The Living Dead

The Living Dead

Who are they, the living dead?

And why are they identified as, the walking dead?

If life is for the living,

Then what can the dead be giving?

On any given day just stop and observe all who slouch by you,

With blemished skin, mocking lips and always hostile eyes.

Watch for them in a crowded mall or Gothic town squares,

But pause in your quest,

Dear friend because I need to ask a request,

Seek first if you will what came from the lips of the Lord Himself.

“Let the dead bury their dead” (Matthew 8:21)

Who are they the living dead?

They are or could be any smirking zombie.

Or he may be a bowing maitred who will greet you on entering his fashionable rotisserie.

Or she may be a gentle spoken Irish paediatrician,

Who gently cautions you about your sick child, offering the most

Tragic news you will ever hear for certain.

“But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth” (1 Tim. 5:6)

Be not defiled by those without Christ,

But desire to be with those within Christ.

All corpses certainly contaminate,

And all one day will recline in a ppurpose-builtgrave, however late.

But what of the living dead?

Why they still shop and spend in any fashionable avenue,

Spoiling and preening themselves and all charged did you not know to Visa. How sad and how grotesque!

‘And you were dead in your trespasses and sin’ (Ephesians 2:1)

For the substance of sin is death but to be rescued from sin is gain.

Was not Nicodemus inspired three times with “Ye must be born again.”

So all unsaved, smiling, laughing, friendly people are sadly the living dead,

Be they firm friends or precious family, if they are unsaved they are the living dead.

To evade [the] second death,

Seek and acquire the second birth.


The Grateful Dead,

Dead Calm,

Dead trouble,

Dead on Arrival,

Dead or Alive,

The Naked and the Dead,

Dead men tell no Tales (or so they say)

Long Time dead,


Dead silent.

Dead to the World (sleeping) OR A LONG TIME DEAD.

All are dead are in sin (for none are good)

So Please-just remember:

So please-just remember:

On the third day, JESUS emerged from the dead-Halleluiah.

He died that we might have life,

And have it abundantly,

Without fear or strife.

So these are they the living dead,

Forever mourned-forever dead.

In the writing of this stanza, I was inspired by the sermon entitled “The Living and the Dead” by Jacob Prasch, from Moriel Ministries.

It will and I think does hit a personal nerve to all of us with unsaved family or friends.

They are the living dead. Most of them are unaware of this description of themselves, and would be horrified in hearing it said to describe them (if you don’t believe me, just try it.)

Most of our dear family and friends will die in an unsaved manner, sad to say. But I do think we must continue to pray for them and for the fate of their eternal souls, after all, who else will?



December 2004

(All Rights Reserved)