Cardinal George Pell: “The Convicted Cardinal Walks Free!”

Cardinal George Pell: “The Convicted Cardinal Walks Free!”

Cardinal George Pell – the financial enforcer in the Vatican cauldron – has it seems some smouldering clerical enemies emerging out of the painted red woodwork in the curia corridors who, it’s claimed, are “out to ambush” this Aussie and muzzle him. Well, what a surprise! You know, there have been more dirty deeds performed in and near the Via Della Conciliazione than in any back street or alley in any Mediterranean seaport over the last five hundred years, if not longer.

Pell had previously been persuaded (reluctantly perhaps?) by this pope to gaze into the Vatican’s murky financial waters and present a future spreadsheet for his approval, if possible, on his findings of what and where the money is supposedly going (well, somebody has to do it, I suppose!). Incidentally, this cardinal’s personal motto is (yes, they have them): “Do not be afraid.” Well, he might have to amend that because of recent newspaper disclosures of a conspiracy of clerics/cardinals who have passed on news reports to a willing and compliant media concerning Pell’s lavish lifestyle and spending on himself.

I was interested to read that he was ordained in 1966 in Rome by our old “friend” cardinal Agagianian (see papal election 1958,) and was apparently Stalin’s old classmate from his seminary days. In fact, he may well have been a sleeper KGB agent, if we are to believe leaked reports concerning him. But always remember to watch out for the moneymen in history or the keepers of the purse; remember Judas Iscariot!

Recently, we learned about archbishop “Chink” Marchinkus, another dabbler in dubious dollar deals, and who almost brought the Vatican bank’s walls crashing down some years ago, descending into scandal, murder and intrigue in collusion with the mafia. Oh boy, what a way to run a so-called church!

And as regards Pell, he’s even had his personal portrait painted by Chairman Mao’s famed propaganda painter (Daily Mail, 9 March 2015). The detailed picture, now finished and on display, depicts an unsmiling Pell gazing forlornly out across St. Peter’s Square. Not sure what this is all about, or who commissioned the artist, or what the cardinal is thinking about; maybe he’s pondering whether or not to book an early club class flight on Qantas airlines heading back to Australia in the near future.

It seems that Pell must have had a favourable track record regarding finances, seeing as the pope moved him from Sidney to the Vatican to investigate any impropriates in the Vatican’s reported previous banking transactions. But it seems this Aussie cardinal didn’t think too much of the Italian bishops, when he overturned a few stones in his enquires, claiming that they were less than transparent (does he mean liars!?!)

Wow, no wonder they don’t care for Pell or his methods. Anyway, someone has covertly leaked to the Italian press the cardinal’s own lavish lifestyle with all of those implications, and as Secretariat of the Economy, has apparently somehow discovered millions of euros/dollars/pounds stashed away in the Vatican coffers secreted in numerous banks around the world. The financial sector, of course, is rather like a spider’s web that reaches into every country and every capital and naturally all very secretively.

So, what has this cardinal been spending other peoples’ money on? Well, before that is explained to us, it seems that the pope recently stated that: “Money is the devil’s dung,” and that, “Money can ruin a man and make him a slave.” But it should be remembered that these men have never held down proper jobs in their lives, and of course, it’s very easy to be complacent and condemn money when you have plenty of it yourself, have easy access to it, and can purchase whatever you desire, whenever you desire. Not so easy, however, when the few pounds you have left in your purse or wallet can be spent either on food, clothing, or heating. Just try it sometime, you clerical guys! Men like Pell and other boastful bishops have never been in that perilous position, and probably never will.

George Pell is just as guilty as his church in gaining and seeking charitable status in Australia as any of the mainstream charlatan televangelists. In fact, the whole privileged system needs to be overhauled, if not being completely abolished, whether churches, temples, mosques, or lodges. Meeting-houses of all faiths should pay tax like everyone else. They should not be exempt but should contribute to the tax system; otherwise, it creates nothing but self-righteous religion and public disapproval, which is frequently open to concealed corruption.

At over 6 feet tall, Pell is most certainly the favoured enforcer of this pope to bang greasy financial heads together to obtain results. Of course, by doing this rather clumsily, you naturally make many enemies. If he does not succeed in the long run, I’m not sure this will be a disappointment to Pell who, after all, will perhaps see it as an imposed duty rather than a disappointment, and certainly not a divine calling. Like so many others, he is searching for the truth, but as born-again Bible believers, we know and understand that the truth will set us free because the truth, of course, is the Lord Jesus Christ.

In relation to sexual abuse cases in the Australian Catholic church Pell and his legal team have run up court bills of millions of Australian Dollars for lawyer fees incurred to fight plaintiffs’ claims in the courts, with many of the decisions finally reached in rather an ambiguous manner. There were serious allegations against Pell in an abuse case when he was a young seminarian that concerned a young boy, and there are also serious accusations and recent rumours of his own connections in the far east, with visits to excommunicated priests’ households, many of which I am unable to confirm or deny.

Pell heretically explains his views of the Biblical account in Genesis concerning Adam and Eve “as mythical.” I wonder what else he thinks are “myths” or “urban legends” in the word of God!

On the coming Heaven (only for the born again Christian, of course,) Pell states that: “All the good things we have done will be incorporated into the new heaven and the new earth. How it will work out I don’t know.” This is false and is nothing more than teaching good works for salvation, not the promise of redemption through the precious shed blood of Christ that saves sinners. The false remarks of George Pell will take both himself and many of his followers to eternal damnation.

On Hell, he is rather ambiguous as well, saying: “It is like purification. I hope nobody is there. Life is radically unjust. The law of the jungle prevails.” Sounds suspiciously like Darwinism to me. Pell, please don’t preach this nonsense! Millions still believe what you tell them from your pulpit and pastoral letters. You will be judged severally for this!

On Islam, he suggests that: “Islam is not a tolerant religion.” He sees Islam as a force in the 21st century, rather like communism of the past was in the 20th century. Well, maybe, but has it ever really gone away or has it just evolved sociologically into something just as sinister in its methods and traits?

(Apparently over 100 verses in the Koran incite devout followers to violence, claims the Queen’s chaplain recently in a newspaper interview.)

Interestingly in 2010, there were serious rumours that Pell “maybe had a heart turn in Rome.” Is this a polite euphemism of a heart attack he suffered or a stroke? I do perhaps wonder, but then you never get the full story in these matters that the media reports to the public, do you?

And who, I wonder, fed the compliant press information on the lavish spending of cardinal George Pell that has made the news and raised an eager public’s awareness of what goes on behind closed doors on Vatican Hill? It’s rather like the old “Vatileaks” rumours (remember them?) some years ago under Benedict’s rule, and yes, it seems “the butler did do it,” or so we were led to believe.

The alleged claims add up to financial spending highs by Pell of $123,950 on assorted new furniture, expensive clerical airfares, new clerical robes, and $21,000 a month towards his “personal assistant’s” upkeep, whoever he or she may be. That’s a lot of dollars to account for! No wonder his opponents in the watching curia are jumping for joy at these new exposés on Pell’s expensive household and lifestyle.

I must suggest that it doesn’t look too good for the old boy in his now declining years. It’s an entirely different matter whether he can muster some ammunition to fight back (perhaps dirty on his part): he is going to need some plan of attack and defence if he is to survive in the so-called ‘eternal city’ of a thousand sharpened knives.

We have long speculated here that this pope (health permitting of course) will eventually retire to Argentina, sooner rather than later. “In Buenos Aires, I was a rover,” he said recently, apparently missing the possibility to run around anonymously in the city of his birth, certainly something he cannot do in Rome either. No sampling of quick snacks at any of the popular pizza or pancake parlours that adorn the city!

Strangely enough, Pell didn’t seem to welcome this previous announcement of pope Benedict’s sudden farewell package (the first pope incidentally to do so since 1415) when it was announced in 2013 that Benedict had thrown in the papal towel. If this is a future scenario of pope Francis, which cannot be ruled out, I suggest that George Pell might then be on his way out of Rome, club class of course, perhaps to finally retire to Alice Springs (I’m told its parks and botanic gardens are beautiful to visit) and then start reading the wonderful book of Psalms, where he will receive far more spiritual enlightenment than any previous papal encyclical could offer him. Of course that “poison chalice” (i.e., portfolio) offered to Pell by the pope for whatever reason will be quietly dismissed by the new man, who will eventually sit on that scarlet throne, perhaps naming himself pope Peter II. Of course, there never was a pope Peter I, but maybe someone now ensconced in the Vatican is being secretly groomed for just this future role play, maybe a European, or maybe not. Until then, the charade and circus found in the church of Constantine will carry on until the Lord Jesus Christ finally and joyously returns. Amen to that, we say, with much reverence and relief as we wait for the rapture, sooner rather than later.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

UPDATE: 1/3/ 2016

Pell giving evidence by satellite from a Rome hotel and swearing on a Catholic bible to a Sydney courtroom yesterday for the child sexual abuse Royal Commission remarked: “It’s a sad story and it wasn’t of much interest to me,” after hearing harrowing details of sexual abuse by priests in his former diocese years ago.  The cardinal apparently now claiming illness was unable to fly to Australia but says: “He has the full backing of the pope.” I presume he means in this serious matter. Well, we’re not surprised by his other remarks either. The cover-up always seems to go to the top. Outside former survivors and abused victims who had been able to fly from Australia to Rome, thanks to a website set up to finance their travel and accommodation costs, wore red t-shirts saying “no more silence.”

 UPDATE:  3/7/17

George Pell has it seems retained a top criminal barrister (a QC no less) to represent him in Australia on July 26, on serious “multiple sex offences.” Pell declined last year a request to attend court in Australia preferring a video link and citing health reasons for his absence. Let’s hope he does not use this pathetic and weak defence tactic again this time because too many Australian kids (now adults) are still seeking justice from the courts. It should also be remembered that sadly four of the original young men who reported Pell have since committed suicide, having it seems no faith in the justice system! Let’s hope we see some of that justice for them this time and without delay; better late than never must now be the plea.

UPDATE: 21/12/18

Pell has been found guilty on five charges of “historical child sexual offences.” He will be back in court to face a new trial by jury in 2019. There he will face charges of sexual abuse in the 1970s and 1996 concerning choir boys and others. Fifty other witnesses are expected to be called in the new year. The cardinal denies all charges. The Pope is also reported to have removed Pell from his inner circle and from the shadowy C9 group. We at this ministry will be watching the coming events as they unfold.

UPDATE: 13/03/19

Disgraced Cardinal George Pell has been sentenced to six years imprisonment for his ‘predatory behaviour’  by an Australian Court on 13th March 2019. The cardinal’s health issues could well see him die in prison. His lawyers stated they will appeal the sentence in June. There will be further updates from this ministry concerning this unusual case, and whether or not he will be rightly layasised (defrocked).

UPDATE: 08/04/20

After just 405 days of his sentence, Pell has won his appeal and walked free from prison. He quickly took comfort in of all places a Carmelite convent. Bottles of beer and wine were seen being delivered to the building, as well as angry images and notes and toys from previous victims being tied to the convent gates. All were later removed. On the cathedral doors in Sydney messages of disgust and anger could also be seen and read before later being covered up. He may well return to Rome one report has stated. The pope however referred to it yesterday as an ‘unjust sentence’ in a daily message. Wake up Frankie, your boy is guilty! The cover-ups have to stop. The victims’ anger will not go away! Repent!



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