Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz: “The Cardinal Who Defied The Pope”

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz: “The Cardinal Who Defied The Pope”

The first inept thing about him is, I suspect, the saying of his name, which is pronounced “Geevish.” I know it doesn’t sound like that, but that’s Polish names for you, always arduous to get your tongue around, aren’t they? The other interesting thing is, as James pointed out and I hadn’t noticed it, is a close resemblance that Stanislaw has with the former ITN political editor, John Sergeant. You know they could be brothers, couldn’t they?

This week a new book entitled A Life With Karol hit the bookshelves. And for Stanislaw (he’s the author) it has been just that because, since his priestly ordination some 40 years ago, he has faithfully accompanied pope John Paul II around the world. And I suggest something of the familiarity with the book’s title alludes to their unique relationship. Almost like father and son it seems. Or as one commentator said of him: “He was more Wojtyla’s soul mate.” Since the 1960s Stanislaw was never far behind his boss, both in Poland and then later in Rome. He must have been a quick learner I suggest in suppressing failings and emotions into the sea of chance. And everything always geared up to his boss’s wishes and whims.

(I’m right behind you, boss)

He was there that fatal day in Rome when Mehmet Ali Hagca’s pointed pistol almost terminated the life of the Polish pope. Later in the hospital corridor, he was seen sitting alone with smears of the pope’s blood staining his black cassock. He must have thought that it was all over for him, but you know what, it wasn’t.

(Helps him after being shot)

Twenty four years later, again in Rome, it would be Stanislaw who would catch the last words from his mentor: “Let me Go…” And with those final words, the pope departed the world’s stage towards judgment (see Revelation 20:12).

(Hold’s microphone up for him)

But the pope, it seems, when alive had left coherent directions in his last Will that all his private papers be burned. (I suspect Stanislaw was the executor of his Will at the time). His private papers were not to survive for others to read. Simple as that. But you know what? “Dis did not,” as one aide remarked, using his nickname. Dis’ defied his pope. Incredible!

(Me and my shadow)

No, he argued later when criticised for his rash decision: “None of it is fit to be burned,” he meekly explained. And I suspect much of it, letters, journals, diaries, and photos etc, would be published his new book or another.

He quietly asks all who meet him: “Please just call me Fr. Stanislaw.” But did not Jesus, in Matthew 23:9, insist: “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” Stanislaw should listen to the Lord!

Funnily enough, years ago, it was rumoured he was a closet admirer of Madonna, no not the Virgin Mary but her from Detroit. One day after listening to some of the controversial lyrics from one her pop songs “Papa Don’t Preach” he quickly arranged a meeting between her and the pope during one of his American tours. And I doubt they discussed Kabbalah, do you?

(We’ve arrived)

Surprisingly he was never made cardinal by the late pope. I wonder why? Stanislaw it seems had to wait for that clerical honour to arrive from his old friend Joseph Ratzinger. Today he is the Archbishop of Krakow, coincidently where his old boss used to be before he became pope.

And finally, do you know that Stanislaw Dziwisz will one day be in a unique position to perhaps vote for the last reigning pope! Why is that you ask? Well according to the mystic, St. Malachy (1094-1148) when the present pope dies, the next will be the last of that line…Well, that’s what Mal predicted. Now I should say that we at this ministry have our doubts about mystics, tongues, and healings. Well, don’t you?

But the question I must ask is: will the last pope be Polish and will he crown himself….pope Peter II? let’s see, shall we?

(Till death do us part)

On a more serious note, we should pray for Stanislaw to quickly repent and come out of his church today. I will certainly be praying for him in the next few days that he might humble himself and seek the true Lord and remember: “The coming of the Lord draweth nigh” (James 5:8.)

Update: February 2016

The recent Panorama BBC television programme, aired on the 15th February 2016, confirmed yet again the crucial role of Stan Dziwisz as the gatekeeper of the late pope John Paul II.

It seems he did and still knows most the secrets of the late pontiff. The programme dealt with the vast cache of controversial letters from the pope to a married woman, Mrs Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, now deceased.

Much of this pope’s past still remains obscure hidden in the vast Vatican archives, probably never to see the light of day.

The pope is now dead and awaits a coming judgment, confined in the labyrinth of Hades, to be later sentenced at the Great White Thorne Judgment.

We would say to cardinal Stan, it’s not too late to repent and be washed in the saving blood of Jesus Christ, or you to will follow your misguided master into that prepared lake of fire; how terrible for you, but remember, there is still time, NOW.



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