Catholic Bible Haters And Deceived Drunks

Catholic Bible Haters And Deceived Drunks

By the time this goes out, we will be just under three weeks away from witnessing only the 2nd ever visit by the bishop of Rome to the United Kingdom. Joseph Ratzinger will enjoy a four-day state visit, with an estimated cost to the taxpayer well into the millions. So much for tightening the belt! So much for austerity!

With the state paying for most of this trip, the remainder falls to every Catholic diocese in the country to plead with their laity to dig deep into their pockets and keep donating to make this visit “pay for itself,” and be a “huge success.” And yet those “faithful” Catholics that travel to see him will be expected (again) to pay to attend his masses. Maybe Tony Blair will dig deep too, for he now has an estimated fortune of £20 million! Even Susan Boyle has been booked to sing “How Great Thou Art” for her “saviour” Pope Benedict. And just look out for other Catholic VIPs grovelling and kissing his hands when the chance arrives. Won’t it be a little hypocritical to see some of the nations leading feminists practically on their knees in his presence, and yet in their hearts, many of them despise men. Oh if one could see their hearts. God can and does!

On the subject of VIPs, we mentioned in last month’s edition how the Queen, the spiritual head of the Protestant Church of England, is driving 100 miles from her official residence in Scotland, to personally meet him, something we at this ministry cannot recall her ever doing before with any other political head of state. When President Bush and his wife visited the UK in 2004, they drove to Buckingham Palace to not only see her but stay with her. Yet on this visit, she will go to him and in return, he has snubbed her offer of staying at the Palace. Talk about symbolic! Talk about “submitting” to the man of sin. And on the political front, the Prime Minister (a professing Protestant), the Deputy Prime Minister (a devout atheist with a Catholic wife), and the acting leader of the Labour Party (a devout feminist with a Catholic husband) will all travel to see him at the archbishop’s house in Westminster. One final note on this amusing “private audience” our “elite” will get to “enjoy” with him: Cameron gets only 20 mins; Clegg gets 10 mins; Harriet Harman gets 30 mins. It’s anyone’s guess why she and her husband get a full 30 mins.

For those of us that are former Catholics and are able to attend one or more of his “concerts,” we will certainly want to witness to any Catholic that will listen to us and tell them about the real Jesus and His finished work at the Cross. We are not only opposed to pretty much everything Rome stands for, but are also against all forms of organised religion; so this gives us the chance to talk to Protestants too, who are also in systems of their own and need deliverance from such. And because of this, we no longer work with those that are in organised religion, especially when it comes to street ministry. It’s one thing to have coffee and biscuits with such people, some being saved, but when it comes to a joint outreach, it just doesn’t work. We tell sinners one thing and they will contradict us and then go on to promote their church or another church, run by good old pastor such and such. They also throw in Calvinism and tithing or if one is in a Pentecostal church, they never get beyond conditional security, speaking in tongues and other regrettable hang-ups and traditions. The difference between evangelising and proselytising is monumental.

Along with Protestants and other members of the public standing around and taking in the sights, we expect to see some Protestants with placards preaching and telling Catholics to correctly repent as they flock blindly into see their Pope, and yet those Catholics would have every right to shout back at them to also repent and forsake organised religion, for both groups are in the same boat. Mr Catholic says, “I will leave my priest and tradition if you leave yours.” Mr Protestant responds, “my priest and tradition is the real thing, yours isn’t.” And back and forth they go like a couple of blind lamas. It takes someone who’s left organised religion altogether to see this nonsense and try and expose it. And yet just because some Protestants believe in the “essentials” and be saved doesn’t mean anything. Both are medieval systems and both need to be flushed down the toilet.

So, God willing, we will do what we can, when we can, as and when possible, during his time in the UK. The tragedy is only a handful of Christians will oppose his visit and out of them, only a few will actually have the correct Biblical message and authority to do so.


This week saw the long overdue report, proving once and for all, how Irish Catholic priest, James Chesney, was the IRA’s director of operations in South Derry, Northern Ireland in 1972, which saw the murder of nine people, ranging from a 9-year-old Catholic girl to a 65-year-old Protestant man. Chesney, who died some 8 years later in the Catholic South of Ireland, was never arrested by the police but had his terrorist identity and murders conveniently covered-up, with the help of London, Dublin, Belfast and of course his faithful church. This is certainly not the first time the Catholic church has been exposed for being a wicked and evil institution, prepared to do whatever is necessary to shield their priests from anything from paedophilia, mafia connections, espionage, to down-right sadistic murder. After Chesney’s secret move south (and no he was never excommunicated for his Catholic Jihad), he regularly returned covertly to the north and not only remained active within the IRA but died unrepentant, receiving a full requiem mass. Nobody was ever charged with these murders and to this day, relatives of these victims still await justice. One wonders how many more priests, bishops and cardinals will be exposed for similar crimes against humanity.

Patrick’s Street Report


Chance decisions can sometimes have interesting consequences, or perhaps God’s guiding handsets the pace without us even knowing about it. This morning after missing a bus, I decided to walk down to the next bus stop, where there was also a ten-minute wait. I also wanted to leave some tracts in the bus shelter. As I approached it I noticed a tall man, well built, perhaps in his mid-fifties and wearing a deep pocket overcoat (I was soon to find out why) with long shorts, scuffed trainers and a baseball cap. He quickly observed me, and I him.

We were the only two waiting. As is my custom I folded a tract and left it in the timetable.

As I turned I noticed he was watching me: “Do you always do this,?” he asked with perhaps a touch of menace in his voice.

I nodded, “If I can, I do.”

Well, I picked up two of yours last week and took them home.” He then told me the titles and they were from the current assorted batch that I leave around town. Pretty good I thought. At that moment a slow-moving funeral cortege made its way to the cemetery.

“Take your hat off,” he suggested.

“What for”?, I said. “If they aren’t born again, then it’s a waste of time.” He looked confused.

“Well, that person must have been a churchgoer.” I’m not sure how he arrived at that conclusion.

“Maybe but so what. No church, chapel or masonic lodge membership ever saved you, only the precious blood of Christ.” I then explained through his fog of nicotine how this saving grace benefits the lost people rather like him. With that, he reached down into his deep pocket and pulled out a full bottle of sweet sherry and took three deep swigs.

“You’re talking a load of b*******” he kindly informed me, through a sweet sickly alcohol breath. This was to be followed by a slurred discourse on “good people” going to church and how they are going to Heaven. More confused theology I thought. God loves everyone, etc, etc and the same useless arguments put up by people who seek to justify their own addictions. By this time the cigarette and alcohol fumes were coming my way and it wasn’t pleasant. I decided that I needed to explain the plan of salvation and that all sinners must repent. I also told him in no uncertain terms that the sins of the flesh carry only the eternal death sentence. With that, we went back and forth in this debate. I then suggested he was perhaps unable to beat the bottle, with reference being made to the late Alec Higgins (snooker legend) and George Best (football ace). Both were always ready to pick a fight but were unable to conquer drink. Something seemed to snap in him. He then told me his life story and what I had said concerning the drink was true. Now I felt we were getting somewhere. He was now listening and I suddenly noticed a more friendly attitude come over his demeanour; we then exchanged names.

I hoped I had made an impression on him. “Just read your Bible and start with the gospel of John,” I said. Eventually, the bus came and to my surprise, he got on as well, and would you believe it, he sat down right next to me. He then spoke very loudly about many notorious criminals he had met in numerous prisons and even claimed to have known some of them personally, and all the time swigging from the sherry bottle. But I brushed aside this trivia and offered him another tract, which he did accept. The wording on the front proclaimed: “All this I did for thee.”

Again I reminded him this refers to the saving Lord and that he must truly turn to the Lord in repentance.

Time is short I told him. I hoped I had given him something to chew over. Then we shook hands and went our separate ways, but I felt I made a friend for life. I also think I might just see him again. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will! But seriously, you do have to be ready at all times if you are giving out Bible tracts (and friends we do encourage it). Do try and talk to people and remember: what you’re telling them is maybe the first time they have ever and will ever hear this essential message.

The Clerical Elbow


One enjoyable weekly chore I used to enjoy was visiting a local hospital’s so-called ecumenical and interfaith “prayer room.”

I would call into the deserted room and leave assorted Bible tracts, which I hoped would impress on the visitors to become born again.

I was always pleased when visiting to discover that the tracts had gone, with concerned visitors taking them, or were there dark clerical forces at work? Well looks like there was clerical mischief about! Because one morning, arriving to top-up the weekend supply, a Catholic priest who was preparing the altar, eyed me up with suspicion. Things didn’t look good, my instinct told me!

“Morning,” I said. Just leaving some Bible tracts, its OK, isn’t it?”

“Well no it’s not. You see all religious material has to be approved.” (There was no sign in the chapel to state this, so how would one know?)

“And mine haven’t,” I suggested.

“That’s right, so we have had to remove them.”

“Oh well, don’t worry. It’s a shame but if you would like to give them all back to me (about 200 KJV tracts) I can use them somewhere else.”

“Well, I’m afraid they’ve been binned.”

“What! You threw away the word of God,” I said shocked, looking at his name badge. “We refuse to use the word father” (it’s not Biblical) so always call them mister or priest, and they don’t like it! But he quickly corrected me.

“Father, if you don’t mind.”

“But I do mind and it’s not scriptural.” His face darkened, he then turned and went into the vestry where the vestments were kept, leaving me standing there fuming. But I wasn’t prepared to let it go at that. “I’m shocked that you and your friends can rubbish the word of God because it doesn’t fit into your ecumenical project.”

We then went back and forth with a theological debate (he was in the small vesting room and I could still hear him) as things were getting heated.

He then returned to confront me, then brushed me aside with a look of contempt and prepared himself to say his blasphemous mass!

But how glad I felt, as I left this godless room, that I had jumped ship out of the false Church of Rome years ago. And yes, no regrets.

In fact, I haven’t been back to the hospital since. But then maybe I should.

(Unless you’re in their ecumenical maze, these rooms are closed to none participants. We rather like to call it “religious apartheid.”)




August 2010

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