Victoria Sunday

Victoria Sunday

Victoria Sunday briefly arrived in the world on a wet Friday,

I’m told on the sixth day of the last week, in May.

However, she like so many others were conceived in passionate lust,

And throughout all of her short life, she had to collude and learn to quickly adjust.

Oh, so many times in her lonely dark life,

So often scared with tears and lasting strife,

She could always say, and always I’m reliably informed, with a smile: 

“Thank God, I was always able to kneel each night by my bed and pray

On this or any God-given day.”

But sadly, according to a close friend, one evening young Victoria quickly Expired: and on a Friday!

And would you believe it on a wet day of the last week in May?

And may I say, and may I say again,

That a born again Cuban hospital nurse named Marie heard her peacefully say,

“Thank you, Lord for giving me the honour to die,

On this the day that You died to save me on a Friday,”

And with these few words, she breathed her last without tears or sudden pain!

My late father also died on a Friday and I have always believed it to be a special day for Christians to breathe their last breath, in this fallen world.

But do you know, dear reader, of a family member or a dear friend who also departed on a Friday? I would be very interested to hear from you and how it affected you. Thank you. 



19 January 2006

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