Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

Have you ever sipped from the

Chalice of unrequited love?

If so, then how bitter and unfulfilling you

Will certainly perceive it to be.

Unrequited love declared

The lyricist is a bore,

In a jazzy musical score.

But that to my reasoning is merely

An unwanted chore,

For does it not always leave you

Looking for much more?

A gifted vocalist of our

Own musical age,

Declared in a verse that unrequited

Love left him feeling pretty bad.

So for him and all grieving

Aficionados I say: how sad!

Again if first love is last love

Then last love must be eternal love?

Or as a French librettist declared:

The joys of love are but a moment long,

the pain of love endures a whole life long.

Yet does not the Holy Bible truly blazon:

“For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son.”

Now that to me is love from

The gates of Heaven,

Never unrequited, and never

To be forgotten.

For the hand of God gives,

And the magisterial hand of God truly takes!

Remember, God’s lasting love to

Each of us is never wasted,

Rather it arrives as a lasting legacy

That can never be closed.

Sadly I once knew a man who in an

Unguarded moment of candour,

Informed me that the two celebrated

Loves of his life knew nothing of his ardour,

And that somewhere hidden in a region

Of his bruised heart,

Away from all prying eyes would dwell

Forever his promised love that none would ever visit or forever depart.

Remember: all pain however unbearable,

Eventually becomes just acceptable!

Yet God’s all-consuming love

When it arrives from above,

Comes without compromise

Or with any hidden surprise.

In God’s love, we can forever rest

In safety and shelter,

In His grasp, we will find no

Sadness, pain, or fear,

And for that profound blessing

I give a grateful cheer!

I suspect that John 3:16 must be the

Most famous and quoted passage of

The New Testament.

And why not. Its lasting message is as

Relevant today as when the youngest

Disciple was inspired to write it.

But love, when it arrives, comes in many

Tetra pack sizes, this is just one of those sizes.


December 2004

(All Rights Reserved)