Beslan: The Screams of September

Beslan: The Screams of September

There they lie the children twisted in a hospital morgue.

 These are the true orphans of Mother Russia. These are the victims of a deadly plague that arrogantly parades itself around the world. Rejoicing in the name of terrorism!

Yet, on that September day, never was seen such generous acts of love and heroism.

And will the trees in Beslan this month scream murder?

And again will those concrete canyons of steel in New York recall the disorder?

So to will, Beslan weep continually for this day in September,

So to will Beslan and New York, this month mourn and remember

Those missing daughters, husbands, sons and wives, who have gone, perhaps forever!

But all Christians will rejoice that this ninth month,

Remembers St. Matthew (21st) and St. Michael (29th) both.

But listen: did not instant terrorist murders in 1972 confer,

Upon Israeli athletes the crown of sanctity that lost day in September?

But, September in the Rain, September Song, September of my Years,

Remain the finest ballads that the 20th century cultivated and still offers.

Classical composers of merit: Edvard Grieg and Anton Bruckner,

Also celebrated their lineage by being born in genial September.


The Screams of September remind us that, ‘the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away: Blessed be the name of the Lord’ (Job 1:21.)

The Screams of September will from the twin towers tender: a final adieu!

The screams of September from School No. 1 in Beslan proclaims a Decisive:

Dasvidanya! Xristos Vo Skres

(Goodbye) (Christ is Risen)

In loving memory



4 September 2004

(All Rights Reserved)