When The Virgin Mary Met President Hillary Clinton During Jerusalem Visit

When The Virgin Mary Met President Hillary Clinton During Jerusalem Visit

Associated Press: May 1st 200-

Robert Lansing: Religious Affairs Correspondent


All Jerusalem has been in a state of excitement with the news announced late last night that the mother of Jesus Christ will arrive in Jerusalem sometime today.

Since the Second Coming, Jesus Christ has Himself been based here in Jerusalem and has formed His World Government in this ancient city.

Readers will remember from my earlier news reports, concerning the heavy fighting in and around the state of Israel and of the surprise attack upon it by the newly formed Russian Federation, that much of this warfare had been predicted in the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation.

Readers will also recall the near mass panic some years ago that gripped the world when millions suddenly vanished. This has been known in Biblical circles as the Rapture (see my March interview with Franklin Graham, for an explanation of this Biblical occurrence.)

Many Israelis have greeted the surprise press release that the mother of Jesus would arrive here today, with astonishment and a genuine feeling of warmth.

According to the new Mayor of Jerusalem, Isaac Grissom Jnr. at a hastily called press conference late last night had this to say:

“Yes, I can confirm that on the request of the Lord Jesus, now happily establishing His Kingdom throughout the world, and with His regional cabinet based here in Jerusalem, Mary, as she wishes to be called, will arrive at Tel Aviv airport, sometime tomorrow. I can confirm that the American Secretary of State James P. Rubin, on the special request of the newly elected President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has herself offered a personal invitation to the mother of Jesus, to fly to Washington as her guest, with Secretary of State Rubin, as a passenger on Air force One.

This is a great honour for the mother of our Lord and Saviour and for the state of Israel. I can confirm that Mary has accepted this kind invitation and will leave for Washington in the next few days. Because of the heavy fighting by remnants of the antichrists army, in and around parts of Europe and the Middle East, the time of the flight plan has yet to be filled. Airspace, as you know, is not fully secured over Northern Europe”.

Mary gives an emotional address

Associated Press: May 2nd 200-

Robert Lansing: Religious Affairs Correspondent.


Security was tight in Jerusalem this morning when a convoy of five air force helicopters including two gun ships from the Judean desert, landed in the Temple Mount early this morning.

Alighting from one of them was the small figure of the mother of our Lord.

Military sources confirmed only some hours ago, that Mary had landed at an undisclosed military airbase somewhere in the desert.

In the welcoming party was the Vice Regent, King David, himself a very well known figure, seen in and around the city and especially in the television news centres of CNN and NBC.

Also in the small informal welcoming party, was the American Ambassador, Admiral James (Jim) Radcliffe and his British born wife Paula. She incidentally handed a private letter from Queen Elizabeth to Mary, who has asked all accredited journalists to call her by this name. In his welcoming speech Mayor Grissom said with an element of deep pride in his voice:

Mary, or May I call you Miriam, welcome back to your hometown of Jerusalem. Some months ago I had the rare privilege of welcoming your Son, to the town that will forever be associated with Him. Much of Jerusalem will be as you remember it but much has changed, both here and in the world. The arrival here of your Son and of all of His Saints did indeed confirm what the scriptures predicted so long ago. We welcome you on this brief visit, and I have great delight and honour in giving you the keys to the city of Jerusalem.

The next welcoming address was given by the new Secretary General of the World Confederacy (formerly the UN.) He further went on to praise her role during those difficult last twelve hours of her Son’s life before His crucifixion.

Women of the world salute you, Mary, and so do I (a full copy of his address can be read on the W.C. website.) As the Secretary General elect, ArnoldSchwarzenegger, was very active in arranging the numerous details of this welcoming ceremony.

In replying, from a hand-written single page mother Mary said: “It gives me great pleasure to be here again in Jerusalem. My Son, Jesus, walked these narrow streets with His disciples. In this town, He performed many amazing miracles. I witnessed many of them myself. But it was also the hometown of my other children and I must not forget them, but it was Jesus, the Anointed One that I served. I never wished to be placed above Him in merit or divinity. He is the Son of God. When Gabriel told me this, I realized for what purpose I had been born. And I have never sought any other role than being His mother. My visit here I am afraid will be short. After my journey to Washington, I will travel home. During my brief stay here in Jerusalem, I will spend time with my precious first-born Son. If time had allowed I would like to have visited Ephesus where the apostle John shared his home with me immediately after the death on the cross of Jesus. Can I say how happy and proud I was, when before He ascended from the Mountain Jesus gave the final Commission to the chosen apostles to go into the World and teach all nations. I believe that message is still relevant today for all men to listen to. And to learn from it”.

She paused here to ask Mayor Grissom if Ephesus had changed. The Mayor had to confess he hadn’t been there himself.

If I had any wish to offer this changed world, it would be to love my precious Son and remember the sacrifice He made when His precious blood was spilt on Calvary. Thank you, Shukran and Shalom

The surprise use of the Arabic word Shukran (which means thank you, as well as the Hebrew greeting Shalom), brought this emotional meeting to an end. Some private words were offered to each of the invited guests who had welcomed her. Then Mary was taken by King David himself (a distant relative of hers) for the meeting with Jesus the Lord in His private quarters on the Temple Mount.

Mother Mary gives an interview on Airforce One

Associated Press: May 3rd 200-

Robert Lansing: Religious Affairs Correspondent.


Editors note: Robert Lansing was the only credited correspondent to have been given an exclusive interview with Mary and was the only journalist who travelled with her to Washington and to attend the scheduled meetings in the Oval Room of the White House.

In the chill morning light, I was taken under military guard to the little known Palmahim military airport, just south of Tel-Aviv. There on a sealed tarmac was the Presidential aircraft, better known as Airforce One. Because of the present climate, the main International airport at Lod would not be used for this historic flight.

On board the waiting aircraft was Mary herself, looking remarkably fresh and smiling, with Secretary of State James P. Rubin, together with a small staff of seven, as well as a Hebrew interpreter, a photographer from Time magazine and the usual Airforce One attendants and flight crew. Soon we were airborne and flying over the desert towards Washington, DC.

Then white-coated Presidential waiters served refreshments.

I noticed James Rubin chose a cappuccino and Danish. I settled for a Latte. But Mary selected a 50cl bottle of Vittel natural mineral water. This she sipped from a small Wexford glass embossed with the Presidential seal. She declined anything to eat throughout the long journey to the United States.

I began my interview with her by asking why she had journeyed to Jerusalem and why she had accepted the invitation from the new American President to visit Washington:

‘We had of course known in Heaven of the planned return of Jesus to regain the earth which was rightfully His. One of the eternal delights you have to remember, Robert, is that we in Heaven know little or nothing of what is happening or being done or said on earth. It could be much too painful for the saints to know about or have to endure it. However the new saints who arrive hourly in heaven bring some news and information about events on earth, and especially their own countries.

The holocaust was much talked about in the celestial corridors, and I had hoped during this short visit to go to the Yad Vaslem Holocaust Memorial Museum’. At this point, she broke off the interview and looked pensively through the aircraft window.

Seeing this Secretary of State Rubin, who was working on Government papers with several of his immediate aides, got up and came over, asking with concern:

“Is everything to your taste? Can I get you anything? Is all of this too tiring for you? Oh no James, but since this return to earth, I have learnt so much from my Son and His ministers that I hadn’t quite realized the cruel depths men will and have done in their quest to carry out the work of Satan. So much of what is today called personal lifestyles is abhorrent to my Son. Oh yes, Robert, we know about this fallen angel and all the sadness he has brought to this world. If only…”

Then looking down at her hands, her unlined face creased in pain, I wondered if it was at the memory of all she had had to endure that Friday, two thousand years ago. Then raising her head she looked into my eyes and I was to see so much of the anguish and love she must have witnessed in those last days of her Son had endured for sinners. Then as quickly as the sun suddenly breaks through the dark clouds, she carried on talking:

“Some years ago one of the new arrivals in heaven, who personally introduced himself to me, was a man named Ronald. He had, it seems, held the highest office in his land. It was a new country, so vibrant. He loved it very much and was so proud of its achievements, not least in the fact that the Word of our God was being preached hourly. He requested of me when he learned that I was returning to earth for this brief journey, to visit the office of the President. I don’t think Ronald knows who is in the office today but since arriving here, I have learned that her name is Hillary, an unusual name and that her husband too, had once served in the same capacity as she now does. I think we will as mothers have much to discuss. She has one daughter I am informed. I had several wonderful daughters…”

At this point, I could sense that she was beginning to tire and I switched off my pocket recorder.

During the next hours of the flight after she had rested, I was to ask her of her husband:

“Joseph was such a good man, so understanding. You may not know it, Robert but Joseph would have been entitled under the law than to have me stoned to death. But he loved me and I him.”

I had to confess that I didn’t. Or if I had, I had long ago forgotten such an important theological fact.

Later in this exclusive interview, I would inform her of the belief that she had remained a virgin after the miracle birth of her first-born Son. I brought to her attention the popular religious Marian devotions that claim so much in her name. She had not seen or heard of any of the places that are so associated with her appearances nor had she ever seen any of the films that depicted her life.

One brief personal anecdote given to me by one of the staff of James Rubin was the fact that Sir Mel Gibson, recently knighted for his AIDS humanitarian work in Africa, had hoped to present to Mary the ten millionth DVD pressing of his film blockbuster The Passion. It seems he was dismayed, that she had never seen any of the Hollywood films and others, produced over the last fifty years. I also personally doubted if she could work a DVD remote control. I know I can’t!

I was privileged over the next few hours on our long flight to gain her valuable views on Muslims and their beliefs, as well as other religions. I also enjoyed seeing her surprise of learning about the feminist movement, as well as the new role of women. I also gained a deeper understanding of what the angel Gabriel had imparted to her as a young Jewish girl. As well as hearing about everyday life in Nazareth with Joseph and her young family.

I pressed her for her memories of that sad day in Jerusalem at the crucifixion. But I felt so much of the sorrow of that day was still in her heart, and that she did not wish to share it with me. This I could understand. And what of the Ephesus years shared with The beloved disciple John?

These were of interest to me and of her stories of Paul and Barnabas and of Doctor Luke the evangelist she revealed so much detail to about the Virgin birth.

Mother Mary arrives in Washington and takes tea with President

Associated Press: May 3rd 200-

Robert Lansing: Religious Affairs Correspondent

Washington D.C:

Today the unthinkable finally became thinkable. Two of the worlds most famous female icons: Mary and President Hillary Clinton posed for official pictures in the Oval Room.

The President and her daughter (Mr. Clinton, was not to be seen) beamed with genuine joy as Mary was brought in to meet the President, Hillary Clinton. One of the White House staffers had suggested that Mary might prefer to call the President, President Hillary, but a senior White House chaplin rejected this.

Earlier, the Vice President, Michael Edwards, as well as both Speakers of Congress had met and welcomed Mary at Andrews Air Force Base.

A full Marine military band played selections from Fiddler on the Roof during the reviewing ceremony on the airport tarmac. In his brief welcoming address, given incidentally in fine rain, the Vice President recalled, that as a young boy, his study of the Book of Revelation had been difficult for him to understand, he went on to say: But I know today that God’s plan for the future of our world was scripted in the opening pages of Genesis. The final book of the Bible is today being played out in all countries of the world. The government of President Clinton, who in the very near future will make a special visit, or should I say spiritual journey, to meet the Lord in Jerusalem will bring soon I hope, a lasting peace to our world. The visit of you, Mary, to our country can only offer that much-needed hope that binds all free people in our world today. I bid you welcome to the land of the free.

Also among the assorted guests, at the wind swept air base, was Senator Edward Kennedy, the elderly politician from Massachusetts. In a brief press release from his office he said:

“Today on behalf of the Kennedy family, I welcome the spiritual visit of Mary here to Washington, DC. The Kennedy family have always held her in deep respect and love, I know my late brothers had a very special devotion to her.”

The Senator would later place a small silver box into her hand as a souvenir. An aide of the senator later informed me that it was a personal keepsake that had once belonged of the late President John F. Kennedy.

Amongst the other guests, Mary later met in the White House were the former wives of five previous Presidents. Mrs Reagan informed Mary that as a young actress in Hollywood in the 1940s the film that had inspired her most was The Song of Bernadette. Mary later spoke privately to Mrs Reagan about a personal matter she would not discuss with anyone else.

Mrs Barbara Bush, alongside her daughter-in-law, Laura, recalled that as a young girl her best friend had been a Catholic. In those pre-war days, ethnic minority and religious friendships across boundaries were not encouraged.

Mrs Rosalynn Carter also confessed that as a young girl she had a secret wish to perhaps enter a convent and become a nun, but then had met a young ensign named Jimmy, and married him. Mrs Ford, who had listened to the conversation, but had not taken part, later quietly took hold of Mary’s hand and said, “My dear its funny how things work out isn’t it? But I suppose it is all God’s will, isn’t it?”

This part of the afternoon itinerary allowed a group photograph to be taken by Kyra Kershaw award winning photographer from TIME magazine. The scene she had set and lit offered a portrait of Mary alongside the currant occupant of the White House. The previous presidential spouses surround both women. The finished portrait will be on the front cover of TIME magazine next month, in a special complimentary edition that celebrates the many aspects and dimensions of women in and around the world.

Promptly at 3 pm the Vice President accompanied his important guest to the Oval Office where afternoon tea was to be served (Earl Grey.) Mary declined this popular beverage and instead opted for a glass of clear spring water.

President Clinton began her welcoming address by reminding fellow guests that it was the first time in history that two prominent women and mothers had used this important office for such a historic event.

I welcome Mary here to Washington, DC and am delighted that she accepted my invitation. Both my daughter and I see this event as an important occasion for all women of the world. I am reminded by Secretary Cohen, that the heavy fighting that is still happening in that theatre of war in the Middle East is, thank God, coming to a speedy and peaceful conclusion. Here there was a round of applause. We should never forget, nor would we wish to, that many of the young men and women who served in the assorted armies had one important aspect in common. Each had a mother who remained at home listening and grieving about the war and of course scanning the casualty lists. It is the fate of us women and always has been, to grieve. But do not all falling tears leave a lasting scar on all of our hearts? The English poet Christina Rossetti in her charming poem Remember summed this up by writing:

And afterwards, remember, do not grieve,

for if the darkness and corruption leave,

a vestige of the thoughts that once I had,

better by far you should forget and smile

than that, you should remember and be sad.

A full copy of the address given by the President can be viewed on the White House website.

Later the President presented Mary with a signed first edition of the poems and stanzas of the celebrated English poet Christina Rossetti. This had come from the President’s own family mementoes, it was announced.

The visit concluded when the President had a private talk with Mary. No presidential aides were present. No press releases are to be distributed. I understand that for the last five minutes of the 25-minute meeting the President’s daughter was invited into the Oval office.

Before her long journey back to Jerusalem, Mary took time out on the return flight to tape a 10-minute broadcast for Kol Israel (Voice of Israel.) This will be transmitted on the “BBC,” “Voice of America” and other American networks this weekend. Her broadcast will also be aired on Israeli Independence Day.

In conclusion, both political and religious commentators, have agreed that this semi private visit by Mary has been an unexpected success. It is not clear if any future trips by her or her family have been arranged or are under discussion.

On returning to Israel a brief, private 40-minute meeting was held with her Son on the Temple Mount. Then mother Mary and King David boarded a Sikorski army helicopter to be transported on the first stage of her long journey home.

In conclusion: I think I warmed to Mary far more than I thought I would. I’m not a Roman Catholic so the image etched on so many cheap plaster statues bore little or no resemblance to the woman I was privileged to meet and talk to on that long flight to Washington and back. But there was a hidden strength to her that surprised me, one that I had seen on so many other occasions when reporting war-torn battles around the world. The terrible emotional sight of weeping mothers cradling dead children to their bodies. Some of those mothers close to death. These painful images will never leave me. Nor would I wish them to. All of that and much more was seen during that historic flight on Airforce One that I was privileged to share with the mother of our Lord and Saviour on this historical and religious occasion.

One final question I hadn’t mentioned or perhaps hadn’t wanted to ask (it was suggested by my mother, herself a convert to Catholicism) had Mary herself ever been a grandmother?

I never did get to ask this question. Perhaps I lost my nerve. But somehow I think I know what the answer would have been.

From Jerusalem,

Shalom. Robert Lansing.


The writing of this article under the fictitious name of Robert Lansing came to me after reading an excellent book What If? Edited by Robert Cowley.

It deals with the fascinating questions of what if?

The events in the author’s book cover intriguing historical milestones over the last 3,000 years and of what might have been.

So I wanted to update the idea to what might be

As a student of current affairs, I do believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton will perhaps one day achieve her ambition to become the first woman President of the United States, maybe in 2008 or 2012.

My apologies if my use of her family name caused her any annoyance. This was certainly not my intention.

James P. Rubin is already well known in England for his views on topical events in the United States. Usually filmed early morning outside his home in South London on the BBC News.

James P. Rubin is I think on the fast track at the State Department. I also think he would make an ideal future Secretary of State.

As regards my use of the name of the present Governor of California and other well-known celebrities, including the previous Presidents wives as well as the respected Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, I hope they will forgive me this literary license.



(All rights reserved)