Cardinal Siri: “The Pope Who Never Was! But Why?”

Cardinal Siri: “The Pope Who Never Was! But Why?”

Nothing of what emerged from the orchestrated second Jesuit Vatican Council in 1960-1963 should surprise or shock us at all. However, the papal election held in 1958 certainly raises some questions about “Alice in Wonderland” behaviour and quirks that emanated from Rome in the fall of that year.

In October 1958, the life of pope Pius XII was terminated at Castle Gandolfo, the spacious papal summer retreat. It seems he had been in rather poor health for some time, or so the willing media reported at the time. Yet, interestingly enough, in an interview some years later, the pope’s personal doctor claimed, “The Holy Father did not die of any specific illness. His heart was healthy. His lungs were good. He could have lived another 20 years.” Well, obviously some others in that labyrinth of lies of Vatican City had arranged another agenda, and again here I see the dark hand of the Jesuits, especially cardinal Bea from the Black Forest.

It seems that the catholic church was long overdue for a mischievous makeover, with Satan preparing the agenda for the newly prepared second Vatican ecumenical council to then announce new decrees and hopefully dust the old girl down. Yet, all were not happy with this new thinking, it seems. Just listen to the words of cardinal Pericle Felice, then a senior Vatican insider: “I am certain that when in the council I pronounced the ritual words ‘Exeunt Omnes’ (everyone out), one who did not obey was the Devil. He is always there when confusion triumphs, to stir it up and take advantage of it.”

Um…seems old Pericle knew something about Satan’s modus operandi, doesn’t it!?!

I also suggest a third Vatican council may be called in the not-too-distant future (because the current pope does not have time on his hands before he potentially retires and returns back to Argentina) to bring in all the proposals left off the agenda from the second Vatican council. Oh boy, what a jamboree of the unsaved that will be at this Vatican clambake!

The late Jesuit agitator and later New York cab driver and suspected CIA agent Malachi Martin was quite clear when he confirmed quite publicly that a black mass had been celebrated in the 1960s in one of the private Vatican chapels by senior prelates in St Paul’s, all to ‘honour’ the blasphemous Beelzebub. The men who participated in its presentation were nothing more than devious demons themselves destined to journey to the eternal lake of fire, known as the second death.

What is interesting to me in retrospect, however, are the number of cardinals then summoned to Rome in 1958 to participate in the supposed secret conclave to find and elect a new pope.

First of all, both Mindszenty and Wyszynski were being forcefully detained behind the ‘Iron Curtain.’ Also, the popular American cardinal Mooney would die in Rome hours after finishing his dinner. And the cardinal’s doctor, when asked about the cause of death, replied rather doubtfully: “He thought he died of a heart attack.” This was only hours before the papal conclave was about to commence. In other words, the doctor wasn’t sure what his patient had died of…or was he warned off by persons unknown not to commit himself?

Later the Italian cardinal Constantine died, another unfortunate cardinal from China was injured in a car accident, and a German cardinal also suffered injuries as well on his way to the conclave. My, what a dangerous city Rome was for these men!

The bookies’ favourite to succeed was Pius, and it seems his own nominated successor was the popular conservative cardinal from Genoa, cardinal Siri, also with a good track record on his CV! Siri was the man: he had been a leading member of the Italian war resistance; later at the war’s end, he arranged a Nazi ceasefire, pleasing all concerned, and also arranged various sorely needed soup kitchens for the poor in war-scarred Italy. All good works, of course, that naturally flatter the giver but, of course, sadly save no one from eternal destruction. Oh, and another rumour (I’m not sure if credible or not) was that Siri was acquainted with Adolf Eichmann before he sailed from Genoa to freedom in Argentina in 1950 under the alias of Snr. Ricardo Klement’s on a Vatican-issued passport, courtesy of bishop Hudal of the Vatican ‘Rat Run’ connection.

Interestingly, in the book on sister Pascalina, she doesn’t mention Siri at all. I wonder why?

When the conclave finally began, it would last three days. Siri was confident of the promised support of seven French cardinals led by that old warhorse with the wonderful beard, Eugene Tisserant. Incidentally, Tisserant would be photographed standing over the lifeless body of Pius XII, just about to tap the pope’s skull with a silver hammer after sprinkling so-called ‘holy water’ on the corpse. All non-Biblical and ridiculous, of course! Also seen lurking in the wings − and more importantly, collecting votes − is the Armenian cardinal Agagianian, who had the dubious honour of attending an orthodox religious seminary in his youth with Joseph Stalin, both as seminarians no less.

The British envoy also suggested he could be a possible pope after the election, but a smear campaign was dramatically and covertly launched by the Italian Military Intelligence, which claimed that his family had ties to the KGB. Certainly, British Intelligence would not welcome a man with spurious connections to Stalin’s past, ascending the so-called ‘Throne of Peter.’ But wow, what a cast of characters that is emerging.

More importantly, it should also be remembered that archbishop Montini was deliberately ineligible to cast his vote in this election, as he had been denied the cardinal’s red hat by his old boss Pius XII. Montini was later banished to Milan in punishment for rumoured sexual deeds that had reached the ears of the pope. In the book La Popessa, sister Pascalina (Bavarian housekeeper to the popes’ households for over 40 years) says of Montini: “He was a two-faced hypocrite…Montini did not possess the stature to be a Holy Father.” It seems this catholic nun had no time for the personality of Montini and certainly didn’t take a shine to him. I do wonder what she knew about Montini and the actions of his private life. After all, they did all live together in the hothouse atmosphere of the Vatican apartments!

Entering the Vatican on 25-28th October were 54 cardinals. After watching old newsreels I can see no cardinals being taken in on stretchers or wheelchairs due to accidents preceding the conclave. Were they already inside or were they excluded?

However, after the Sistine doors were sealed (if you please) the whole thing is supposed to be secret, or so it is claimed. But apparently, the plot gets even more suspicious with the eventual election of Siri, because the Genoese cardinal accepts the results of that ballot and is apparently led to the then-waiting vacant throne, where he accepts his peers’ decision. He must have thought he had a good chance now to succeed Pius, for he announces to the silent clerics that he wishes to be known as Gregory XVII.

Somehow, the atmosphere then turns from calm to confusion inside and outside the building because it seems the French cardinals have had a dramatic change of heart, citing the reason that with Siri’s election, priests and religious brothers and sisters behind the ‘iron curtain’ will be in danger from the communist secret police, maybe murdered. This is what they now nervously claim to the seated agitated cardinals. So what’s going on? I can hear the Americans demanding loudly: “What the H*** is going on?”

The problem, however, is that the paper ballots that had now been collected and burned in the boiler had naturally produced white smoke, seen by the waiting crowds in the square. And then some in the crowd had seen priests and cardinals at the sealed windows waving excitedly to the crowd, mouthing the words: “We have a pope.” But then it all somehow changes. Later, black smoke sputters out of that tin chimney. In other words, sorry, no pope had been chosen. According to inside sources, Siri was threatened that if he did not desist from his claim to be the new pope, then great harm would come to him and his immediate family. So the cardinal from Genoa beats a slow retreat from approaching the elevated throne, and out of this madness, Angelo Roncalli arrives to be brought to the waiting throng in the square to be presented to the cheering crowds. All seems to be completed by the conspirators, or is it because the new pope forcefully detains the now-confused cardinals for a further 24 hours, insisting to them that they must swear a vow of secrecy? (To him?)

Was this the end for the cardinal from Genoa? Well, not quite. In 1963 and 1978, it is claimed, Siri was again in the running as the new pope. Again, more threats of murder emerge but now against his extended family, according to some intelligence files. So the old boy sadly stands down, again. You do have to, after all, admire his persistence in all of this, don’t you?

Many to this day still deny ‘saint’ John XXIII as the ‘true pope.’ In other words, the ‘Throne of Peter’ has been vacant since 1958. Followers of this view would be Marcel Lefebvre and Hollywood actors and others. “So what?” I ask. As one car sticker some years proudly proclaimed: “Jesus saves, Rome enslaves.” How true!

From the killers’ knife that would almost fell pope Paul VI in 1970 to the mysterious death of John Paul I by drugs or suffocation, someone (it seems) was always lurking behind these men. Oh, and don’t forget the shooting of John Paul II (Totus Tuus) in Vatican Square in 1981. But here in the chapel of Michelangelo on an October day, not a drop of blood was spilt as the votes for Siri (rather like his reputation) fell away without pain or repercussions. For now, their own man Roncalli would arrive later onto the balcony, garbed in white and naturally eager to take his future church from tradition to treachery one way or another. It’s rather like the Borgias of old, isn’t it? Only this time it was all so easy for the plotters of 1958.

In conclusion, I suggest that Roncalli had always been confirmed (but perhaps there was another carefully chosen cardinal in the wings, just in case, perhaps from Europe) to lead the skilful Jesuit assault against the then-flourishing traditional Roman church of that day. Yet somehow the eight French cardinals buckled (for whatever reason), later offering a lame excuse of persecution against catholics behind the then-atheist ‘iron curtain,’ if indeed, it would have happened. For now, Siri was out in the cold. Roncalli was in and the bells in Hell must have been ringing very loudly that day.

In retrospect, it had been a close call for the conspirators. It wouldn’t happen again if they had their way. Later on, the new pope would make his old friend Montini a willing cardinal, thereby allowing him to be able to attend the conclave after his own death. Montini would later call himself Paul VI after his own election in 1963, and once again, poor old Siri would also collect significant votes but fall by the wayside. Rumour has it that in 1978, the year of three popes, he was still collecting votes (can you believe it?) in his final conclave. Well, he was certainly persistent, wasn’t he?

Pope Paul would later bring in further expected reforms but now rather hesitatingly, somehow in the late 1960s, something happened to him, later resulting in an actor allegedly being brought into the church circle to successfully impersonate him. However, it seems the FBI smelt a rat here when later photo and voice comparisons were shown as evidence that there were now two men both using the same name as the pope. Ah, the duplicity of evil men and how they will burn one day in the coming terrible lake of fire.

Cardinal Siri died in 1989, aged 82 years old. He once called himself, “A man who walks alone.” How sad, because nobody walks alone with Jesus, ever. Naturally, he would forever claim (to whoever would listen to him, privately or otherwise) that the church he had almost gained control of was now inhabited in the curia and outside by freemasons, communists, and other despicable men. I do perhaps wonder whom old ‘Gregory XVII’ was referring to in his caustic remarks. But far more importantly, I doubt that he was saved, more’s the pity.

Since 1958, six popes have steered the Roman church of Constantine towards a Marxist pagan socialist platform, and many are eager to mount its platform. However, the good news to us born-again Bible believers is that one day, maybe soon, the prophesied triumph of the Lord Jesus Christ will return in all His majesty to rule a wicked world that despises and rejects His deity.

Remember: “Flee from the wrath to come” if you are in that sinful system (Luke 3:7).

Today in 2015, we urge all those still compliant to Rome and her acolytes in the ecumenical/interfaith groups to turn away from such practices and seek true Biblical repentance by being born again. Read your King James Bible daily. Time is so very short!

We may never know or really care for that matter, of what was conceived and performed at that squalid election by those men of sin in 1958. But as the Holy Bible informs us so truthfully: “Ye shall know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16).

These aper men have expired long ago, but their apparatus, known as the church of Rome, still proclaims it is ‘truly Christian.’ It is not, but is indeed a counterfeit church conceived in Babylon and brought to existence in ancient Rome flourishing in the E.U. of today. But the sands of time are running out. Their days are numbered. Justice is coming to be anointed someday by a fiery sword: “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

Repent and get out of that system now!

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”


La Popessa, Paul I. Murphy, with R. Rene Arlington, 1983.




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