The Jesuits, Part 5: “Their Hidden Role In Secret Societies”

The Jesuits, Part 5: “Their Hidden Role In Secret Societies”

(Reported skull of Ignatius Loyola or Francis Borgia)

No study or scrutiny of the Jesuit journal of jostling in the catholic church can exclude the introduction of the infamous Illuminati (and yes, we have all heard of them, haven’t we? some claim it derives from a secret Muslim cult known as “Roshaniya”). And of course who is its illustrious founder and more importantly what were their future aspirations and aims for us all through the secret societies of today that still flourish, although mainly covertly?

The Illuminati had been introduced to Europe in the mid-15th century, it is claimed, and always practicing in the sinister use of the occult, witchcraft, perhaps alchemy or hermetic magic, and attempting through meditation and probably drug-induced sessions and maybe orgies to allow these privileged gentlemen to seek the “true light,” whatever that is.

As Prof. Robison noted in his book on their dubious role in this infamous organisation: “Adam Weishaupt was the founder in 1776 and Weishaupt had long been scheming the establishment or order which in time should govern the world.” Now this next extract from his book is interesting to me and it reads: “He hinted to several ex-Jesuits the probability of their recovering under a new name the influence which they formerly possessed and of being again of great service to society.”

He had, it seems, originally wished to call this group “the society of perfectibilists.” It is a mouthful, I agree, and it seems he was seeking some perfection, but how can you govern and change society through this? I am not sure. The aim of the order, it seems, was to abolish traditional Christianity and overturn all civil government through one’s membership to freemasonry: “Weishaupt had already learnt from his time with the Jesuits the benefit of running a disciplined organization,” so writes Michael Streeter.

It’s always easier to infiltrate an existing organisation than to set up a new one, of course. Adam Weishaupt seems to have been deeply influenced by the Cathers and others of that ecclesiastical era who left a long trail of blood through the dubious Roman catholic history. It is no coincidence to me either that Prof. Robison named him, “The profoundest conspirator that ever existed.”

I also suggest in all seriousness that Weishaupt did infiltrate those Jesuit walls and that he and his chosen cohorts were eventually able to take full command, at least temporarily of that wicked Jesuit ship which today sails under the newly elected Venezuelan “black pope” captain, Arturo Sosa Abascal. And that is perhaps a skull-and-crossbones I see proudly flying from the ship’s mast in Marina di Rimini of the S.S. Loyola as it sails through that ecumenical contaminated sea, always searching for religious and political allies to be enlisted into their clerical clutches.

It seems to me that the professor is implying that the Jesuit influence in the then-unfettered masonic lodges of Europe had been seriously bridged and damaged. Yet earlier, something seems to have gone wrong in Weishaupt’s endeavours because as the professor later writes: “After this disappointment, the 26-year-old Weishaupt became the implacable enemy of the Jesuits.”

If true, this would be a very dangerous thing to live with, I suggest, at any time, whether then or now. But his ambition somehow survived with his co-ruler assisting in the orders’ success, this being the elusive Baron Von Knigge (codename Philo). He would eventually fall out with Weishaupt, claiming he still retained Jesuit loyalties. Or was the baron possibly a police spy (as some have suggested)?

An interesting character of this period is the shadowy Abbe Augustine de Barruel, a Jesuit, who wrote: “That the Illuminati were involved with the French Revolution,” and in its political success as an ‘inner circle,’ he also called Weishaupt a “human devil.”

The baron had always been one step ahead of the authorities, it seems, and I suspect his organisation was involved in preparations for the French Revolution before his own mysterious death in 1796. Paid Jesuit agents may have murdered the baron after he had outlived his usefulness to the organisation in those uncertain times. But I have never been sure of the baron or his motives. Yet the organisation he co-crafted prospered without Weishaupt at the helm and still exerts a lasting influence in the corridors of power today, and in the shadowy financial-commercial world.

Someone once remarked disparagingly concerning the Jesuits that: “Lethal they always were. Lethargic they never were,” and maybe that’s the secret of their lasting longevity, being always spies of the shadows and never revealing their true purpose. Perhaps each previously elected Jesuit superior general adding a further slice of secrecy into the order’s black books.

Incidentally, there have been thirty-one generals referred to as the infamous “black pope.” One unconfirmed news report some time ago claims that Adolfo Nichols, the then 30th superior general, placed a desperate phone call to president Obama requesting that he cancel a crucial Syria air strike about to be launched. Now if true, it does reveal some of the power the Jesuits have acquired for themselves in today’s world of espionage and modern warfare, and all of the pain and terror that brings in its terrible wake. But as true born-again Bible-believing Christians, we are commanded to pray for those lost people in authority, and yes I know it’s a difficult thing to do, and yes, you would rather be making fudge in the kitchen or practising volleyball or your tennis strokes, but you must learn to do it, and always with grace in your heart as well.

It has also been said that the Jesuits wish to enter and exit without being seen or heard, leaving no trace of themselves to be seen or found, rather like a (tarantula) spider, I suggest. You rarely see it constructing its amazing web, but it’s there for all to see, long after the spider has moved out of its home. Yet their planned agenda and ideology is rich in the ecumenical and interfaith movement so popular today, which they have so carefully controlled and choreographed since the 1960s.

 (Ignatius Loyola dying)

As I write this, the pope is in Sweden for further ecumenical links and greater steps for a one-world government! What an insult to the brave reformers and their families who suffered from the Roman catholic lash five hundred years ago in their struggle against Romanism. Seems that’s all forgotten today by these shameful Swedish clerics!

One author, now deceased, makes an interesting observation concerning the French Revolution: “It first began in 1787 or 1789 depending on which book you read. However, it was actually planned by Dr. Adam Weishaupt and the House of Rothschild almost 20 years before the Revolution began. Weishaupt produced the blueprint for it, while the House of Rothschild provided the money.” An interesting suggestion that seems to combine Weishaupt and Rothschild working in tandem with each other as co-conspirators and both manoeuvring successfully behind the political/religious shield of secrecy and sin that leads billions to that wide road of despair, death and eternal damnation in Hell.

Yet Weishaupt still remains something of a mystery man today and perhaps that was what he always sought to achieve about himself, he once wrote: “The great strength of our order lies in its concealment. Let it never appear in any place.”

A fitting epithet for him and his legacy.

Over twenty years ago when I first began researching this shadowy organisation and its then purpose and pedigree in the political arena, very little was known then about its formation or who was pulling its secret strings. It was simply on the periphery of interest to students of the occult or astrology and crime. Today, however, it’s gone massively mainstream, hasn’t it? And now, it must be the staple diet of all keen “YouTubers” seeking to familiarise themselves and to learn more about the aims and ambitions of this fallen world of Lucifer. But the Illuminati have spewed many fiendish “frogs” out of its own putrid mouth, hasn’t it? These were known as the Center for Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Group, the United Nations, Opus Dei which means “work of God,” the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta (with many non-catholics as members), the Knights of Saint Columba founded in 1919 (my late father was asked if he wished to be associated with them, he declined), and the catholic Catenian association founded in 1908 in Manchester (they prefer not to be compared to the protestant freemasons it seems, well they would wouldn’t they!) as well as the well-known Priory of Sion, and the shadowy elusive Eleven (don’t know much about their activities), the Brotherhood of the Cross, and the dubious Club of Rome all added to this mix of magic and mysticism as well as the Masons and the Round Table Groups (all middle-class men, of course), and most in the pockets of the Jesuits, yet not always aware of it.

(Pope Paul VI with Trilateral members)

I suppose I should include for inspection the not so well-known B’nai Brith, a Jewish organisation founded in 1843 in New York. However, I ask: are they just a “chummy” convivial meeting group of old boys dedicated to charitable causes for their community? Dr. Freud may have been an occasional guest, it seems, and maybe even Marx ‒ Karl, not Groucho. Or is there an elite inner core of power seekers in its midst motivated by power and trying to somehow correct the mistakes of the past?

Of course, I have to naturally spotlight the CIA ‒ appropriately also called the “Catholic Intelligence Agency or the “Catholic Intelligence Actions,” as some forgotten comedian once called them in mock horror. I also suggest that so many of the previous serving heads of these powerful intelligence agencies, all long forgotten, have arrived in Washington prepped and prepared from an elitist and privileged Jesuit-educated academic system. One can only speculate that the Jesuits may have invented the popular Facebook for their own intelligence uses, taking in Google and Yahoo along that wide Roman road through the social media outlets including tweets and postings.

It’s also worth a mention that before Barrack Obama was elected as a Democratic senator, he had been a paid church employee in Chicago worked closely with a former Jesuit priest, Gregory Galluzzo. It has also been said that the infamous Jesuit institution known as Georgetown University has for some reason become Obama’s second home. I wonder why. And did not the parliamentarian Edmund Burke remark that, “The Jesuits are an infectious plague.” Burke, of course, may be long gone but the “black pope” unfortunately still reigns supreme from Rome in the cloistered shadows of the Vatican.

We are today witnessing the slaughter of thousands of “Christians,” some born again, some not, who have little to no newspaper or media coverage in the Middle East and elsewhere. To me, this suggests that the late unlamented Spanish Inquisition is being brought out and dusted down all over again with the men in the black masks being the new inquisitors. History always repeats itself, it seems. So it’s not so much a war on terror but a war on Bible-believing Christian that seems to continue to this day unabated and wicked, but all of this is part of the end-times scenario, I sadly suggest.

Many other so-called sinister secret societies also exist today, and all usually found lurking in the shadows of suspicion, so mention should be made of a few, such as the Kabbalah. Many early Loyola followers were from Iberia and Jewish in ancestry. Were they perhaps crypto Jews who influenced the Jesuit order’s thinking at the time?

The church of Scientology is interesting because the functioning Delphian school today is now situated in Oregon near Sheridan and was a working seminary for Jesuit religious novices until its closure. The scientologists later purchased it in 1976 for their own purposes. Maybe “captain” Ron Hubbard had an admiration for the Jesuits as well, maybe later studying their elusive educational methods to be implemented into the Scientology’s timetable of the “study tec.”

Do you remember that old worn out Jesuit maxim of “give me a child at seven and I will give you the man.” I think there is something in it, in that we never shake off the old school regime of learning or whoever imparted it upon us, especially from a catholic background.

The Rosicrucians certainly were Jesuit-influenced and maybe the Ku Klux Klan as well. The name incidentally derives from the Greek word Kyklos, which means circle. They originally were derived from the Knights of the golden Circle” and somewhere in there lurks the dangerous influence of Albert Pike. (The catholic catenian group also means ‘circles.’)

The Shriners are also very active in good works, but this will never save the sinner of course, and that can only be gained by faith alone in the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and any other religious rigmarole is a waste of time.

The Sufis perhaps for consideration, they being cloaked in their worship of mysticism. All of the above groups must be recommended as fertile planting fields for the Jesuits to enter into and inhabit, if they have not done so already, as they have always been active in the Middle East.

The dubious Italian P2 fraternity who may have murdered pope John Paul I, as it has been suggested he had learned of their secret masonic/occult activities and with some of his own pet cardinals as dutiful members, all enjoying their fringe benefits. The pope had foolishly threatened to expose them, it is claimed. A dangerous thing to attempt. This pope lasted a mere thirty-three days!

A later secret society and a “spin-off” from the Illuminati was the strangely named “the League of the Just,” or “All men are Brothers.” It seems followers of this league attempt to promote and practice what is loosely called “Christian communism.” Some notable members who have adopted these utopian tenets of faith would be Leo Tolstoy, Daniel Berrigan S.J. [S.J. meaning ”Society of Jesus”, the name the Jesuits give themselves], Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, and of course the current Jesuit Pope.

Karl Marx, of all people, was approached to update and revise (can you believe?) the earlier writings of Adam Weishaupt by the league. Weishaupt had died in 1830 and was becoming a forgotten man. Karl Marx, with Engels’ usual financial support (gained from sweatshops in Manchester), would later graft much of Weishaupt’s rules and ravings into his own 1848 Manifesto of the Communist Party. Some doubt Marx’s authorship of this political journal, and maybe this document, rather like Hitler’s infamous Mein Kampf, was ghost-written by a Jesuit from Farm Street in London. That’s just around the corner from the British Museum that Marx used as a second home, this being suggested by ex-Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera.

Later, it seems, the League of the Just would quietly morph into the communist league, but maybe that was always on the agenda, their political agenda anyway.

The fledgling communists would adopt May 1, which Weishaupt had chosen for the conception of the Illuminati, as their “May Day,” and it’s still celebrated today. The famous visual insignia would be unveiled as well then, this being the pentagram or five-pointed star. Naturally, it would be coloured red. This, we are informed, “was from the red shield on Meyer Anselm Rothschild’s ancestral home.”

Now Vladimir Lenin entered onto a nervous world stage already steeped in the mess and mud of the First World War. He had previously immersed himself in the platitudes and dictates of Weishaupt and other revolutionist writers, and of course the socialist propagator Karl Marx. By now, Bolshevism “was on the march and amongst other atrocities, it would terminate a thousand years of the Romanovs’ rule resulting in the murder of the Tsar and his defenceless family and cause the Russian Revolution in 1917…they being financed later by both European and American international bankers,” writes William Sutton. In fact, American millionaire Jacob Schiff would raise a staggering $20 million using an obliging Leon Trotsky, then domiciled in New York, and himself maybe a Jesuit temporal coadjutor and failed movie actor as a willing go-between of himself and the exiled Lenin.

Incidentally, it seems a prominent Jesuit-educated German minister by the name of Diego Von Bergen was involved in the safe transfer of the Lenin party of communist vipers on that steaming locomotive. He was later politically appointed the German ambassador to the Vatican, of all places, perhaps as a reward for his hard work in this dark deed of the Russian Revolution. The Jesuits had previously perfected their own brand of “communism,” it seems, in Paraguay of all places from 1600-1750, being influenced by Plato’s Republic and Thomas More’s Utopia. Also of note, More was a bitter enemy of the English Bible translations and was involved in the betrayal and murder of its supporters as well. One can only speculate on the pain and punishment perpetrated on those poor peasants in Paraguay suffering under the religious Jesuit jackboot if they didn’t kneel and obey their religious masters.

So why not export it later to Russia in 1917, they must have reasoned in Rome, which they of course did.

There was an unconfirmed rumour that the Vatican had been promised millions of dollars from the Tsar’s own private bank, but the Bolsheviks’ declined to do this, keeping it for themselves (see the 1917 Tsarist notes with the hidden swastika symbol on display behind the Russian imperial eagle, then of course later Lenin’s profile would be displayed on the bank notes).

(Rare Russian money, early 20th century)

(Rare Jesuit Black Ship money, 1802)

I don’t buy into the mischievous rumour then circulating in Moscow that Rasputin was involved somehow in the removal of the Romanovs. He was always a loyal servant and friend to the Tsar and his family. Please read our Rasputin article, if interested. However, I do point a finger at the sinister hand of Count Ledochowski, the 26th superior general of the Jesuits behind so much of the Russian upheaval of 1917. He certainly knew and directed much of what was going on in those dangerous times in the turmoil of Russia, and what about that well-known Jesuit motto that reads, if you did not know, “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam” (AMOG), or “for the greater glory of God.” But one can only speculate which God they owe their loyalty to. I do not believe it is the God of the Holy Bible.

In fact, a Jesuit mass celebrated in Rome this month with the new superior general featured a shaman performing some pagan ritual with fruit and candles, some women shrilling, and a painting depicting (I suppose) the Virgin and Child brought to the altar to be venerated amongst other things and maybe ‘blessed.’ None of this is Biblical but blasphemous and insulting to the true God of the Holy Bible.

As regards the capitalist financing of the fledgling Bolsheviks as mentioned before: “This has been confirmed by the New York Journal American of February 3rd 1949, that Mr. Jacob Schiff gave 20 million in gold to help push the triumph of Bolshevism in Russia,” writes Sutton.

Interestingly, not before being detained in Nova Scotia on April 3rd 1917, the Trotsky voyage was unexpectedly halted by maritime authorities, but political strings were somehow pulled between Washington and London (perhaps even the Vatican) to eventually allow this revolutionary group of marauders to sail on for Russia. Now listen to this piece of news: “Recent declassified notes by the Canadian government reveal that the authorities knew that the Trotsky party were socialists leaving America for the purpose of starting a revolution against the present Russian government.”

This is amazing to read. That the American government were dangerously complicit in removing the Tsar and his government by whatever murderous means, and again I can only speculate where Jesuit general Ledochowski was in all of this world-changing agenda emerging and played out on the European military chessboard and on the high seas.

Was all of this cosy endeavour secretly arranged in a walnut-panelled boardroom somewhere in Wall Street that later allowed Vladimir Lenin himself to be safely ensconced in April 1917 on a sealed steam train leaving from Germany to Russia with his hired henchmen onboard, with all of this covert decision-making being financed, we are told, by Max Warburg, brother of Felix and also Paul of Jekyll Island fame? Interestingly Max Warburg was the manager of the Rothschild/Warburg bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

It’s all “very interesting [can anyone now doubt?] that the international bankers were running the whole [rotten] show from behind the scenes”, comments author Des Griffin in his interesting 1978 book Fourth Reich of the Rich.

To me, the scandal is that these affluent men willingly introduced a godless virus of corrupt communism to later inflict pain and terror and misery on millions of Russians for over 50 years. And of course, the curse of Maoism was to perpetuate even further deep sufferings towards the Chinese people as well as in Castro’s Cuba. He seems to have returned to his Jesuit faith in his declining years.

The mutilations and murders of over 100 million people must be placed at the cloistered doors of the Illuminati, courtesy of Weishaupt and his Jesuit co-conspirators leading on to Marx, then Lenin taking in all the other ghoulish communist dictators seen posturing along in the theatrical newsreels of the 20th century along the way.

I just recently came across a disturbing quote from Francesco Borgia, he was the 3rd Jesuit superior general of the order, he boasted that: “We came in like lambs and will rule like wolves, we shall be expelled like dogs and return like eagles.”

Some interesting phraseology here, don’t you think? Sounds like Niccolò Machiavelli about to instruct the New York Gambino mafia family on how to “corner” the entertainment/movie industry, if they haven’t done so already. All of this covert conspiracy practiced with fine precision by the Jesuit assassins today is descended from that wicked era of Babel steeped in the then-secret societies that practiced sorcery and sin in and around that infamous tower.

Two of the most exclusive secret societies known today are the Jesuits and the college of cardinals, all men of course, and all catholic. Seems to me these clerics in cassocks will control this fallen world until the Lord returns in triumph with His true saints. But until then, the spiritual survival will be difficult and dangerous. Then the Lord will reign in glory from Jerusalem, the future capital of the world, and guess what: there will not be a pope or cardinal in sight!

Concern should be highlighted education-wise, I suggest, of the assorted past alumni of the Jesuit institutions Fordham University and Georgetown University and also Duquesne University (not Jesuit), and the Jesuit Santa Clara University, and of course the rarely mentioned Jesuit Fairfield University in Connecticut. Many notable alumni would feed into important government positions after graduating from these ‘temples of learning.’

I’m also reminded of Hosea 4:6 that reads: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” And what about those rarely mentioned in the secretive papal bloodlines that have survived and come into the religious equation for almost a thousand years. Many of these “royal” families have served in the Vatican as cardinals, archbishops and popes, all existing and serving in today’s papal court.

(Ignatius Loyola’s ghoulish interest in skulls)

An interesting fact concerning the “royal” families of Italy was the previous marriage of David René de Rothschild to Princess Olimpia Anna Aldobrandini, an apparent merger of these two families. A previous Aldobrandini had became pope Clement VIII in 1592. Another prominent Roman family of merit would be the house of Orsini. They would propel three popes of their own into the Vatican papal throne of intrigue and sin.

I have read somewhere how each Jesuit provincial must provide a written daily/maybe weekly report to Rome of what is occurring in his own province. This is also a mandatory feature that the Jehovah’s Witness pioneer elder is expected to perform in his daily/weekday report to the Watchtower HQ in Brooklyn, New York although today that organisation is operating out of Wallkill, New York as well as Warwick.

That iconic Brooklyn building is now being vacated and is on the market (maybe the New York chapter of the Jesuits will purchase it because the catholic archdiocese of New York owns a prime slice of the property of that great city that apparently never sleeps!) These two religions have much very in common, it seems.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses mammoth HQ building has been valued at a staggering $1 billion did you know. Whoever said there was no money in religion? The value of the Jesuit society is unknown, yet the catholic church has been valued at billions of dollars, so the Jesuits’ own portfolio cannot be dismissed as trivial.

There is an old saying that I heard somewhere that suggests, “The best kept secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight.”

After five hundred turbulent years, the Jesuits have infiltrated and reorganised so many of the secret societies that we know about. With present clergy membership of 19,000-21,000, most of the senior principals of the order would have voluntarily recited that hideous 4th vow spoken after the three other vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to their commander-in-chief, the pope. We will publish that full blood curdling vow in the next final instalment of this papal parade of the Jesuits, but it may have been edited and amended since Vatican II.

The Jesuit brothers are also important in this glue of their order with maybe a select order of Jesuit sisters rumoured to be introduced. Are you aware that the Jesuit brothers today man the powerful telescope in Mt. Graham, Arizona, day and night as they roam the galaxies looking for the coming “omega point”? But, sadly they are not looking for the coming of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, it seems.

For the first time in that church’s controversial history, a Jesuit pope and a Jesuit general secretary have arrived from South America and are now ensconced in Rome. And who knows what future plans these two bachelors are preparing behind traditional closed doors. These men are not divine but dangerous to the real born-again Bible-believing Christian. And does not Revelation 18:4 warn about a global disaster, and how all catholics are to make a quick and permanent exit to the chancellery door. The warning states: “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not her plagues.”

You have been warned!

My questions to all catholics who may hopefully be reading this article is quite simply the following: Was it not the terrible Inquisition that slaughtered millions by papal decrees? And what about the almost annihilation of the defenceless Cathers prior to that, in 1229, executed on the pope’s so-called ‘infallible’ orders (and with gusto, it seems)? And we should also mention the known historical collusion of Pius XII with Hitler’s henchmen that resulted in the planned holocaust of millions, as well as the later devastating AIDS epidemic of the 1980/90s in America when over 400-500 serving priests died from AIDS-related illnesses (one bishop who perished of the virus had his name and occupation changed on his death certificate!!), with many more living with HIV, it has been claimed.

The church of Constantine apparently was in denial about all of this plague, but listen to this: “The church did not want to admit it,” this according to Maureen Fiedler, director of “Catholics Speak Out.” Now that’s a new publication on me.

We would be amiss if we didn’t highlight the recent scandals of wicked paedophile sex perpetrated worldwide by catholic priests, nuns and monks. And all personal incriminating evidence to be concealed in this religious “cover-up” by the catholic hierarchy often, it’s claimed, dispatched in secret diplomatic pouches no less. These sordid shameful scandals will remain a justifiable condemnation of the callous church that represents the court of Constantine.

Even today global earthquakes and tremors and other financial media rumblings as reported are arriving at the walls of Rome. So when will you listen! Isn’t this enough for your sceptic minds to heed God’s foretold judgment that will descend swiftly on that bloated church that sits astride the infamous seven hills of the so-called eternal city. Do not be deceived, time is short, eternity is forever!!

To be continued…



November 2016

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