The Parable of Purgatory

The Parable of Purgatory

A simple doubt, dear friend, concerning purgatory,

Is it all poppycock or just a mystery?

And we all love a mystery…don’t we?

Well let’s see, shall we?

But first isn’t the cruel lie of limbo,

To many a weeping parent-just a simple NO!

That brings nothing but grieving and family WOE!

At the memory of a loved baby trapped in a sub-crust MOHO?

Purgatory is a myth, invented by men for a financial end,

That no counterfeit church should ever promote or defend.

To a superstitious people, it offers only a false trust.

To the priest who exalts it on judgment day never a lasting rest!

Because on the shifting sands of greed, purgatory was falsified.

One day within the consuming fires of Hell it will be destroyed

And all they who promoted it and benefited from its lie,

Will scream in pain and pray for a release just to lie down and die! 

I am afraid that the misery of purgatory is still being promoted in the Roman Catholic Church today, yes even in the ecumenical movement.

So many grieving people have looked to the Catholic Church and in my own family for love in their grieving at the loss of a loved one and no priest is able to wipe away a tear or give them comfort if he offers purgatory as a spiritual solace!

If you know a Catholic who is grieving or not please invite them to visit our website. Perhaps we can help them, and do let us know. And remember I too bought the package for over 25 years!



5 November 2005

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