Waiting, waiting, waiting, how much time

We waste, just waiting,

For is not all waiting just a waste of time?

Sixty seconds can seem like sixty hours,

With fluid months melting away into liquid years.

But is not all life a cycle that twists and turns

Through life’s fading pleasures and lasting searing pains?

True prayer that we offer through

Petition or pleading,

Is never denied to friend or stranger by God

Who is listening?

And does not His precious Son, The Lord,

Hear all genuine seeking prayer,

That is offered when and where it will appear?

So remember dear friend that all

Smothered time,

Will perhaps somewhere at


Be accounted for, in a perpetual


So please remember that all you have

Knowingly wasted,

Is in God’s all-seeing eyes wicked and

Forever debased!



July 2004

(All Rights Reserved)