The Loss of Innocence

The Loss of Innocence

If anyone has viewed any major movie in the last sixty years or so, which features children, one thing you can be absolutely sure of, is the sad fact that scriptwriters, directors and producers, with the full support of pushy fame-hungry parents, will allow their children to swear, blaspheme, smoke, take drugs, commit sexual acts and behave in such a way on camera, that if they did so in school or in everyday life, social services would almost certainly intervene to rescue such a child from terrible neglect and downright child abuse.

To corrupt and dehumanise children so early in their lives, nearly always results in a lifetime of misery, addiction and in some cases even suicide.

Whether it’s River Phoenix, Judy Garland or Heath Ledger, what initially started as their desire for fame and fortune, ended in premature deaths.

While Hollywood continues its subtle undermining of everything that God loves, how ironic it was when Madonna recently said that she doesn’t allow her daughter to watch television, and yet she wants your children to watch her sordid acts! What double standards indeed!

Sometimes one can separate films from the filmmakers and music from the musicians, but this is the exception and not the norm. (One needs to be wise as to how they spend their time, and not throw the baby out with the bathwater, but at the same time, don’t become over Pharisaical and bind oneself to legalism).

Unsaved people will always be in the business of entertaining their audience and not evangelising them. Even some of the major Biblical films of the past few decades, have lacked real substance and rarely produced a clear presentation of the Gospel.

In fact, most of the films that deal with Christianity, nearly always portray the main Protestant character in a bad light.

For example, the movies Elmer Gantry and The Apostle, present both preachers to their audience as drunken brawlers that womanise and seek only their own interests.

Yet Catholic films such as The Bells of Saint Mary’s or The Song of Bernadette completely reverses this tainting and allows the viewer to come away with a much better view of the Catholic church.

The truth of the matter is that with such a dearth of Biblical knowledge for most people living in the west all they are ever exposed to is perverted movies, liberal churches and millionaire TV evangelists.

God’s name is blasphemed in these last days like never before!

So while society continues to be educated away from Biblical Christianity and towards a more secular Hollywood style worldview, with its own “Ten Commandments,” and a corrupted form of Christianity, that being Roman Catholicism, the job of the true believer is made much harder.

And of course, as we fade further away from the word of God, we will see a continued moral vacuum, and religions like witchcraft and postmodernism will happily replace it.

What those in the east have long departed from, those in the west are now embracing. In fact, more people in the east are coming to Christ than at any time in the last 100 years. Whereas those in the west are leaving Christianity (if they ever practised this, to begin with) and are turning to heathenism like never before.

If the rapture hasn’t occurred in the next forty years, one can only shudder to wonder what level of decency and morality will be left.

To anyone that says Hollywood and other media outlets are simply reflecting “modern society” and our more “advanced way of life,” I would ask why then do they write the names of Jesus and God into nearly every script?

Why is it that the sacred names of the Triune God are blasphemed, many times by children if Jesus and God don’t exist?

You can’t have it both ways: either there is no God and the movie industry, along with some of their Scientific friends will continue to preach their “gospel” about this, or there is and therefore they should stop using Jesus and God to replace words of disgust!

(Only this week, David Attenborough had to say that he hadn’t ruled out the existence of God).




January 2012

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