.

The Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible.

The verses: “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and “abstain for all appearance of evil” are taken out of every Bible, apart from the AV.

The AV is the only Bible in the world which isn’t copyrighted.

The Greek word for theologian simply means ‘knowledge of God.’

Jesus preached more on Hell than He did on Heaven.

War is God’s judgment for sin here; Hell is God’s judgment on sin hereafter.

There was a time when you did not exist, but there will never be a time when you will cease to exist.

And finally going to church, reading your Bible, being baptized, and doing good works will not save you. It is only by being born again that you are saved, and that occurs solely by your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as your very own personal Saviour.