Vladimir Putin: “Russia’s So-called “Emperor of the World?”

Vladimir Putin: “Russia’s So-called “Emperor of the World?”

(Patrick and Putin)

With this month’s unprecedented events in England concerning Russia’s alleged use of chemical weapons in Salisbury against a former Russian spy and his daughter, we felt it necessary to take a brief detour from Munich to Moscow, before returning to part 3 of Patrick’s Munich Nights series next month, God willing.

As we update our 2013 article for this month’s newsletter, Britain has expelled 23 covert Russian spies from the Russian Embassy in London in retaliation for their purported act of aggression on British soil against “traitors of the motherland,” referred to by some as “collateral damage.”

This is certainly the most serious crisis between the West and Russia since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Of course, time will tell how this potential new Cold War will play out, but with Putin quite naturally being re-elected to the office of the presidency this past week (many suggest the 2018 election was rigged like previous ones), Russia retains their strongman at the top, much like his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, was declared “president for life” this month.

Hypocritically, but not surprisingly, we hear almost nothing from so-called “social justice warrior” (SJW) activists concerning such flagrant abuse of human rights in the above nations, but as a people living in a post-Christian and post-modernism world based on subjectivity, we are naturally not surprised.

We also very rarely see SJWs demonstrating outside Russian or Chinese Embassies anywhere in the world, and a good number of them are Gulag and Creation deniers anyway. So, one does wonder: where does the official leader of her Majesty’s opposition party stand on this?

If one takes the time to properly profile President Putin’s life and personality and analyse the mystery that surrounds him and the aura that he emanates, the first thing one will be aware of is how poor he is at time-keeping.

In 2013, during a visit to the Vatican, he arrived some 50 minutes late and in style, it seems, to the secret rooms of the Vatican, followed naturally by numerous KGB/FSB bodyguards, cabinet colleagues, and I suspect odd oligarchs thrown into this Moscow mix too!


(Putin and Pope, Vatican City)

Oh, and a not very discreet man was always seen close by, wearing a tight-fitting suit and clutching a bulging briefcase close to his master’s elbow, containing nuclear codes, something other heads of states enjoy permanent access to 24/7.

The pope appeared to me rather awed with it all, as perhaps he should be, because Putin has witnessed many popes, politicians, presidents and prime ministers coming and going in his long tenure as the skipper of the Russian ship of State, remaining almost two decades at the top of the realm, later seeing most of them discarded and dispatched into the wilderness of political pastures. Incidentally, as regards his traditional lateness no less, persons such as the Queen, Obama, Chancellor Merkel and numerous others have been subjected to this embarrassing tirade from him.

Since the last time this article was written, Putin has successfully sided with Assad of Syria and subsequently seems to have single-handedly defeated ISIS, whereas the incompetent West has visibly appeared to be dithering and divided for years. A figure of $50 billion has been suggested as his fee for exporting his huge arsenal of weapons to the world market!

Did you know that a recent newspaper in the U.S. recently “christened” him with the title of this article? They may be partly correct in their assumption. According to a WikiLeaks cable, Putin’s personal wealth is said to be some $40 billion; this explains his personal calling card. Some platinum credit card, we suggest!

The young Putin, I suggest, was always searching for an opportunity to promote himself and his talents, and if it didn’t happen, then he made it happen, somehow, somewhere and often, it seems. Any mishaps or mistrials in his early family years would later be airbrushed out of his résumé as he entered the stage of the New World Order to become the present president of that vast country, sometimes known as “Mother Russia.”

Putin also seems to have inherited some of those important moral values, like the traditional family unit as clearly presented in the word of God. Such teachings today are very controversial to espouse or explain in our liberal, hostile and secular society to the unbelieving world. However, those Orthodox icons and relics of dead people that he and other Russians hold to can save no one. They offer only a minimum comfort. They can never guarantee salvation.

To seek forgiveness of sins, a sinner must truly repent and be washed clean by the precious blood of Christ. Only then is the sinner born again! And only then will a person be given an unconditional entrance into the precious and sacred Kingdom of God.

Yet, Putin seems to neither care nor understand which way the political/religious winds blow, nor should he because one day God’s presence will destroy all doubt and division, and definitely not before time either!

Most politicians of this fallen world are like a broken vaudeville act performing in a three-ring paint-peeling circus, with Putin the smiling circus ringmaster cracking his Caspian leather whip over and around them.

I suggest we really should not ignore his presence or his persuasive powers as he continues to turn the energy screw, amongst other weapons at his disposal, on a vulnerable energy-conscious world.

How we in the West became so indebted and vulnerable to Russian energy supplies is something past and current British governments must answer, and much to their shame!

Vladimir Putin was born in Leningrad (perhaps with some Jewish lineage, but unconfirmed), today is known as St. Petersburg, that beloved northern city of the Romanovs, Tchaikovsky and of course Dmitri Shostakovich who completed his momentous 7th Symphony (my personal favourite of all his symphonies). Such was a personal tribute from him to that city’s wartime memory of suffering and pain, yet it should be remembered that this was God’s judgment sent upon the city and Soviet Russia in those dreadful war years.

Putin was born on 7 October 1952, son of a militant atheist communist father and a deeply religious Russian Orthodox mother; certainly an explosive mixture of parentage I suggest for the young boy to grow up in that awful atheist era of Stalin/Khrushchev Russia.

Vladimir may not consider himself “religious” by today’s standards (a former communist/atheist), but he certainly seems to be devoutly superstitious according to Russian tradition.

Yet did not Jesus proclaim with supreme authority, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me” (John 14:6)? Solemn words for all sinners to contemplate by any measure, whether a president or a prelate, a prime minister or a personality.

How did this former KGB Lt. Col., with an unassuming but not unimportant military title, a penchant for playing the blues piano rather well (I wonder where he learnt that skill), and also being a black belt performing judo champion, eventually reach that pinnacle of success in the so-called “land of sorrows and secrets”?


(Putin playing the piano)

Putin seems to have been an average disruptive schoolboy, and apparently after watching numerous Soviet propaganda cinema films that glorified the role of the KGB in Soviet communist society, he decided as a 16-year-old boy to enlist into that secret security network, if they would have him, only to be refused until he graduated from Leningrad University in 1975. Of course, I’ve never considered any secret police to be complementary to a country’s security and safety, but they are a necessary evil that must be tolerated, and certainly in a democracy, however frail it may be. After all, it was the blasphemous secret police of the Jewish temple that had Jesus arrested in the garden on the orders of a cunning Caiaphas before the breaking light of day if you recall, a practice that still continues to this present day, and always at the break of dawn, it is an element of surprise for victims, apparently.

(Putin during his KGB days)

When young Vladimir walked through the guarded doors of the KGB academy after his acceptance, he had now found a political identity, though not a spiritual one. Today he still serves its aims and ambitions, and who knows, maybe you can remove the man from the KGB but never the KGB from the man, whatever the consequences or reasons.

After graduation in 1975, as a willing member of the communist party in which he apparently remained until 1991 and with a law degree from Leningrad State University on his CV, the KGB finally beckoned him to join their elite in the counter-intelligence unit. Naturally, he accepted. Incidentally, in the years to come, this city of the north with its charm and culture would be prominent in the rise of the young Putin, when he later accepted the keys of the Kremlin and all the power that was bestowed upon him as the newly elected landlord of his country.

Putin’s first serious posting, it seems, was to be Dresden in the old East Germany, then ruled by informers and the secretive STASI, as well as the aging dinosaur communist politburo leaders who could not or would not see the coming death of their atheist Marxist system into the evolving Perestroika of the future Gorbachev years.

Putin would serve his country in Germany for almost five years offering surveillance information to the secret police. One former colleague remembers him as: “Polite, friendly, obliging and unobtrusive. He was capable of making everyone like him.” Seems to me all the attributes for a successful spymaster or politician, or both!

Putin is still ensconced in the top job and is officially a favourable popularity; obviously, he’s doing something right by the Russian public standards and thinking, or are these high ratings also rigged (as some would suggest)? He once referred to the break-up of the old communist Soviet Union as “a tragedy of the 20th century.” Well, it certainly was for him anyway.

When Putin was nominated by an ailing Boris Yeltsin as his chosen successor, few indeed had heard of him. Those who had heard of him knew him only as a minor bureaucrat or a penpusher. Interestingly, one exiled European billionaire, who had assorted dealings with him some years ago, remembers him rather fondly, saying: “He was the first bureaucrat who did not take a bribe seriously. It made a huge impression on me.” (I bet it did!)

More importantly than ever, fewer Russian voters knew anything about the man or his personality or what he stood for! All that was to change between his nomination and his first election victory by a skilful public relations exercise. (Prince Charles and his second wife Camilla also benefited widely, when they too hired a PR firm, to help spruce up their battered images, after the death of Princess Dianna). Suddenly, the heir elect to the throne was seen flying aircraft, manoeuvring submarines, meeting people and pressing the flesh, with all this recorded and aired regularly on television, of course. And it all seemed to work because Putin coasted home to victory.

He has now returned for a fourth term on the unstable world stage and to date, continues to see off most of his political opponents, some being jailed, some killed.

In June 2001, George W. Bush met Putin for the first time and said somewhat foolishly, “I looked the man in the eye and was able to get a sense of his soul.” He would later claim again rather idiotically after looking into Pope Benedict’s eyes how he saw “the face of God.” What a stupid and preposterous statement, especially from a man who claims to be born again!

(George Bush and Tony Blair both remarked in 2004, at a joint press conference in London, how Jehovah and Allah are “the same God,” another nonsensical and inflammatory remark.)

Putin certainly seems to be here to stay and this summer will see him bask in the global limelight as his country hosts the prestigious and corrupt FIFA World Cup. Much was reported concerning the alleged corruption and kickbacks he and other favourites enjoyed when Russia hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014 in Sochi (nicknamed “Project Putin,” with the president being a keen skier himself, if you did not know).

Incredibly, he has busy streets named after him (one in Bethlehem, no less) and maybe has even been offered an honouree citizenship of the Vatican City by the pope. I wonder if he attempted to arm wrestle with surprised soldiers of the elite Swiss guards before meeting a flustered pope? Nothing surprises me about this man, and I wouldn’t put it past him to try it on with the pope as well or one of his favoured courtiers. I do not equate him as being the politician’s politician either; he is too much of an outsider to fit into that useless straitjacket of public service.

We shouldn’t ignore Putin’s sense of humour as reported in the media concerning the American NSA’s spectacular spy machine, which gathered personal data on world leaders and everyone else, when he joked to the press, “I envy Obama because he can spy and expect to get away with it.” And referring to Oliver Cromwell, he remarked sarcastically as well, “Cromwell, he was quite a treacherous dude,” comparing him to Stalin, which is a ridiculous assumption on his part.

Of course, we at this ministry do not profess to be political gurus, but we do watch the world for the expectation of the coming Rapture for true born-again saints.

Recent reports of Russian aircraft taking off from airbases in Indonesia to spy on “Australasia” allies, not to mention their impressive and worrying nuclear upgrades, really has put Russia back on the world stage. For several years, she has watched with envy as China has rapidly grown and is now second to the U.S., both in their economies and possibly their militaries as well.

Russia has certainly rejoined the world stage with a bang, and no matter how much the war of words between London and Moscow heats up, the Russian bear is going nowhere!

A few years ago, the Russian Defence Ministry announced their heavy “Iskander” SS26 nuclear missiles had been moved to the borders of Poland and its neighbour Lithuania. However, this does confirm how nervous and paranoid President Putin is becoming, as more of these former Warsaw Pact countries are now fully paid-up members of the NATO/EU defence catchments (look at the recent unrest in Ukraine).

This could possibly be a future flashpoint, as Russia has now been stripped of its former republics/satellites, which were previously used as convenient buffer states in case of a surprise attack on Russia.

Britain also recently deployed battalions of troops to boost the defences of the tiny country of Estonia. Some would suggest provocation on the part of NATO, whereas others call it a desperate and dire need to reinforce vulnerable NATO allies. Either way, those of us that watch the news and observe current affairs probably know very little of what is actually going on.

Previously, after his own election victory, Putin would see off the cunning oligarchs who had hoped to cage him to suit their own requirements. This he later did by literally caging most of them and banishing the rest into exile. Of course, this is his style of leadership, a style that accepts no compromise on his part. Yet the people of Russia seem to admire this man for what he has done for them in the past in raising the standard of living; it should see him well in the future, I suggest. However, like most people living in a police state where their media and print press is owned and controlled by the state, they know very little of what is really happening in their massive and beautiful nation.

Recently, an article in a distinguished newspaper remarked about Putin that, “He was an extremely wealthy but traumatized and lonely person who shuns human contact.” Is this just gossip, I wonder? In fact, without Christ in your own life, you will be more than lonely: you will be forever damned in Hell. However, I do believe that Putin has acquired some spiritual input (though not the born-again gift that we would understand it to be) in his own daily life, mainly I suggest inherited from his late mother’s bidding and practised in the popular Russian Orthodox religion.

(Putin and Patriarch of Moscow)

Interestingly, in an interview some years ago he remarked, “In 1994, I went to Israel… Mama gave me a baptismal cross to get it blessed at the Lord’s tomb. I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.”

Some time ago, I read of reports (unconfirmed) that only once was the symbol removed from his neck, and then a dangerous fire broke out at his country home, necessitating that he rescued his small daughters Masha and Katya from the blaze, which he did without any loss of life. Putin would certainly see such an act as a divine providence upon his family, never to be ignored again.

The Book of Revelation warns of the kings of the east and others preparing a pre-emptive strike against Israel at the end of the Millennium. Many explain this as the Russian Federation, and I have also long suspected that the Arctic region where Putin states categorically today that he will expand the Russian military bases could feature in a major role in a possible strike upon a vulnerable American defence system.

During this month’s election, Putin was met and greeted by adoring crowds, much like Trump enjoyed during the 2016 election when he appeared in Crimea, a part of Ukraine that Russia recently annexed for itself.

Military commentators have suggested that within the next decade or so, well over half the Russian military will be of Muslim heritage, something that leaves Israel even more on the defensive.

Personally, it does seem unlikely to me that a man such as Putin, with his personality and a so-called present friend to Israel at that, will be the leader to collaborate or order the attack on that future defenceless Israeli territory as prophesied in Scripture. But remember, the devious hand of Satan can and does enter into people’s psyche using them to further his wicked deeds, and maybe that future development will happen to Vladimir Putin, so I cannot rule that out of the picture.

Then the predicted return of the Lord Jesus Christ can and will destroy the Antichrist at the coming battle of Armageddon as foretold in the Bible. Putin, of course, is not nor ever will be the real or even near “Emperor of the World.” While Scripture speaks of this world is under Satan’s temporary domain, it is ultimately God’s world, for He holds the full mortgage deeds in His own hands and always has and will continue to do so.

To date, most of the surrounding nations and republics around Israel are of the Islamic faith and ancestry. This remains a dangerous cocktail against the small Jewish state of Israel, so desperate to survive in a hostile world of hate and prejudice that we call anti-Semitism today.

Russia, without Putin as its head of state, seems very distant and today is referred to sarcastically as “the church of Putin,” whatever that means. Putin and all politicians are of the flesh. Did not Jesus proclaim long ago, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” in John 3:6? In other words, you must be born from above, meaning to be born again by totally believing and trusting in the blessed Lord Jesus Christ to save you from all your past, present and future sins. And only then, “If any man be in Christ he is a new creature” (2 Corinthians 5.17).

Putin is but a mortal inhabitant of this fallen world, as we all are, and until the New Jerusalem appears, we shall remain in a permanent fallen state of conflict. In any case, we are called upon to pray for all political governments, yours and mine, and yes, even for President Putin.

My friends, there will be no permanent peace, something we all seek for, until the true and divine Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ, descends with a flaming sword administering lasting justice to all. Until then, this planet is doomed to die in its decay and desires. At that time, the marching armies from China and Russia and elsewhere will perish in pain and defeat, ending in complete annihilation, because only God has the power, the privilege and the authority, if He so wishes, to be bestowed the title “The Emperor of the World.”

Until Christ returns, Satan is the temporary prince of this fallen world, but remember! His days are numbered until “he is cast alive into the lake of fire and brimstone…and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever” (Revelation 20:10).

This terrible fate is predicted and promised for Satan and the Antichrist and the future false prophet from Rome, and millions of others as well. But we must ask: Are you saved? Have you repented today? It is imperative you make this decision now because the final destination is Heaven or Hell. There is no in-between because you are either saved or lost. No religious rituals or trinkets or beads or scapulars, no pilgrimages or penances or otherwise can save you, but only real faith in the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and amen.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

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