Anathema On The World

Anathema On The World

The Catholic church has long stated that heretics (meaning all non-Catholics) should be killed (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Vol. VII, p. 260.)

For many years, Roman Catholicism blasphemously decreed 125 eternal curses on anybody that refused to agree and submit to them wholeheartedly, when Scripture many times to the contrary, failed to agree with their man-made doctrines.

One church leader wisely said the following on this absurdity:

“When Rome condemned the Protestant declaration of justification by faith alone, I believe Rome was when placing an anathema on sola fide, actually placing the anathema of God on themselves.”

The same is true of the Pharisees who wilfully cursed Jesus and those that believed on Him when in truth they were the ones cursed.

Interestingly, in the Catholic churches 1994 catechism, the whole subject of curses isn’t mentioned once. Yet in pre-Vatican II publications, they had plenty to say to those that opposed them on doctrinal issues:

“Neither St. Paul nor the Church of God ever wished a soul to be damned. In pronouncing anathema against wilful heretics the Church does but declare that they are excluded from her communion, and that they must, if they continue obstinate, perish eternally” (A Catholic Dictionary, St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, 1960.)

This would refer to all saved ex-Catholics, like myself, that have left this non-Biblical religion and have tried to win friends and family out of it, so as to present them with the true gospel of faith alone in the finished work of Christ.

Yet when one reads their 1994 catechism, they make it clear how Muslims and Jews, even though both religions reject the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God and is the only Saviour of the world, ‘can be saved.’

So it should be evident to any open-minded person that the church of Rome is not only a non-Christian institution, but that they are today more interested in being politically correct than defending the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between God and man.

In conclusion, may I say that some popes placed anathemas on one another; some died in ‘mortal sin’; others reversed anathemas, only to reinstate them later. With such inconsistency within the Catholic church, the true child of God should rest firmly on the never changing word of God (Mal. 3:6.)


September 2006
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