The Jesuits, Part 6: “Two Disgraced Jesuits – Pedro Arrupe and Teilhard de Chardin”

The Jesuits, Part 6: “Two Disgraced Jesuits – Pedro Arrupe and Teilhard de Chardin”

(Pedro Arrupe on left, Teilhard de Chardin on right)

In this concluding series from Ex-Catholics for Christ on the role of the Jesuits in shaping society and covertly influencing the lives of millions of their own catholics, there are some lingering issues concerning these men in black that needs to be addressed.

Some years ago this message or graffiti was scrawled on a wall in Ulster, Northern Ireland. It read: “Speed limit 30 mph – Jesuits keep out!” No love lost there, it seems! And we all recognise the hideous skull-and-bones image also seen in Jesuit rites,and used of course by the Nazi S.S. officers on their distinctive black uniforms designed by the late Hugo Boss, no less. And yes, that company’s merchandise is still being marketed successfully in shopping malls today.

In the educational realm, there is a well-known saying: “Give me a child until he (or she) is seven, and I will give you the man (woman).” This is alleged to have been spoken by Francis Xavier, co-founder of the Jesuits and still heard today. But this truth is true beyond age seven years, does it not? And many alumni from prestigious Jesuit religious universities worldwide have reached into government, industry and banking and have left their mark, of course, and more importantly have become Jesuit temporal coadjutors.

In fact, president Obama has appointed more Jesuit-educated individuals to his cabinet to formulate government policy than anyone before him. So, it remains to be seen from where president-elect Donald Trump will select his own final cabinet appointees for his coming tenure of office. At the time of writing, many future cabinet ministers have arrived at Trump Tower for interviews from, can you believe, Jesuit universities, some even being appointed for important Trump cabinet posts already.

I now want to digress in this Jesuit appraisal to recount that in early 1940 William Donovan, then head of the OSS that would later morph into the CIA, employed the espionage talents of a Belgium Dominican priest, Felix Morlion (never forget that this appalling “religious order” murdered millions during the terrible Inquisition period!). Morlion would act as a bridge between himself and the Vatican intelligence service to strengthen the Vatican espionage division at the time. Later Morlion, with the aid of Donovan, would hastily aid the escape of Nazi agents from occupied Europe by giving safe passage, probably arranged by Donovan himself, to sail to New York, there ensconced under the safe roof of Cardinal “Franny” Spellman, known to his friends as “the Vatican pope”.

Maybe the last pope/false prophet will be an American cardinal, who knows, or even cares.

Yet after the war, ex-CIA director Victor Marchetti remembered: “The CIA very early on made a decision that the Nazis were more valuable as allies and agents than as war criminals.” This is a shocking and yet not surprising statement that the CIA would collude and employ former murderers and criminals. After the war, Reinhard Gehlen (one of Hitler’s prominent spymasters and a catholic) was involved with many dubious dangerous activities and murders on that terrible Russian eastern front. He would later be awarded the Sovereign Military Order of Malta by the Vatican. I wonder what his services to the Vatican were in those war years that he should be thought of so highly by the then pope Pius XII! He would later go on to head the post-war German Intelligence machine (BND until 1968). Some claim it was set up with U.S./CIA money.

Here is another interesting quote I found: “The great strength of our order lies in its concealment. Let it never appear in any place in its own name.” This apparently is attributed to Adam Weishaupt, the German founder of the infamous Illuminati, but you know it could have been uttered by any of the 30 previous Jesuit superior generals over the last 500 years. In other words, the song is ended but the melody lingers on, does it not?

For this final Jesuit journal for this year’s newsletter, we need to examine briefly the lives of two men, naturally both of them Jesuit priests. It’s interesting, as well, that there have been no English or American Jesuits taking that prominent role in Rome. One exception was a man who looked after the shop during Pedro Arrupes’ illness: a liberal American Jesuit by the name of Vincent O’Keefe. But he seemed to fall foul of pope John Paul II’s temper for some reason, being quickly disposed of by the pope, who instead installed his own pet Jesuit to lead the Jesuit order during Pedro Arrupe’s ongoing illness.

“Pope John Paul showed how much he mistrusted the society by appointing his own personal delegate,” writes William Barrett S.J., and Pedro Arrupe (the serving 29th superior general it is reported “wept [being] overcome with grief when he heard of this extreme intervention” by his boss. Ah, who once remarked that religion is not a cruel master controlled by these duplicitous religious reverends?

If you’re trapped in their clerical clutches, get out of it now! Show them the door and become born again and washed in the blood of the Lamb.

It seems there have been some minor “tsunamis” in and out of the Jesuit household kitchens in recent decades. Even the present pope, it seems, as plain “father” (not Mr. Bagglio) appears to have been subjected to the well-known “clergy cold shoulder” (whatever that is) by his own Jesuit superiors.

For him, these were painfully referred to as: “The disgrace years.” This all happened long ago in that tumultuous era of the 1970s. It seems that the old boy was no admirer of some of the Marxist brand of liberation theology, the then Jesuit flavour in Argentina and obviously made his views known.

And what did pope Clement XIV remark long ago about the Jesuits in 1773? With total conviction, it seems, he declared from his elevated throne: “We will abolish and suppress the society” (which he did). A brave man indeed, I say! Even the then catholic encyclopaedia remarked about this dangerous decision of his that “It was abundantly justified.” A year later Clement was dead for whatever reason, maybe by a papal prescription prepared by the court physician, the usual way then, of course, to dispense of nuisance popes (see the death of pope John Paul I). Of interest to me for no special reason is that he had invited Leopold and Wolfgang Mozart (both freemasons) to the Vatican, where he would listen with amazement as the 14-year-old Wolfgang played from memory for him during the family’s tour in Italy.

The conniving architect and master builder of the second Vatican council of 1962 was the Jesuit/pope’s personal confessor, cardinal Augustine Bea. I rather like to compare him with Don Quixote of Man of La Mancha fame and always with the faithful Pedro Arrupe tagging along acting as the Don’s faithful Sancho Panza, with Pedro firing spiritual arrows at traditional edicts of his church, sometimes scoring a bull’s eye (like the Latin mass), and sometimes not.

So, let’s take a look at this Spaniard who wept when his pope overruled him. And who knows? Perhaps this hastened his own death in 1991.

Pedro Arrupe was born on November 14th, 1907, in Bilbao, a Basque by birth, as was the Jesuits’ founder, Ignatius Loyola. In fact, as I commence this today on the 14th of November 2016, it would have been his 99th birthday, strange isn’t it?

He once referred to himself as: “That little man [who] parachuted to the head of the society of Jesus in 1965.” Or: “Take Christ out of my life and everything would fall apart,” or and rather mysteriously he would claim that: “We have access to certain powers that are denied to others.” Um, I wonder what these certain mysterious powers are and bestowed upon the Jesuits by whom? Or is this simply Jesuit hype allowing them to bask in some form of self-importance, or maybe satanic?

As I examine the lives of Pedro Arrupe and Teilhard de Chardin (I once saw his name written as Teilhard de Cardigan somewhere) for this final series of Jesuit articles, I realise I am journeying into treacherous terrain and maybe possibly dangerous ground on what I write and highlight for myself and my family about both these Jesuit priests and their wicked order! Yet the Jesuit order has to be examined and in some cases exposed for what they proclaim as their corrupted and perverted brand of “Christianity.”

Interestingly, the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre wrote of them as follows: “Like the freemasons, the Jesuits are one of the great occult forces that govern the world.” A powerful statement from the master craftsman of words that should not be ignored or dismissed as irrelevant. So I shall proceed with faith and fortitude in my research of these men and their Jesuit order.

Both of these men today are treated rather as icons by the Jesuit order and this to me borders on personal idolatry. Some months ago whilst in London when we were doing an important ministry/tract distribution with our dear friends, I had the rare opportunity of engaging an elderly Jesuit in a brief conversation and I wish it had been extended. However, at the mention of Pedro and Teilhard’s names, his eyes glazed over with love and admiration when I explained to him that I was researching their lives for an upcoming article. He didn’t seem interested in enquiring why I was attempting such a task, yet he was happy to go back and forth with me over theological issues and sadly not the controversial bloodthirsty “fourth vow.”

(Author on the right speaks to Jesuit on the left)

Strangely enough, the young Pedro Arrupe was also seeking his own vocation in life, something that would initially lead him towards the practice of medicine as a young man, a noble profession indeed.

In 1926 he was invited to Lourdes in the foothills and meadows of the Pyrenees to “examine claims of miraculous cures.” It would be a life changing visit for him, it seems. Of course, Jesuit-controlled Hollywood has over the last fifty years been very taken with both the shrines of Lourdes and Fatima and others where the so-called Marian apparitions had occurred and made popular later through the medium of celluloid.

By the way, look out for a recent Hollywood film offering us Jesuit propaganda about when the order invaded Japan spiritually, some two hundred years ago. A year later, Pedro Arrupe would swap medicine for the mass, chloroform for the confessional, and a white medical coat for the fitted black religious cassock. He was now on his way in reaching the top job of his order.

The whole perception of the so-called queen of heaven as illustrated at Lourdes and the blasphemous daily devotion of Mary needs to examined. Mary of Nazareth is not the queen of heaven; never was and never would be. However, she certainly resides in heaven but is blissfully unaware of how her name is being disgraced and denigrated through the recitation of the rosary and the sickening and sordid statue worship of her! And what about those ambiguous messages from her it is claimed that we hear so much about and always it seems spoken to frightened illiterate children? Why not appear, I ask, direct a mystical message to an important linguist or Harvard or Yale professor dozing on a sunny afternoon on campus with a dry martini in his hand? Now he would be able to converse with her in a dozen languages, if not more, in whatever one she chose to use. And maybe even some extinct ones at that, or maybe communicate personally with a top-draw Jesuit cardinal at Georgetown, and wouldn’t he love to receive a message from her? Now, that would be interesting to hear about on Fox News or a CBS religious special, but of course, it never happens, does it? I do wonder why.

This false Mary can never offer perfection, only pain and imperfection to those who venerate her image. Such a practice has indeed risen from the occult depths, and is both dangerous and misleading as it robs the glory from the Lord Jesus Christ, which of course has always been Satan’s purpose. Today over a thousand shrines and grottos are dedicated to “Mary” and all flourishing financially, it seems, showing that he is succeeding. Of course, all will be destroyed when the Lord returns in triumph to detach the apostate church from this fallen world at the Second Coming. Ah, a happy day yet to arrive and yearned for by so many.

The whole controversial cult worship of Mary stretches right back to Babylon and Egypt. In Babylon, the wife of Nimrod was Semiramis, a practicing witch (and there’s plenty of them today), and it seems both she and her husband “came up with the idea of confessional and celibacy for their priests.” Eventually, she would be replaced by many other cheap imitations that spread like an epidemic in the Roman world and beyond, such as Indrani and child, Devayani and Krishna, and the cult of worship of these women would eventually arrive to Rome where the unhealthy worship of Venus and others were being fostered. This would later be adopted by Constantine and his mother Helen being promoted through the depiction of Mary, the queen of heaven. Of course, she was seen many times in art and elsewhere, always clutching the child Jesus in her arms. This would reach deep into post-Constantine Europe and into the Far East.

It seems when the Jesuit missionaries (or as they should be called, agent provocateurs) arrived in their journeys for conversions, many forced, they would be subjected to what they themselves witnessed, later quickly promoting the cult of the Virgin Mary and child. This would later become a lucrative financial purse for the order and church.

Today the Marian shrines of Lourdes, for example, boast nearly as many hostels and accommodation as Paris. Whoever said, “religion doesn’t pay”?

Remember: only the Lord Jesus Christ is the saving door to Heaven. But follow the impostor/demon goddess known as “Mary” and that spirit will take you straight to Hell. Hell is never full, always room for one more, so make sure you don’t end up there!!

Through the depraved ecumenical and interfaith movements, many precious souls sadly will perish and be lost forever from the glory of witnessing heaven and all its splendour. There will be no second chance to repent. Tragically for many, it will be too late. But always remember, Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

So, if you’re “cruising” along and trusting in a false church system, you’ve been warned!!! According to the late Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest himself, Pedro Arrupe had been a leading “comrade” of the Spanish communist party no less. Arrupe would later remove himself from the Franco regime’s clutches, perhaps for political reasons I suggest, departing for Northern Europe, later being ordained in America in 1936. Arrupe had no less than six bridges named after him.

The Jesuit order would later “exile” him to Japan, possibly because of his left political leanings, but it’s not clear. He would then spend 27 years in Japan, returning only to Europe infrequently for clerical or family reasons, “and not a soul was saved,” remarked the late Peter S. Ruckman concerning Arrupe’s long Japanese sojourn. “How true!” we say to that statement.

These Japanese years of Pedro Arrupe are cloaked in confusion and conspiracy, so let’s look at some of them, such as:

  • Why were protestant ministers imprisoned in Japan pre the war, yet the Jesuits were allowed, it seems, to go about their business unhindered?
  • Was the atomic bomb detonated in 1945 simply a militarily trial run to be later used against Stalin’s armies and a possible planned Pentagon attack on Soviet Russia by America?
  • Was that coyly named “fat boy” bomb just simply a modified “flash bomb” guided and detonated by Jesuit scientists from their house in Nagasaki? And why was there no deep crater after its apparent explosion, which would normally leave lakes of rubble and debris such as seen in the pre-trial tests filmed in Nevada? These scientific theories have led to the suggestion today that the Jesuits are behind Area 51, the secret base in the Nevada desert. Are the so-called “grey aliens” suspiciously coming and going from that guarded site since 1947, and it is claimed happily living and cohabitating amongst us all without fear of reprisals against them and under presidential protection, perhaps by executive order? They are also known to some researchers as extra-dimensional. I prefer to call them fallen angels. Devils. Demons!

Perhaps this would explain why the Jesuit pope Francis recently was reported as saying he would “baptize aliens.”

So, it looks as if some near future “alien mother-ship arrival ” is being sought by the Jesuits, as their many manned observatories (perhaps over 30) continually sweep the heavens with all communication naturally going through this pope and his advisors from his Jesuit order when they effortlessly land – maybe in Arizona or the Nevada desert (yes, Nevada again). If indeed these cold-blooded creatures have been safely domiciled here since the Second World War as suggested by others, then perhaps they are residing in other vast desert wastelands, such as the Sahara (where incidentally snow fell today for the first time in nearly 40 years). And they won’t like that, will they? Or maybe the Arabian or Syrian desert where perhaps those elusive “weapons of mass destruction” are waiting to be discovered one day?

How about Antarctica as an alien base or would that be too cold for them (unless they are residing in pre-heated deep caverns perhaps constructed many years ago by slave labour)? There was a strange religious ceremony, did you know, carried out there in February by the Russian patriarch Kirill and it seems a papal blessing was sought from the pope in Cuba of all places, both unsaved men of course, and maybe Obama made a secret trip at the same time to that unknown region recently. Are they here to aid or annihilate us? That is the unanswered question.

The mysterious Gobi desert should also be examined. This, after all, was Teilhard de Chardin’s old stomping ground, of course, and in fact the climate and terrain there would rather agree with these cold-blooded aliens and allow them to construct their own secret military bases in these “hot-spots” of the globe. Who knows? Maybe Teilhard made contact himself with a colony of aliens after so many years roaming that Chinese desert wearing the obligatory pith helmet, in the 1930s searching for homo erectus and instead stumbled over some other alien civilisation and certainly more dangerous than what he was searching for?

This may be a future follow-up article on the Jesuits.

1) What was the true terrifying story of the naval ship the U.S.S. Indianapolis that was mysteriously torpedoed in the dying days of the Second World War, resulting in the terrible deaths of over 1,000 serving sailors who desperately tried to swim ashore from the sinking ship only to be devoured by sharks?

2) What of Pedro Arrupe’s own arrest being charged as a spy by the Japanese secret police where he would later be incarcerated for 33 days (a symbolic number), this being after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th 1941. (It has long been claimed the U.S. government knew of the planned Japanese attack days before it happened. Some of the family of the American high command are still trying to clear their late relatives’ names). And why in a short black-and-white news film is Arrupe sitting in an open court with his printed name hanging around his neck? And is that American newspaper men standing around in front of him talking? This being when America is at war with Japan, or was this filmed after the war?

Very strange incident indeed.

(Arrupe in the dock)

3) So much of this period from 1945 in Japan is still “classified.”

4) Why was Arrupe exiled so long in Japan and was there an international arrest warrant for him?

5) What does it mean concerning the Jesuits and their loyalty oath spoken to the pope and why did pope Paul VI remark rather ambiguously that the Jesuits “had wounded him.” Pope John Paul II went even further when he said: “The Jesuits are causing confusion…”

(The black pope, left, with the imposter pope Paul VI, centre)

Many of the eastern religious practices, such as the bowing and greeting to strangers with hands joined together, have quietly replaced the old traditional genuflecting, this being known as “inculturation” as witnessed by Hindu holy men or bowing reverently to heathen gods, i.e. as seen in yoga and Tai Chi-Chi Kung.

In other words, the late ex-Jesuit priest Malachi Martin claimed that the Jesuits had gone “rogue” and no longer, it seems, supported papal progress. He further stated on a radio interview some years ago (1990) that: “The Jesuits have declared a silent war on the papacy” and remember: this man had been a practicing Jesuit for most of his life! Unfortunately, he seems to have died being a dedicated worshipper of Mary, as well as believing and promoting that false region of purgatory of all things. He did also claim: “That Satan is alive and active and should not be ignored.” Well, we at this ministry would fully concur with this alarming fact.

This may be why John Paul II overruled an ailing Pedro Arrupe’s wish and suggestion that a fellow Jesuit, the American Vincent O’Keefe, could be proposed to become the next superior general of the order. Well, that’s what he wanted but didn’t get. Instead, the pope appointed his own pick (an inside man), much to the anguish of Arrupe, of course. Pedro Arrupe expired in 1991, but he had actually resigned in 1983 due to declining health.

His lasting legacy is the “curse” of full-blown murderous liberation theology that assaulted almost all of South America back then, and perhaps from the 1970s onwards. The clerical crime of his Jesuit priests was persuading peasants in deprived countries of the false catholic belief that religious justice and peace edicts from the Vatican can and could offer a better world to the lost and the damned. Yet Jesus said: “I am the light of the world, he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12).

As a matter of fact, a priest named Gustavo Gutierrez coined those revolutionary words of attack: “liberation theology.” But there is no liberation, of course, from the social sin in any theological treatise. Only the precious blood of Jesus Christ will liberate all repenting sinners from sin and more importantly, he/she must become born again. Good works in aiding the poor or deprived through pious works will always fail miserably, and liberation theology with its communist chant to reform or abolish capitalism will always fail. Wealth (like the poor) will always be with us. You will never completely eradicate all the pain and poverty in this fallen world. Of course, all of this nonsense will be eclipsed when the Saviour returns with a fiery sword.

Pedro Arrupe’s Jesuit priests and soldiers then toiling in South American jungles and shanty towns had well-worn, well-thumbed copies of Marx’s Das Capital and Lenin’s One Step Forward, Two Steps Back tucked into their camouflage rucksacks. Teilhard de Chardin, perhaps the father of the new age movement as he has been called, would have memorised Charles Darwin’s pagan and racist bookOn the Origin of Species,” and I also suggest Huxley’s book Man’s Place in Nature, or the works of the spiritualist Alfred Russel Wallace.

It’s interesting to note the stupid title of the “big bang theory” so widely and proudly promoted today by the left-wing Marxist media was ironically coined by a Belgium Jesuit priest named George Lemaitre.

Well, why am I not surprised that such Satanic mischief-making can be traced right back to this pseudo “Christian church”/order of the Jesuits! But indeed, the Holy Bible states: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). The hoax of “the big-bang theory” is a Jesuit LIE, whatever this pope proclaims privately or otherwise. God will not be mocked, not even by a serving pope!

Interestingly, Teilhard had been involved with the successful Piltdown Man hoax in 1912 then in England, as well as, I suggest, perhaps colluding with others in the scheme to promote the so-called wonder “Peking man” in China in the late 1920s.

Pedro Arrupe’s ambition was to liberate the so-called downtrodden “masses” from the curse of cruel capitalism by force-feeding heavy doses of religious liberation theology of clerical castor oil, always administered from a wooden spoon. And would Teilhard know what “liberation theology” was if he tripped over it on his numerous archaeological digs in Africa and China? Hadn’t he always, it seems, had adolescent archaeological ambitions of being the palaeontologist who would find the so-called “missing link” or homo erectus? This, of course, was intended to be his silver bullet in later dismembering the Biblical account of Genesis on the creation of man!

Today, the works of the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin are on open display in Moscow’s “hall of atheism” (can you believe?) alongside the mouldering works of Marx and Lenin. Of interest, is that the so-called “Piltdown man” was discovered before WWI, and “Peking man” would disappear shortly before WW2.

According to now declassified CIA documents, in 1935 Teilhard de Chardin was involved somehow with the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence no less, apparently running covert spies from Shanghai into Japan. According to an anonymous general who had apparently recruited over 30 trained agents besides Teilhard de Chardin, he later claimed that money motivated most of the paid agents (isn’t it usually that way?). So here we discover that this Jesuit priest was somehow acting as an unpaid spy or recruiting officer (as far as we know) for American intelligence. What’s going on here? What was his motive? Was it possibly, I suggest, because of the generous financial support he and his team had been granted from the Rockefeller organization? If so, was he then acting under sealed strict orders from his Jesuit superior general Halke von Ledochowski in perhaps assisting the Vatican’s own secret service, the Sodalitium Pranum along with other European intelligence services in this spy mix as well?

Today it’s difficult to claim or deny, but murky waters are indeed found in this sewer of spies, with somehow a dash of clerical cocktail to sweeten this sour drink. And doesn’t it seem to dovetail nicely into the world of organised religion combined with espionage practices into this lair of lies?

It also worth noting that both Arrupe and Teilhard de Chardin seem to have both been banished for whatever reason from Europe by their Jesuit order, and for long periods as well. Again, one can only speculate what the real reason was.

It seems that the familiar finger of suspicion has to be pointed at this palaeontologist priest, amongst other favoured suspects in the Piltdown Man (1912) and Peking Man conspiracy skulduggery theories because: “Teilhard de Chardin had an international reputation as a discoverer of Peking man and Piltdown,” so writes Ronald Millar.

So, let’s look at some of the popular Piltdown suspects in particular order:

1) Charles “digger” Dawson. This man was an amateur palaeontologist (there were many of them at the time, it seems) and has been credited with perhaps discovering the Piltdown skulls. By profession, he was a dubious solicitor, it seems, and freemason from Uckfield in Sussex. He also went under the unusual sobriquet of “the wizard of Sussex,” not sure why. Well, maybe because of some Wicca activities in that region of Sussex. Teilhard first met him in 1908; however, 40 years later the famed skull was found to be a hoax. Was Dawson the sole hoaxer or did he have an accomplice? A rumour surfaced some years ago that Dawson was being blackmailed, but by whom and for what purpose is not known. Did he perhaps reconstruct a discarded human skull to an ape’s jawbone with filed-down teeth under his own steam then heavily stain the skull? Well, one witness would later claim to recall seeing him engaged in such an act.

2) Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle of “Sherlock Holmes” fame conveniently resided near by the site and was aware of the team of diggers, often pausing to converse with them as he passed by on his way to play a round of golf. He may even have met and talked with Teilhard as well. And I don’t see why not. Doyle might have mischievously planted some personal fossils at the deserted dig. He was a collector, after all, and he would later have one of the characters in his book The Lost World (1912) remark rather mysteriously that: “If you are clever and know your business you can fake a bone as easily as you can take a photograph,” an interesting coded statement, I suggest, for the reader to work out for himself. He also had a loathing for the Jesuit order of priests, having been brutalized by that order at the Stonyhurst College where he attended for many years as a boy. He would later be taught in Austria under the Jesuits as well and would also become deeply involved with spiritualism. He may have been just administering some personal revenge on that despised Roman religious order of the Jesuits, naturally using a young Teilhard as the bait for his vengeful motives. What a shame about Doyle’s faith in spiritualism.

3) Teilhard de Chardin. One man aware of that controversial Piltdown period pre the First World War was a Mr. David Essex, a man who himself was living and teaching near the site. He informed an interviewer years later that: “Briefly he is convinced that Teilhard de Chardin was the hoaxer and he did not think anyone else was involved. He believed that Charles Dawson had been an innocent victim, duped by a conniving French priest.”

The author Ronald Millar in his 1972 book The Piltdown Men writes that: “Charles Dawson befriended Teilhard de Chardin, introduced him to the Geological Society and assisted him in making his first big discovery… and that he had been favoured with the skill and assistance of Teilhard de Chardin.”

When the skull was finally found to be a forgery in 1950 after extensive fluorine-based laboratory tests, Teilhard de Chardin “preferred not to make a public statement, he then was of course the only person alive who had worked on the Dawson dig long ago.”

The late Harvard palaeontologist Stephen J. Gould who “had read all the official documents of the case” was convinced of Teilhard’s culpability in the episode and as he saw it and suggested, another view was that “Teilhard’s probable motive for assisting Dawson was a curious mixture of nationalistic spite and the irresistible desire to test the gullibility of the scientific establishment,” writes Frank Spencer commentating on Gould’s findings.

Well, I’m not so sure, so I suggest perhaps Teilhard decided for whatever reason to discover the so-called “missing link” thereby confirming his own religious doubts and bring his ideas to the world, or so he hoped: “Ah, what fools these mortals be,” wrote Shakespeare!

It is also of interest to some that the jaw bone fixed to the skull had maybe arrived from a working archaeological site in Montpellier, France, and of course, Teilhard may have visited that location himself out of curiosity, later secreting the bones to England. The famous tooth that he also discovered “by chance” at the dig in Sussex amongst the rubble and dust and dirt was later said to have come from North Africa, maybe Egypt or Tunisia. Teilhard had, of course, visited both countries previously and resided in Egypt as well. So could he not have swiftly pocketed the tooth as well under the scorching sun, then taking it with him to England, and later suspiciously scattering it at the Dawson dig to be conveniently spotted later (which of course it was)? Amazingly, this simple hoax would survive for forty years until it was revealed years later to a shocked world.

Was this hoax engineered later in China, where bones claiming to be the Peking man were located by Teilhard and his team? That suspicious skull has not survived, having been mysteriously “mislaid” in 1941. Teilhard was himself interrogated in 1941 concerning this skull and its whereabouts by the Chinese police, in fact in the same year that Pedro Arrupe was detained by Japanese authorities on charges of spying or aiding the enemy. Interesting the Jesuit connection again, isn’t it?

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). How true! And with the scientific discovery in 1953 proving that Piltdown man was just a clever phoney and with a serious possibility that “Peking man” would go the same way after serious examination, the French Jesuit may have lived in deep fear that he could be professionally named as behind both of these serious shameful hoaxes. However, “Now old and weak…Teilhard returned to New York. He was sentenced to living out his days in a foreign land,” writes Amir D. Acczel.

In a final letter to a friend Teilhard confesses that: “I am still nervous, more nervous than I would, than should be.” How sad and I do perhaps wonder what he was nervous or alarmed about. And did all this suppressed fear date back to the dark Piltdown and Peking men periods of this Jesuit’s tumultuous life? Who knows!

Teilhard de Chardin died in New York on April 10th 1955 of a massive cerebral haemorrhage, it was reported. Interestingly, after the church (Jesuit) service: “The coffin was taken for burial but the ground was still partially frozen so the coffin was kept in a vault for several days, until a grave could be dug,” writes Amir D. Aczel. But of course there will be no frozen ground or lakes in hell, instead, the blistering heat will be far more severe than the Gobi desert, and only in the lake of fire will we see and hear the weeping and wailing of those cast into its fiery furnace one day soon.

(Sad old man still searching for “the missing link”)

The Holy Bible warns us: “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction… Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:13-14).

So, we at this ministry would urge you today to examine your conscience this Christmas, then repent and become saved. Time is short. Eternity is forever

In fact, as I make the finishing touches to the last newsletter of 2016, the Russian ambassador was murdered in Ankara, Turkey. He would not, I suggest, have been expecting death to arrive so quickly and claim his life, and I’m sure he had future plans for himself and his family when he returned to Moscow for the Christmas holidays. But it was not to be. As Ecclesiastes 8:7 warns us: “For he knoweth not that which shall be: for who can tell him when it shall be?”

Much of Pedro Arrupe’s dangerous liberation theology is accepted, perhaps grudgingly, by some clerics in the Vatican and even this pope seems too critical of some of its liberal tenets, and I’m not sure why. Yet theologian Jung Mo Sung suggests that: “Part of liberation theology has been elevated to the doctrine of the church.” Um, I wonder what part he is referring to, but it must be always remembered that this conspiratorial church of Constantine is an apostate church, never Biblical, and that their creed is leading millions even now to the gates of Hell.

The apostle Peter would proclaim: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

These so-called educated men refused to accept or allow His divinity and exclusivity to Heaven to be exposed for glory, rather they enhanced themselves with their own agenda of self-promotion. One Jesuit (Teilhard de Chardin) would happily abandon his life in seeking answers to the world’s conception and deny the hand of God in this creation, instead always searching for a trench of bones left long ago baking in the deserts of the world. The other (Arrupe) always seeking an answer to life’s problems and mistakenly delving into the fruitless political tomes of Marx and Lenin and others, but never the Holy Bible, it seems.

As John the Baptist remarked so truthfully: “He must increase, but I mustdecrease” (John 3:30).

But these Jesuit men were always false teachers, their religious heresies always infecting so many. Sadly, it is still occurring today all around us. Also, through their wicked ways, these Vatican assassins have relied on Machiavelli’s words that “the end justifies the means” to perform many murders and cause mayhem, inflicting misery on many innocent people. The Jesuits supported a united catholic Ireland, using the IRA for their religious purpose in that land of my father’s.

It’s also interesting to me that the Guido Fawke’s facemask worn so brazenly today by those who oppose the NWO and globalisation always seem to be sported at any demonstration, have you noticed? Guido Fawkes was perhaps a recruited Jesuit coadjutor involved with the attempted destruction with others of Jesuit inclination and intolerance in the deliberate act of destroying the British Parliament in 1605, but God prevented their destructive devices from succeeding, as He had in thwarting the catholic-conceived Spanish armada’s attack against Elizabeth’s England. Six years later, the King James Bible (AV) was published. Praise the Lord!

Today “the Good Book,” as it is affectionately known, is still gaining strength and being sustained through its timeless spiritual message and always offering saving sustenance to those who genuinely seek redemption in its pages. The Jesuits will never hinder or destroy its eternal message from reaching a fallen world. In fact, 100+ million King James Bibles are sold or given away each year, did you know? Praise the Lord indeed for this ongoing blessing.

The archaeological artwork of Teilhard de Chardin never could or would rescue one lost unrepentant sinner in his fruitless wanderings so long ago, be it in the jungle, tundra, or desert. The Jesuits in this series will be judged one day for their past deeds, as will the many other heretics who have aided and associated with these so-called “priests of Rome.”

Today the ecumenical enigma is being played out in tents of worship. For example, I suggest the so-called “Alpha Course” (curse) is just one. And does not interfaith worship flourish in the quagmire of pagan worship as well? Many churches or temples and even mosques are willingly colluding, adroitly drawing many into their web of false faiths, all of course controlled and expertly managed and mortgaged at the top by the Jesuits.

One day that religious swamp will be drained when the Lord triumphantly descends to this fallen wicked world, bringing the New Jerusalem with Him. God will never be mocked or derided by the Jesuits or any other religious order of men who try to place themselves above Him or His Glory. They do so at their own peril.

It is too soon to speculate where the new black pope Arturo Sosa will direct his immediate Jesuit attention. I suggest it will not be moral issues, but rather social grievances such as fracking, wealth distribution, and the eradication of capitalism. But did not Jesus say: “For ye have the poor always with you” (Matthew 26:11)? This is a contradiction on their part.

Apparently, we are told that strange unknown signals are emanating from deep space, and for the Jesuits, this could be a future imminent prelude to an alien invasion or visit depending on your viewpoint.

The Jesuits have longed to see the fulfilment of their pet “omega point” as a cornerstone of their order’s beliefs, and a future covenant with these “visitors” (be they friend or foe) would be welcomed by the black and white pope together.

There is however no grey area as regards sin. Even today the pope is hypocritically warning about materialism instead of repentance, and publicly kissing a doll replica of the infant Jesus on Christmas Eve in the basilica in Rome; this looks cheap and obscene!

All must be liberated from sin not financial wealth. Remember: the Lord Jesus came to save those lost to sin who, without His personal sacrifice, would be on that wide road to hell. Only faith alone in the precious blood of Jesus Christ can save repenting sinners. The Jesuits and their church can offer nothing.

Born again Bible-believing Christians should be more concerned about ISIS and foreign terrorists than aliens. And let’s not forget the Jesuits’ own IHS symbol that proudly adorns their own churches. They are the real spiritual enemy to Bible-believing Christians, never alien beings.

“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)


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December 2016

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