The Legacy of Winston Churchill

The Legacy of Winston Churchill

I never met or saw the ‘great’ man but I was informed some years ago that my great-grandfather, a Detective Inspector of the Dublin Garda, was involved as a spectator at the famous “Sidney Street Siege” in London when Churchill as Home Secretary in 1911, ordered in armed Scots Guards from the Tower of London to assist the police in rooting out a nest of anarchists which they did. This later resulted in six people being killed in this episode that became a legend in the east end, and part of my own family history, or so I am informed.

Churchill also took a peculiar interest in the infamous Dr Crippen case of 1910. Crippen, the myopic homoeopathic doctor, was accused of the murder of his wife, Cora aka Belle; which saw his eventual and unsuccessful sea escape, with the young Ethel Le Neve, and their subsequent and dramatic arrest on the 31st July on the high seas by the ambitious Inspector Dew of the coast of Canada, which made headline news in England. I personally do not accept that Crippen murdered his wife in a fit of anger or jealousy and indeed the fragments of flesh unearthed later by the police in the cellar of 39 Hilldrop Crescent (now demolished due to bomb damage) were not that of Cora, but the section of an abortion performed in that house before the Crippens took up occupation.

(Crippen and Ethel Le Neve in the Old Bailey dock)

Incredibly from his arrest until his execution was a mere nineteen weeks with the Old Bailey jury returning a verdict in an incredible twenty-seven. What is interesting is that Churchill as Home Secretary refused to consider a petition for clemency and I wonder why. He did, however, take an extraordinary interest in the on-going progress of the case, even having regular updates from the court brought to his golf club by a messenger, maybe even on to the links. Yet poor Crippen unaware of the scales of justice being stacked against him confides in his memoirs that: “Mr Churchill has my life in his gift.” Rather strange words to use and rather feeble, as only God has the gift of life or death.

The diminutive American doctor was, of course, hanged on 23rd November 1910, no years on death row for him it seems. So I do perhaps speculate that Winston Churchill and his decision was part of some masonic favour for the establishment or maybe his actions were perhaps for the medical prosecution team, because Churchill had, after all, enjoyed an on-off association with the Freemasons, himself being a member of the Studholme Lodge 1591 in London, and of course, his membership with the druids and of course all such promotion of these organisations and cults will hinder any future access to Heaven unless that sinner repents and forsakes their grip.

I’m informed that Churchill’s symbolic “v” sign is, in fact, an ancient druid signal to attack their enemy, so he certainly was aware of some of their own pagan rituals as well. As regards the Crippen case mention is always made of Miss Ethel LeNeve, his then young confidant and lover. I do believe Miss LeNeve knew much more that was never revealed at the trial, and on personal note after Crippen’s execution, she later married and moved to the town where I lived myself, eventually living some streets away from where I also resided, and of her own controversial past, it seems she never revealed any of it whilst she was alive to her husband or children, although she was in correspondence before her death with a well-known author who was researching the Crippen murder trial. Yet all very strange if true and all an element of the secretive embroidery of the life of Miss Ethel LeNeve, I suggest.

(Churchill receives a warm welcome on warship)

During World War II the dead hand of the occult hungover that wartime cabinet, even Air Marshall Dowding, an avowed spiritualist, seems through secret séances communicated frequently with his dead air force pilots, and he, strangely enough, is buried in Westminster Abbey of all places. One can only speculate what other wicked immoral black arts were being practised in and around the Whitehall streets of wartime London. And hadn’t Churchill thanked a wandering spirit in aiding his own escape in South Africa in 1899 from the Boer prison in his memoirs. Churchill as a young man seems to have been familiar with these un-familiar spirits that are so well recorded and despised in the Holy Bible with distaste and warnings.

(Air Marshall Dowding)

Churchill was just a simple willing tool in God’s hands in overcoming the Nazi menace. Afterwards of course in 1948 the fledgeling state of Israel was born, yet since that day she has been on a permanent war footing and will be so until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to reign from the throne of David in Jerusalem itself.

In approaching the infamous “Witchcraft Act” some background I suspect is required, and so much of it emerges from Helen Duncan. Mrs Duncan it seems was a much sought after medium and boasted of many of London’s fashionable clients among her clientele. It is even suggested that Churchill himself was one such client, perhaps even King George VI. Yet later during the war, Mrs Duncan had fallen foul of the law during the blitz when it is claimed that she had seen through a trance that HMS Braham had been sunk.

She was arrested and sentenced to nine months in prison, confined on a charge of section 4 of the Witchcraft Act of 1735. Indeed again Churchill took a great interest in this controversial case and after her own conviction he wrote to his Home Secretary of the waste of court time and recourses and of “the obsolete tomfoolery of the charge.” This sounds rather like a warlock protecting a witch from castigation, and of course in 1951 Churchill when back in office as Prime Minister, had that act revoked and amended, finally to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

From then on it seems England’s credibility went into deep and irreversible decline!

Afterwards, Britain would descend further into the den of depravity and debasement but it’s all part of Satan’s agenda for the arrival of the Antichrist as revealed in the Book of Revelation. And it cannot be far away we suggest from this ministry. Yet Churchill, if he had been in office as Prime Minister in 1948, would certainly have encouraged and assisted in the birth of the fledgeling state of Israel at the United Nations, and of its survival against a hostile Islamic world. Churchill was never an anti-Semitic having represented a large Jewish community in Manchester North West as a young MP in 1906.

(Churchill addressing the US Congress)

On a personal note, there is a slight mystery I feel of why little Marigold Frances Churchill, the 2-year-old daughter of Churchill, who died of blood infection is buried in a North London cemetery instead of being interred with the remainder of the Churchill family in the burial plot at Blaydon nr Woodstock. A recent visitor to the North London cemetery discovered her grave by chance and remarked that it was neglected and in need of some repair and cleaning. How odd, I suggest.

(Neglected headstone of Churchill’s daughter)

Winston Churchill died on 24th January 1965, coincidently on the anniversary of the death of his late father, Lord Randolph Church who died on the 24th January 1895.

All of these men were offered great gifts in their lives, most of them squandered them through pleasure and power. So much of this world and its pleasures and pursuits amount to a pittance in the end if the penitent is unsaved.

(A derelict and closed pub nearby)

I cannot confirm that Churchill was ever a saved man and if indeed repentance was a word he knew or even tried to understand. So many of these men believe they have a golden ticket to Heaven and are arrogant in their sins denying all knowledge of them or their purpose. Yet the Holy Bible states very clearly: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

If you have not repented today, then do so now, quickly!

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”





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