To Search

To Search

In the fast frenzied mayhem of today’s distorted world,

Many gentle minutes spent in commune with God,

May, perhaps through his silent whisper,

Allow each petitioner to silently prosper.

For all silence, if we but knew it,

Is God’s answer. Revealed through His abiding Spirit.

For how can we sorrowfully complain?

If we never pause or learn to listen?

For was not God aware of the delicacy of our soul,

When ushered in He that epoch…known as The Fall!

And was not Noah’s terrible warning to mocking sinners,

Finally resolved by instant death absolved through heathen tears.

But do not pagans still deride and totally reject,

Christ’s eternal sacrifice bought at the price of His precious blood. Yes, that’s the regret!

So dear friend listen

To find Jesus is to find life!!

To live religion will offer nothing but strife!!!


June 2004

(All Rights Reserved)