De-Baptizing Catholics & Abortion On Demand

De-Baptizing Catholics & Abortion On Demand

Baptizing The Dead

The disturbing Mormon practice of proxy baptism, which in our opinion is just as offensive as the Catholic pursuit of purgatory, reared its ugly head again last week in the media.

It seems the Mormons baptized the parents of the late Simon Wiesenthal, founder of the Centre for Holocaust remembrance. (His parents perished in the concentration camps in the 1940s. How insensitive).

So where do these people get off in performing such non-Biblical practices?  Well, simply it is a Mormon ritual to baptize the dead because they falsely believe it will allow the deceased to find a way into the Mormon afterlife. Even Mitt Romney’s late father in law, an avowed atheist, was apparently baptized into the faith after his death.

As regards the Wiesenthal fiasco, someone in Utah has now apologised, naturally placing the blame game upon an unfortunate individual, it seems at an LDS temple in Arizona, who was only doing what the Mormons have always done and encouraged others of their flock to do as well.

But we say leave the dead alone and if the followers of Joseph Smith knock on your door, explain to them politely, that they need to repent and become born again before it’s too late. And perhaps rather ponder the words of the Lord: “Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead” (Matt. 8:22).

Abortion On Demand

Once again the ugly sight of abortion rears its head. This week we read that certain doctors will perform the termination on female “foetuses,” due to the sex not being “preferable” to the mother.

Yet God creates all life and for His purpose alone, but the slaughter of the innocents now runs sadly into millions worldwide each year.

Quite simply we say ABORTION IS MURDER and any innocent unborn child is in the most dangerous place in the world – the mother’s womb!

Each year more governments are funding abortion murder mills, yet very little of this is mentioned in the press or debated on television.

It is amazing that the victims here are baby girls at the peril of the abortionist doctors’ tools, and amazingly very little is heard from the feminists in protest.

I knew a doctor years ago, that when a young girl was brought to him by a social worker asking for a termination for her, he simply replied: “You better try one of the other doctors in the practice.” And with that, the matter was closed as far as he was concerned. It was morally wrong. Sadly the girl did go elsewhere and was able to get what she wanted.

The Christian knows that Jeremiah 1:5 reveals God’s amazing preparation for each of us: “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee.”

You might want to read the rest of this verse, which is very profound and precise, and maybe you just might write or e-mail your MP concerning this continual slaughter in this country, that some have called our own holocaust.

De-Baptizing Catholics

When you were christened/baptized as a child, you had no say in the matter; your parents probably acted in good faith in their decision, but now thousands across Europe are trying to forget this man-made tradition inflicted upon them in their youth, and are now doing something about it.

Beginning in France some ten years ago, one man requested his local church to remove his name from the baptismal register. He even requested a court ruling stating that his request was legal and did receive it.

The matter has now become known as de-baptismal and in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany over 181,000 people, who feel so strongly about the Catholic churches endemic sex scandals and the wicked covering up of the abuse of children by priests and their bishops, have taken this moral matter into their own hands by demanding this religious reversal.

Even it seems in the UK, thousands have been downloading de-baptismal certificates.

“The movement is spreading across Europe,” said Anne Morrell who heads a centre study studying religion and secularity at the Free University of Brussels. “It was very apparent in 2011,” she says.

We feel this is a trickle of the deluge that is to follow and as Ann Morrell further states: “It’s also about subsidies the population must pay for, a church that does not represent them.” How true!

We certainly believe that this important act is opening the eyes of many that the practice of infant baptism is not Biblical and it does not save people. It never could!

This sprinkling of water by Catholic and Protestant churches is useless. It is simply a hangover from the Middle Ages, in that if you didn’t conform to the church’s teachings in those dark ages, you faced expulsion and imprisonment, maybe death!

Infant baptism is not Biblical, it cannot gain or commence a baby’s salvation. Only faith in Jesus Christ can offer lasting salvation. Of course, these people today wishing to be de-baptized are doing it purely through moral or financial reasons particularly against organized religion.

This action is long overdue and can only continue to flourish in the future.



Feb. 2012

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