The Worldwide Blasphemy of Entertainment

The Worldwide Blasphemy of Entertainment

“He is DESPISED and REJECTED of men” (Is. 53:3)

(This symbol means the rejection of Christianity)

Watch any secular film in the last 30 years or so, with a PG or a higher rating, and one thing you can be absolutely sure of, would be the sad fact that scriptwriters, directors, producers and greedy/pushy parents, will allow their children to swear, blaspheme, smoke, do drugs, commit sexual acts and behave in such a way on camera, that if they did so in school or in everyday life, social services would almost certainly intervene to rescue such a child from terrible neglect or just downright corruption. Yet, whether its on the screen or radio, such ungodly and in many cases, quite hostile anti-Christian rhetoric from the mouths of babes, is deemed most “acceptable” and even “cool,” so woe be to anybody who tries to speak out against such filth and child abuse (Matt. 18:6.)

Watch terms like “do-gooder” or “sado” fly around, normally from reprobate liberals, whose consciences have long been seared by a hot iron, when retaliating against Bible believers trying to expose such modern-day evil (Is. 5:20.)

The world has long had a hatred, contempt and general mockery for the things of God, especially Christianity (2 Pet. 3:4.)

Sacred names like “Jesus Christ,” “God,” or “Lord” are thrown around and used in utter disgust, ranging from film stars to everyday people (Ex. 20:7.)

Seldom will Hollywood, Channel 4 or the BBC, even with their strong liberal/Marxist scriptwriters, ever allow the n-word or the c-word in programmes (John 12:43.)

Next time you watch any film or documentary, count the number of times profanity is used, even before the watershed (John 3:19.)

In the past 15 years, the amount of swearing, sex and blasphemy on TV has rocketed up to a staggering increase of 500% (2 Tim. 3:1-6.)

Only recently I noticed words such as p*** and s*** are uttered on fly-on-the-wall documentaries, well before 9 PM (1 Tim. 4:1, 2.)

Channel 4 news at 7 pm, with the lead up to the Iraq War in 2003, allowed a so-called “peaceful” activist to say, Jesus Christ, when expressing his exasperation with the UK’s involvement with the war, with no apology or bleeping out offered (2 Cor. 4:4.)

Around the same time, ITV news at 6:30 pm, allowed footage of Zimbabwean farmers desperately trying to flee from Robert Mugabe’s thugs, screaming, “Hurry up, hurry up; for Christ’s sake, hurry up” (Ps. 74:18.)

Only 10 years ago, such blasphemy was NEVER aired during primetime news slots on any channel in the UK, but now its deemed acceptable (Acts 18:6.)

Sky News, in November 2006, when covering British Paratroopers returning home from Afghanistan, sent their defence journalist to interview some of the Para’s live on Sky. During this 15 min live feed at 7 pm, the f-word was used (although accidentally) and no apology or time delay was provided by Sky for younger viewers. “Jesus” and “Christ” were also uttered, and again the producers at the Sky centre made no apology for such slips of the tongue (Jam. 3:8.)

Why is this allowed to happen? Does anybody care anymore?

The Jerry Springer Opera received over 50,000 complaints from the UK tax-payer, yet Michael Grade (a practising Jew) aired it, with the backing of his head controller, Mark Thompson (a practising Catholic.)

(I have cited their religious persuasions, not to be anti-Semitic or even anti-Catholic, but to demonstrate their utter hypocrisy of so-called “religious people” in media circles, because people like this make the true Christian’s job much harder, when trying to win sceptics to Christ, for such people happily cite such “liberals” as these as reasons for their own sinful and rebellious lives (Tit. 1:16.)

During the summer of this year, lapsed Catholic Madonna thought nothing of blaspheming Jesus, with her “crucifixion act,” during her sexually explicit concerts. People complained but she refused to back down.

Bono from U2 blasphemously told concertgoers in the US recently, how Christianity, Islam and Judaism were “all the same thing.” This brought thunderous applause from his pagan audience.

Maybe next year somebody might say Robbie Williams, Yusuf Islam and Charlotte Church “are all the same thing.”

When Dean Martin was dying, fear, guilt and shame gripped him. He often sent for the local Catholic priest to come and visit him at his mansion in L.A. When this “show-busy” priest arrived to comfort him, all he could do was tell him how “all was good with God,” and then start singing some of Martin’s songs. This gave him no comfort at all, for he had long lived a reprobate life yet he needed the forgiveness of God, but according to his daughter, Deana, he never had this assurance, only an unsaved singing priest as lost as he was.

The late Mary Whitehouse was able to achieve some minor victories but since her death, few if any individuals have been able to make any lasting impact on the evil and quite a Satanic world of entertainment; and I believe from this day on, evil will only continue to abound and Jesus will be forever “despised and rejected of men,” until He returns in triumph to annihilate all of His enemies (Rev. 19:14-21.)

Friend, please make sure you know which side you’re on, for God has no grandchildren, nephews, nieces or cousins (Luke 9:50.)




December 2006

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