Some eagerly explain and proudly proclaim that all

Past time is eternally lost.

But I enquire is it in the present or in disguise?

Or all in the silent past?

Yet all false teachers still maintain that

None have tasted its

Sweet aroma, or listened to its

Silent vibration.

It is a living mystery, bequeathed to

Us at the Creation!

God the Master/Monarch created

Time in six

Special unique days.

Then offered He a permanent light

To what was

Once just darkness.

A blind child once enquired of a famous singer:

“What colour is the wind?”

Shaking his famous head, to these few words a

Simple answer he could not find.

Have not modern lyricists offered in song:

As Time Goes By


Time after Time.

Yet as hard as they try none can it seems

Compose or emulate a single line.

Such is the timeless gift of Creation that

The Almighty once prepared

At the advent of time;

Then God in one saving week offered all future

Salvation for yours and mine.

Killing time is the perfect crime, or so it has

Been widely rumoured!

Yet dear friend at the final judgment many dear

Weeping souls will be forever severed.

From spending with the Heavenly Father

Their own prime time.

Then we are promised none shall weep, nor mourn, nor

grieve, or know strife!

But shall safely walk and talk with that Precious One

Who gave us meaning. But most of all Eternal Life!



April 2004

(All Rights Reserved)