The Jesuits, Part 4: The Count And The Castle

The Jesuits, Part 4: The Count And The Castle

By 1939 the Jesuit influence had now taken a firm foundation in most of occupied Europe, and at the war’s end ,it had not been breached.

In Spain, the catholic church hierarchy had quickly recognised the fascist Franco regime (no surprise there) 20 months before the civil war ended in 1939.

Salazar had Portugal in an iron grip as well as Austria; France was also under a Jesuit church menu.

In Italy, Jesuit superior general Halke Ledochowski had surprisingly appointed a Jesuit priest as Benito Mussolini’s private confessor. I suspect that priest heard some interesting things in the wooden box!

Jesuitical influences were also introduced into the lives of people in Belgium and Slovakia. This latter country is of interest to me, as the serving president and briefly prime minister during the war would be a catholic priest named Joseph Tiso. He would be tried and hanged at the end of the war for war crimes, apparently wearing his clerical clothes.

Croatia is also of interest as well. According to the Bigelow report published in 1946 and later released in 1997, it claimed that the then-fascist regime under Ante Pavelic transported some 295 million dollars (and that’s by today’s standards) to Switzerland during the dying weeks of the war, with the assistance of the Franciscan order, as well as numerous crates of valuable gold coins to the Vatican bank (IWR) in Rome. It seems large sums of currency were despatched to Argentina and Spain, respectively, to aid the so-called “4th Reich,” courtesy of the infamous and shameful “Vatican rat run,” of course.

You know, I’m reminded of that old gamblers’ joke that “Las Vegas was built and prospered on losers.” The Vatican bank must have prospered on blood-tainted money stolen from a war-devastated Europe, much of it never to be returned to its rightful owners.

We can only speculate that Heinrich Himmler ‒ the deluded Reich master of the dark arts and the wizard of Wewelsburg sometime before the ill-fated “Operation Barbarossa” was launched against a sleeping Russia ‒ had perhaps decided that a secret religious ceremony should be held and hosted by himself at Wewelsburg Castle. Its purpose, he decided, would be to invite all prominent pro-Nazi priests, bishops and cardinals and quislings of occupied Europe to the castle for a pagan event to call upon their Norse gods to bless this decisive moment of destiny in eliminating the world of godless communism. But it was not to be. Stalin, after some hesitation (perhaps a nervous breakdown, it is claimed), would successfully mobilize the determined Russian people, and the obliging orthodox church clergy (what was left of them) to repel the invading Nazi war machine. Later, of course, the tide of war would be turned and much of it would go into Russian future mythology, still spoken about today as the great patriotic war.

But what would be more appropriate at the war’s cessation than to introduce a new world order out of the smouldering ashes of the old dying world order in 1945. We should also remember that in 1954 the infamous Bilderberg group was introduced to a recovering world by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, with other Illuminati suspects.

NATO would later spring into defence mode in 1949 against Stalin.

Interestingly, from another Benelux country and on the 15th September 1946, the 27th superior general of the Jesuits, a certain Jean-Baptiste Janssens, a cold-war warrior priest, some noted, and as the so-called “black pope” certainly ruled over his church during the massive dangerous nuclear arms build-up of the 1950s and 1960s.

He looks like a cold fish from the pictures I have seen and maybe he was involved with the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas with the assistance of the “military vicar” cardinal (“Franny”) Spellman, so claims an American author.

(Jean-Baptiste Janssens)

He was also a fanatical devotee, worshipper and promoter of the cause of Mary, so beloved by Rome today. I also suspect that the Jesuits heavily influenced the 1950s’ Vatican pronouncement from Pope Pius XII that Mary had apparently been “bodily ascended into heaven upon death” (not in the least Biblical of course, the pope also being under heavy medication during this time, which wouldn’t have helped him in making “clear infallible” papal edicts). John Paul II, however, seemed to dismiss the Medjugorje melodramas with a Polish sniff; I wonder why!

Interestingly, author and former catholic priest Peter De Rosa writes in his 1988 book Vicars of Christ concerning the bogus “assumption” that could not “his holiness (I detest that made-up title) who declared infallibility in 1950 that a Jewess was taken up body and soul into heaven have said authoritatively in 1942 that her race was not to be annihilated for being Jewish? What prevented him from saying publicly that catholics cannot participate in mass murder?”

I also noticed the unpleasant Jesuit review on the back of the author’s paperback book that reads that it is: “A binful of garbage” (see picture).

Perhaps “Hitler’s pope” had always had a loathing for the Jews and their race anyway and hindered their survival during the dark days of the war, or was the loathing of the pope and his predecessors before him simply because the Jews had crucified Christ? But in fact, it was the Romans who scourged and crucified Christ, aided and abetted, of course, by Caiaphas and his evil and apostate temple followers, all wicked and unsaved men.

This Vatican belief was taught to me at catholic schools nearly sixty years ago, so then perhaps according to the Jesuits’ logic, the terrible holocaust initiated by the Nazis (most of whom were Roman Catholics) with the connivance of the German Jesuits as well, would be a simple “payback” time.

Some years ago, both James and myself visited Salzburg, Austria, to do some street work and I well remember the old Jewish quarter and the so-called “Jew Street” that operated a curfew for the Jews from dusk ‘til dawn. So, it’s no surprise that this was initiated and allowed to function with the full knowledge of the Austrian catholic church for hundreds of years back then.

When Austria came under the jackboot of the Nazis in 1938, the country then under the catholic Dr. Seyss Inquart and the support of cardinal Innnitzer of Vienna could well have seen the legal reintroduction of the old “lock-up” curfew being reintroduced in Austria against the Jews, and as such, did nothing about it. Only this time, they didn’t just confine the Jews to the degrading “Jew street” by law, but shipped them out via a cold railway cattle truck to Auschwitz for extermination!

However, Himmler’s fanatical font of mysticism would not be situated in pagan Rome or the holy city of Jerusalem, or even Mecca, but in the triangular brick-constructed Wewelsburg castle. Now, the Reichfuhrer had previously signed a one-hundred-year lease (can you believe?) in 1934, bringing this historic building into the bulging S.S. portfolio built up on theft and murder.

Previously constructed in the 16th century and in that ancient land of the Saxons near Paderborn, it would be expensively furbished to the requirements of the S.S. and their master Himmler. Much of this would simply comply with his neo-pagan esoteric mythological beliefs as well.

Because external and internal additions were later needed, slave labour from Niederhagen concentration camp would be marched into the site to complete the expensive additions with many camp inmates of course working and suffering in appalling conditions. It is said that when the castle was finally completed, all of the unfortunate workers were quickly taken away and murdered by S.S. thugs. This would be to achieve silence of what they had seen and heard.

Situated in the Paderborn catholic archdiocese, I do wonder if perhaps the working clergy in chancery knew of what was happening in their diocese or cared about where victims from the above work camp were being supervised and later murdered by catholic military.

In 1941, archbishop Jaeger (later cardinal) would be appointed by Rome as the new representative of the diocese. He was a frequent guest at the castle sipping Earl Grey tea with Himmler (but not hearing his confession I believe, even though Himmler was a Catholic).

Jaeger had previously served in the army as a military chaplain; then later at the summoned Jesuit Vatican Council (1962-65), he would assist with other liberal socialists in promoting a full seasonal ecumenical program, with the late Jesuit cardinal Bea at the ship’s helm. Looking back, it all seemed to have “panned out” so easily for these “communist sleepers,” as I well remember.

Those progressive priests/cardinals in Rome demanded a “friendly socialist” agenda to “jazz up their church.” The inner rotten core of the Vatican must have been so surprised that so little opposition was seen or heard from parish parishioners or area bishops as the noxious ecumenical papal poison filtered down to the church pews and spread into apostate Christendom.

Wewelsburg Castle would be Himmler’s designated pet “Camelot” and there he could entertain his knights of the Reich and guests, perhaps reliving the fables and glory of that celebrated round table and that lost Wagnerian Holy Grail musical world that is so enamoured in German folklore devotees.

An interesting note of interest is that in the dark cellar of the west tower a private bomb-proof safe transported from neutral Switzerland (where I suggest millions of looted dollars and stamped gold bars “requisitioned” by Nazi high command still lies in dormant accounts, perhaps waiting to be activated in that beautiful land of the Alps) had been installed within its foundation. When finally completed, this would then be secured under a handpicked armed guard. Only Himmler and the captain of the castle guard knew of its private combination, or so we are informed.

I do wonder what dark secrets it held in its customized black velvet fire-proof compartments, and what eventually happened to its destination after the war’s end when the safe mysteriously disappeared, as did so many other secrets of the Reich.

So, did this elusive secret safe contain perhaps the names and foibles of prominent Jesuit clergy and other government VIPs who had willingly participated in the mock religious ceremonies performed in the so-called “hall of the supreme leaders” of the castle? I do wonder what else it contained.

Of no particular interest, I suppose, is the reported news release that in 1936 an unknown aircraft or UFO as we would call them today crashed into the dense black forest near Freiburg, Germany. It seems the recovered aircraft was then secretly transported by the S.S. officers to the Wewelsburg castle’s numerous mechanical workshops and laboratories for an examination. Um, well I wonder what the Nazi German scientists learned of its structure and advanced technology and how it could perhaps come to the aid of the third Reich in the final dying days of the war. And was this possibly a precursor of the many strange unidentified German aircraft as witnessed in the dying days of the war that seemed to baffle the allies then? Or did that anonymous aircraft perhaps contain interested travellers from the Jesuits mysterious “omega point”? (another clerical belief/myth still to be examined in this multi-part article).

Internally, this now-bleak historic former residence of the pampered prince-bishops of old features twelve high-backed thrones set against an inner wall near other medieval artefacts housed there.

Below in the crypt and placed in the centre of the granite floor it is also possible to see a black sun disc. From its fixed centre, twelve runic lightning bolts explode from its centre. Then concealed in the marble setting there was a concealed gas pipe offering an eternal flame (a terrible vision of hell, I suggest) to the “knights” seated around it. Perhaps some form of a drug-induced state brought on by wine or narcotics being offered would then take effect as they revelled in their sins before and after the mock Luciferian Nazi occult practices destined, as always, to transfer those who willingly committed them to the deep crevices of an appointed hell.

Now, I suggest a personal scenario that might sound strange to comprehend today but we must remember that in the 1940s these were strange drug-fuelled times for all in German authority and in England as well. Only today as I write this, the national press reports that most of the Nazi high command during the war were addicted to some cocktail of narcotics. Hence, we note that the Nazi army was able to steamroll their way across most of Europe in 1940, conquering and dividing most of Europe on the way. These mixed potions were called “wakey, wakey drugs” and generous doses of “Pervitin” were brought into the mix, apparently issued to most of the marching troops whether they requested it or not. Absolutely amazing to know about! We have to wonder just what was served up on silver-monogrammed chafing dishes by silent S.S. flunkies at the castle when Himmler’s invited guests arrived for a full religious ceremony to an evening reverently prepared with papal pomp and Nazi narcissism.

Never mind “Castles in Spain” or “Castle on the Rhine” or any of those other famous pile of bricks so favoured by horror film makers of the past. Wewelsburg was definitely the location to be seen at for the select Nazi elite, I suggest.

But I now suggest seriously that on the anniversary of the death of King Henry the Fowler in 936 AD, Himmler had always had an unhealthy interest for the king and his memory. In fact, he believed he was the supernatural reincarnation of the king. Incidentally, Hitler shared the same delusional view that he had a spiritual supernatural contact with Frederick the Great, and didn’t I read that Jesuit-educated Joseph Goebbels rather likened himself to the late tango dancer and silent film star Rudolf Valentine. Ah, the vanity of men!

On the evening of the anniversary or thereabouts of the late king’s demise, a religious ceremony of sorts was being performed before the invited guests. It was saturated in the occult tradition of reverence and worship with a black mass being sinfully choreographed in the background of the evening’s late night proceedings.

These guests, perhaps inebriated with dangerous concoctions or whatever they had tasted, would invoke the aid of those Norse gods of old, many being derived from Wagnerian Opera and perhaps a small concealed orchestra would be heard, adding to the evening’s ambience.

However, before the Nazis prepared their attack on a “sleeping” Russia in 1941, many prayers and laments would had been offered up in the void of the castle. Perhaps to Thor, Odin, Magni or Vali. Of course, they all had their favourite “gods” that evening and all demanding ‒ in their own inimitable manner ‒ an all-out victory over godless Soviet communism.

In the first months of that failed assault, three million German soldiers, all completely ill-prepared for the coming bitter winter, stormed their way across the steppes and villages of a mainly defenceless Russia. This must have felt ecstatic to the pagan Nazi high command back in Berlin and Berchtesgaden in their belief that their false gods had heard and answered their pitiful prayers. Later at the castle, however, on king Henry’s anniversary could there have been some notable robed Jesuits and other high echelons of the Illuminati, I suggest, concealed and watching the evening’s festivities from amongst the heavy embroidered drapes of the chapel pews that evening? Or maybe Hitler himself and Eva Braun had made a brief unannounced appearance. And perhaps more importantly, Himmler’s Jesuit uncle and the Jesuit superior general the count himself, who would have journeyed from Rome for this evening of worship, perhaps to preside and participate in the ceremonies that evening? Who can say whether he was there? I’m sure he was personally invited by Himmler to attend.

Yet during that evening of sin and Satanism, something terrible and abnormal in appearance materialised as the liturgy to the gods was being recited. It arrived out of the shadows of the castle in the so-called castle chapel. It was not a divine apparition but a demonic image from the dark pits of hell.

Within minutes (it must have felt like hours to horrified spectators), the shape of a deformed man ‒ if that’s what it was ‒ appeared, then slowly moved forward leaving a disgusting trail of vapour behind itself for all to see and smell, moving erratically towards the frozen terrified guests and with open arms and a deformed face before them.

Instant panic descended on the fleeing revellers. Perhaps some died instantly that night of shock and some were mentally unbalanced for the rest of their lives. Naturally, the count and his entourage quickly slipped out of the castle aided by Himmler’s trusted officers, then beat a hasty retreat to Rome, never again to return to that corrupt castle.

Five months later the count was dead!

Some claim his mysterious death was by murder. But by whose hand I wonder? So much of the Jesuits’ deeds are shrouded in secrecy and scandal, and with the death of the count “this sinister secretive character,” as one who remembered, had finally departed to stand before God and give an account of his deeds. But the Jesuitical army would march on to a greater success in the coming cold war years under Jean Batiste Janssen, the 27th superior general. He would castigate the Jesuits in the late 1940s by reminding them that they were: “Not to be allied with the rich and the capitalists.” This sounds like pure Marxist/Engels talk to me. Much of this belief would later be grafted into the socialist catholic “liberation theology” dross so championed and admired in the 1960s by Pedro Arrupe, the 28th superior general of the Jesuit order.

Yet from that bleak Paderborn castle, Heinrich Himmler would initiate his lasting legacy to a dying Europe by bequeathing his selected serving cadres of loyal followers to be known henceforth after the war as “the knights of Wewelsburg.” Their adopted military-religious motto would read in bold gothic-type print: “To be silent but see all.” They would successfully stride into post-war Europe and beyond, always an important thread of Himmler’s Wewelsburg legacy.

Their presence continues to be known and felt in the secretive world of finance, politics, and the catholic church of course, and the mighty arm of the military to be later located in Brussels, Moscow, Washington, and London, and maybe reaching into the “tiger” economies of Beijing and Singapore, so important in today’s turbulent money markets.

So, who were these so-called “knights”? Perhaps an extension of the long arm of the Jesuits or the SS? It’s difficult to say because both were so entwined with each other during the war and afterwards. I suggest these past predators from Paderborn would quickly influence the post-war new world order as well as witnessing the demonic globalisation of the United Nations then waiting in the wings in Manhattan, New York, to preside over the landscape of that city that apparently “never sleeps,” in the completed building kindly donated by John D. Rockefeller finally erected over a 17-acre slaughterhouse in 1947. Um, an interesting location I suggest, and all today under the direction of the popular Jesuit Pope Francis, have you noticed?

That castle in Westphalia still stands rather daunting and defiant, weathering time and all of God’s elements hurled at its battlements, rather like the Jesuits today, I suppose.

In fact as I write this article, it is the 14th October 2016 and the Jesuits in Rome have just announced their new superior general, the 31st in fact, being the 67-year-old Arturo Sosa Abascal from Venezuela, a “political expert,” it is claimed, and wearing a sporty moustache (he rather looks to me like the actor Dick Van Dyke of Mary Poppins fame).

(The “black pope” meets the “white pope”)

The political/economic/religious intrigue under this man will continue against those who oppose the Jesuits’ blasphemous rule, and we must not forget that the late Hugo Chavez was the Jesuits’ puppet until he fell from grace in that country. Now, that poor country is starving and asking for food parcels to be sent to them. So much for Jesuit/socialism, I say. But at the time, Venezuela was a test pilot for world socialism which has failed miserably, as we all know.

Recently the castle experienced a 5-million-pound revamp and I suspect that Himmler would have definitely approved of this spending of the German taxpayers’ money, but of course, he would have made some of his own superstitious additions, especially in the “knights” royal throne room, I suggest.

I personally believe the castle should have been demolished at the end of hostilities in 1945, but what do you think, dear reader? And have you visited it? If so, do let me know.

But all of this is superfluous anyway today without the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ because He is our eternal future, and the Jesuits are just a bloodied page of catholic church history, and any future without Jesus Christ is indeed bleak indeed.

Always remember: “Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God” (1 John 5:1).

Are you born again and trusting in Jesus Christ alone to save you? If not, then your future is void and you are eternally lost! You will not hear this soul-saving message from the Jesuits. Only social good works, they proclaim, will offer you a single ticket to heaven. Lies, all lies!

Please read Revelation 20:11-15 for inspiration if in doubt of what is to arrive:

“And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.”

And no mention, did you notice, of that fabled coming Jesuit illusion known as “omega point.”

To be continued…

(Infamous Jesuit logo)



October 2016

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