World Cup Scandal

World Cup Scandal

South Africa is not only the strongest and richest nation in Africa but she is also the number one supplier of food, water and electricity to neighbouring police state Zimbabwe (most of this reaches the party elite cadre.) In truth, South Africa is to Zimbabwe what China is to North Korea. (And why is North Korea allowed to participate in the World Cup? Clearly, FIFA has no morals!) And yet both Marxist states continue to turn a blind eye to the awful suffering that ordinary people in Zimbabwe and North Korea are forced to live with. Pretoria, to her absolute shame, has totally failed to assist in the arrest and trial of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe for crimes against humanity.

In fact even up to Zimbabwe’s rigged election of 2008, when Mugabe was forced to accept a shared government with Morgan Tsvangirai, Mandela and Mbeki were still propping up his regime, with the former being ‘persuaded’ when on a trip to London to celebrate his 90th birthday to issue a very weak and through gritted teeth, a mild rebuke against Mugabe. And yet during the height of the terrible suffering and starvation that was affecting black and white Zimbabweans, the former white Prime Minister, Ian Smith (then called Rhodesia) was called on to help.

He said the following shortly before his death: “We really have a bunch of gangsters there who are pocketing their money daily. We live in a country where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I have more black Rhodesians than white Rhodesians coming to see me nowadays. They walk in my front gate because it is always open. Most of them say: “What can we do? Give us the benefit of your experience. Our children are hungry. We never had hunger when it was called Rhodesia.”

This scandalous ethnic cleansing is totally disgraceful and continues to be under-reported. If this had occurred in western Europe, there would be an absolute outcry. (Can anyone recall how the EU reacted when the late Joerg Haider was democratically elected to lead Austria in 2000? They refused to work with him and soon afterwards he was forced to resign from leading his party). The UN, US, EU and UK were militarily silent on the plight of Zimbabweans.

And wasn’t it amazing when Prince Charles and Jack Straw were seen shaking hands with Robert Mugabe (different occasions) just a few years ago now? For the record, it should be pointed out that Marxist Nelson Mandela’s ANC party murdered some 120,000 black people between 1963-1994. Margaret Thatcher refused to do ‘business’ with the ANC during her time in Downing Street. Amnesty International was one of the few left-wing pressure groups that didn’t support the ANC due to their brutal methods of torturing and murdering people.

Yet in 1993, Mandela was invited by the Conservative government to address both Houses of Parliament. And who was sitting there in the audience? Mrs. Thatcher! And what can be said about the new South Africa since the ANC was overwhelmingly voted in? In 1998, we are offered the following grim statistics: 731 house break-ins, 135 rapes, 41 car hijackings and 68 murders. From 1994-2000, there have been some 570 murders of white and black farmers. Yet only 39 farmers were murdered during the Mau Mau uprising in neighbouring Kenya. Incidentally, the World Council of Churches supports Mugabe’s ZANU party. (Note: on the eve of the World Cup’s opening game, Mandela’s great-granddaughter was killed in a hit and run incident, which forced Mandela to cancel his much-anticipated appearance. Tragedy also struck in 2005, when his oldest son died of AIDS, and his youngest son also died during his 27-year incarceration).

The Bloody Sunday Inquiry was originally set up to find out why and how 14 catholic protesters were killed by British troops in Londonderry in 1972 has finally ended with a staggering cost of £200 million and 12 years in the process! Tony Blair promised the Catholic IRA/Sinn Fein this new inquiry to not only placate and appease them but to keep ‘the peace’ in Northern Ireland on track. In reality, Blair didn’t have any real choice for Sinn Fein made this inquiry an absolute must during The Good Friday peace agreement. It seems almost impossible to visualize a public inquiry into the hundreds of murders from the IRA, which resulted in 60% of all deaths during the troubles.

On a personal note I do remember ‘Bloody Sunday’, and if I had been a serving soldier then I may well have reacted in the same way against a screaming mob, high on fury and destruction. Of course, we all seek justice of a means, but until the Lord’s return, any lasting peace will be however futile (and that includes Israel). Instead: “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near” (Is. 55:6). So I am afraid that out of this tragedy none will be content with this flimsy outcome, whatever the personal or financial cost.

As regards the IRA’s use of weapons on that day, well that may be a future (unlikely) inquiry to determine this terrible statement levelled against individuals. (I remember a friend in the 1970s telling me privately about a Catholic church in North London, where after Sunday Mass (it was a predominantly popular Irish parish), a dozen collecting buckets were located outside to receive financial donations towards the IRA ’cause’. So make of that what you will.)

UPDATE: One must try to understand and appreciate the dire conditions in Northern Ireland during the troubles, that not only faced everyday normal people, whether catholic or protestant, but also the Security Services. It should also be stated that the soldiers sent out that day were not well trained ‘peacekeepers’ like we see today, but raw and hardened front-line combat troops, some of which had been denounced from their fellow comrades as being heavy-handed and determined to put down any rebellion at any cost. Yet the conflict was three years old by this stage, and threats and killings were steadily mounting. Nobody really wanted UK troops there. Bloody Sunday certainly made things a whole lot worse for everyone in Northern Ireland and especially the mainland. Much more could be said about this.

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian Billionaire media tycoon, who is also a Roman Catholic Papal knight not only wants to buy all of Sky television (apparently he only owns 40%), but it seems he’s not making enough money, even though he owns the NIV Bible (Zondervan publishing house), and according to Robert Schuller, Murdoch ‘kindly’ pays for his ecumenical and seeker-friendly ‘Hour of Power’ TV show to be broadcast for free throughout the whole of Europe every Sunday morning. Now I wonder why Rupert would wish to do this. Birds of a feather, flock together.

Prince Charles calls on world to follow Islam’s ‘way’ to save planet?!? Why is it always ‘professing Christians’ that bend over backwards to appease Islam, yet Muslims never bother to snug up to their ‘Christian’ friends. In fact, can anyone recall the last time any Mosque anywhere in the world did the Alpha Course? I know of many ‘churches’ in the UK doing ‘teach yourself Islam courses’ for the faithful. What did Muhammad say before he died: “Lord, destroy all the Jews and the Christians…Gabriel come close to me” (A Sprenger, Das Leben und die Lehre des Mohammad, Berlin 1861, Vol. III, pgs. 211, 522.) And what did Jesus say before He died? “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34).

‘Father’ Jerzy Popieluszko was murdered in 1984. This Catholic priest from Poland was approved this week for future possible sainthood by the Vatican. At the time of his death, after being kidnapped and tortured by several secret police officers, it seems this priest had been a continual thorn in the side of the regime. His fate was now sealed. Nobody should be subjected to torture by another person but equally ‘clergy’ should not get involved in politics either. As sinners, we must repent and receive Christ as our Saviour. The late priest was in a religious organisation, a cult that venerates Marian worship, amongst other blasphemous practices. And the whole false process of ‘sainthood’ is not only a wicked works-righteousness system but borders of necromancing to. As born again believers, we can all claim eternal sainthood in the coming Kingdom. However, remember: Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners not initiate good works. For Jerzy, and perhaps those who harmed him, it may have been too late for them to repent. But remember: “In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliverme in thy righteousness” (Ps. 31:1). But of false religions that are merely man-centered, they will perish like rotting fruit (Matt. 7:26-29).

Pope’s phone bugged. News that the pope’s phone chatter were bugged isn’t new, well not to us. Why even during the conclave of 1978 such Skullduggery was being practiced even then. So take your pick who was being sent ‘inside information’ before the white smoke came out of the Sistine Chapel. Perhaps Mossad, the CIA, Stasi, KGB, MI6 or maybe DINA? The thing is, who would want to listen in to these corrupt men and women who only serve the prince of this world. Oh and another thing, the pope said yesterday in Rome: “I’ll do everything I can.” This was concerning the continual pain still being felt by traumatized rape victims committed by many of his priests (and I haven’t forgotten the Sisters of Mercy, not much of that shown by these ladies it seems in the past). Well, I suggest for a start, what about dropping diplomatic immunity given to these monsters by his church. And maybe even you, Mr. Ratzinger, will put up your gloved hand and admit to the hideous cover up that you were apart of. So remember the grave words of Psalm 9:17: “The wicked shall be turned in to hell.” Remember, it’s not to late to repent Joseph…never.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Britain’s top ‘priest,’ presented an eight-page paragraph on the profit/loss condition this country is now sinking in to. But not once is the Lord Jesus even mentioned in this article (no surprise there I suggest). Yet in one paragraph he heaps praises on his bosses’ socialist teachings, as espoused in the Justice and Piece movement, something I chaired for over a decade. The thing is ‘Vincent,’ this is not our broken decaying world, it’s Lucifer’s. So get out of that expensive braided buttoned cassock (perhaps donate it to the Red Cross) and repent! What are you waiting for? And remember, no repentance or salvation was ever found in papal encyclicals that came out of Rome.

New film about “popess Joan,” who was an English woman, still remains a controversial figure in the catholic church. And apparentl,y she sat on the so-called ‘throne of Peter’ for nearly three years. However soon after giving birth, she died or was murdered along with her child, maybe by the clerical father of the baby. Seems after this embarrassment a papal ‘gender inspector’ was hastily appointed. (I wonder who first put their hand up for this onerous task!) Seems it fell to him to kneel before all future papal candidates who sat in a chair with a hole cut away, and then insert his hand under the robes to grope the pope’s genitals. Then when presumably satisfied, give the thumbs up to the cardinals that the guy was a guy! Oh boy! Wow! But can you believe any of this? Do you want to? Well folks, seems it was true, or so reliable reports have claimed. But where does the true Christian fit into this murky charade? Happil,y they don’t. Ours is a unique gift or as the Apostle Paul could claim: “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift” ( 2 Cor. 9:15). And amen to that we say!

Bill Gates is still promoting Nazi/Darwin eugenics or simply known years ago as ethnic cleansing, albeit done very covertly then and it seems now. The Rockerfellers were into this in a big way in the 1930s and still are it seems. Howeve,r the Microsoft founder will hope to push vaccines through the WHO to reduce world populations. He also shares this nightmare with Warren Buffet. (Even the British Government is still prepared to send £30 million towards abortions and forced birth control in the third world. But isn’t this also part of the shocking agenda dreamed up by Bill Gates? And aren’t these monsters, I suggest, using the popular new age green agenda to enforce their wicked deeds on an unsuspecting world? Sadly Bill Gate’s actions remind me of Mark 8:36: “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul.” At the moment, Mr. Gates and his ‘friends’ remain very dangerous men.




June 2010

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