Don’t all of today’s familiar

Health warnings about,

What to eat or quickly select and

Swiftly drink,

Leave you and me with little or

No doubt,

About what not to sample.

Or leave little time

To pause and think.

Many of today’s warnings

About tomorrow,

Can and do arrive for many

Much too late.

And when they do arrive usher in

Much painful sorrow.

But that’s life, dear friend,

That’s your fate!

God’s announced solemn warning,

Perhaps given to you dear friend

This very morning,

Do you know offers its own eternal

Health warning,

However sad and however demurring.

Yet so many people in purple

Crowded hospital rooms,

Refuse to admit that when death

Quickly looms,

In life’s hurried frenetic

Daily storms,

They are never really ready or prepared for

When that grim reaper looms.

Does not the Bible confirm:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come” (Matthew 24:42)

God warns all who care to hear His voice:

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)

So unlike any Government health notice,

You have, dear friend, simply no choice!


Alcohol Warnings.

Promiscuous Sex Warnings

Health Warnings.

Drug Abuse Warnings.

And any other familiar friendly Warning


If death should pay you a timely visit

Perhaps this very night,

Where will your eternal soul

Finally alight?

Perhaps in the darkest regions of Hell?

Or offer pleasing respite,

Forever in God’s enduring affectionate all seeing sight!


The choice is always

Yours, is it not?

Remember in the afterlife yet to come

There is never a second shot!

I first started drafting this stanza in a

Crowded hospital waiting room. For many of the

Patients in that room the consultant’s news

Will be mixed. For some, it will be the

First time that a shadow has appeared on

A lung or a lump has shown up in the throat.

Or perhaps nothing at all. Hospital

Waiting rooms are an ideal location

To leave Bible tracts. Most people do not

Bring anything to read so it is an excellent

Opportunity to evangelise, and let’s face it,

These people are going nowhere for

At least an hour. So a timely Bible tract

Might perhaps make them think. I hope so.



October 2004

(All Rights Reserved)