The Jesuits, Part 3: “Enter The Count”

The Jesuits, Part 3: “Enter The Count”

(Jesuit superior general count Halke Von Ledochowski)

As regards the Jesuits and their founding, after numerous false starts and some disruptions, the Society of Jesus was finally constituted on Assumption Day in 1534 at the chapel of Notre Dame de Montmartre. Now the designed Jesuit network of bribery, assassinations, and intrigue was up and running; their own little shop on the corner was now open, and it would never close.

By the time of Loyola’s death in 1556, his priests were working in India, China, Japan, and the New World (America) as well as in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and even subversively in England, with many of the priests arriving on its shores by way of Ireland, in disguise and in many cunning ways and means. “The Holy See emerged strengthened from the crisis where it nearly floundered thanks to the steadfast actions of the Jesuits… politics are their main field of action, as all the efforts of these directors concentrate on one aim: the submission of the world to papacy,” wrote the late Edmond Paris, and nothing much has changed since then.

A well-known quote somehow attributed to Loyola declares that: “I will believe that the white that I see is black if the hierarchical [catholic] Church so defines.” In other words, what the pope commands I will so execute, rather like a faithful cocker spaniel. The veiled depiction of white and black is interesting as well, in that it bears a striking resemblance (does it not?) to the traditional Masonic temple floors of today, and don’t forget the distinctive chequered cap bands displayed on most of the world’s police today.

So, it’s of no surprise that pope Paul III quickly recognised and encouraged this quasi-military order six years after its initial founding. And naturally they would march forward in attacking the Reformation throughout Europe, and of course today the assault against the King James Bible and born-again Bible-believing Christians continues, and not so covertly either.

In his important book Proofs of a Conspiracy written by a professor John Robinson and published in 1798, that old professor ‒ possibly a practicing but disillusioned mason himself ‒ is so accurate in his statement that the Jesuits were involved in controlling so much of the active masonry in their own lodge uses, then so virulent in Europe.

Here is what he wrote on page 12 of his book: “The Jesuits interfered considerably insinuating themselves into lodges and contributing to increasing that religious mysticism that is to be observed in all the ceremonies of the Order.”

Did you get that? It is their own clerical ceremonies and prayers that are being chanted in the lodges. Robinson then goes on to warn that: “This society [Jesuits] is well-known to have put on every shape and to have made use of every means that could promote the power and influence of the order…[they] had hopes of re-establishing the dominion of the church of Rome.”

There you are, a future world government in preparation was now on the Jesuits’ playing cards, and it was all getting very serious.

He then writes on page 15: “At this time also the Jesuits took a more active hand in Freemasonry than ever. They insinuated themselves into English lodges…at this time changes were made in some of the Masonic symbols particularly in the tracing of the lodge, which bear evident marks of Jesuitical interference…in all this progressive mummery we see much of the hand of the Jesuits, and it would seem that it was encouraged by their church.”

So, it seems to me that out of these practising lodges some deep schisms appeared that opened the way for the introduction of the Illuminati in 1776.

Robinson writes on page 59: “Weishaupt [founder of the Order of the Illuminati] had long been scheming the establishment of an association or office, which in time would govern the world to be fashioned in his likeness. In his first fervour and high expectation, he hinted to several ex Jesuits, the probability of their recovering, under a new name.”

It seems here there is a rupture somehow in the Jesuit/Masonic connection and Weishaupt would later, it seems, become a marked man, always looking over his shoulder and fearful of the authorities, and of course the ever-watchful Jesuit spies as well. Adam Weishaupt died, we believe, in 1830, and it is claimed he returned/reconciled to the catholic church on his deathbed (I hope not!)

Salvation can only ever be found in Christ alone, no church or system!

Robinson rightly called him with almost grudging pride: “The profoundest conspirator that ever existed,” and Weishaupt himself would say with bravado to that compliment that: “I am proud to be known to the world as the founder of the Illuminati.”

Yet another of his purported sayings sounds more Jesuitical to me in its tone of arrogance: “The human race will become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of rational man.” Now, this sounds more like pope Frances and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Also making an overture on the world stage of publishing in that momentous year were Common Sense by Thomas Paine and Adam Smith’sWealth of Nations, and all patriotic Americans are aware and some can even recite its passages word for word, this being the Declaration of Independence.

This historical national document was drafted in 1776. Something else momentous was also about to happen that fortuitous year and keep all signed-up conspiracy theorists arguing for years afterwards on the Internet about the Illuminati.

Enquiring Americans should perhaps consider the fact that the Jesuit bishop John Carroll, who presided over the diocese of Baltimore, was the founder of Georgetown University, a building of prestige and power still administered by the Jesuits even today. The Carroll family were also prominent in donating generous tracts of saleable land to construct the growing suburbs of Washington. Its Catholicism was apparently rife, with local residents sarcastically calling it “Rome on the Potomac.”

There would later be a dangerous masonic, maybe Jesuit, influence added to the city’s buildings. Early constructions of avenues and boulevards depicting occult magical symbols, and the weird shape of a goat’s head situated in the oval office. I wonder what is going on here. Bishop Carroll was involved in building the first cathedral in America, shamefully dedicated to Mary, naturally. Of interest as well is that another Carroll, interestingly a Jesuit-educated scholar, was one of the signers who put his name to the Declaration of Independence, so even there their fingerprints are embossed on this much quoted and loved document. Perhaps the capitol city should have been known as “Carrolltown” and not Washington.

Someone once remarked and I am not sure who or where: “That I always found it wise to take or steal whatever rights I can get, anywhere, at anytime.”

This sounds so much like today’s curse of bloated organised religion of which we are all aware and which I try to avoid, with its numerous churches still requesting charitable tax-exempt status; I think it’s criminal and should be investigated and eventually abolished.

So, we should perhaps pause and turn to this familiar Bible verse for some much needed spiritual relief and comfort.

Listen to what the Lord says: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Matthew 7:15-16).

Now, to me, that is a severe warning from the Lord Jesus for us to act and pray upon.

Since the conception of the Jesuit order in 1540, there have been thirty superior generals. So if you’re sitting comfortably in your recliner, or by the pool, or near the tennis court, then let’s begin with discovering more, in my humble opinion, about one of the most interesting of the superiors who occupied that position, namely “general” count Halke Von Ledochowski, a former officer in the old Austrian army and the 26th holder of the Jesuit title of superior general (don’t they love their lavish and man-made titles?).

In fact, if you don’t mind, I will refer to him from now on as the 30-year-war man or simply the count. It had been his personal ambition, and with the conclusion of two previous popes of course, to construct a new lasting totalitarian “holy Roman empire” in Europe brick-by-brick, then to finally restore, if possible, a new papal Caesar creating a monarch of the world; in other words: “Hail Mighty Caesar!” Naturally, he meant the pope in this Jesuit experiment, and the frightening thing is he nearly succeeded in this experiment. He has previously been described thus: “As a dry dark foxy little man with piercing eyes and a nervous restless manner.” And looking at the picture in front of me I can see exactly what the writer was alluding to. He would also boast of a cardinal in his family (an uncle), and a saint of the catholic church (his sister), and he would orchestrate a large slice of European history over thirty years in a lively manner, much of it still with us today.

Of course, according to the New Testament, we as born-again Bible-believing Christians are all saints, are we not? And amen to that I say.

The count’s tenure of office (and what a page of history it would be) would see him preside over the First World War and part of the Second World War, as well as always being faithful to that most pro-German pope of all times, this being Pius XII, and, “Always suave, emollient, and devious”, wrote Edmond Paris.

There must have been jubilation in the Vatican during the first year of the Second World War as Hitler’s panzer tanks smashed their way over European borders with little resistance offered or shown to them. By 1940, however, England stood alone against the Nazis, yet strangely Hitler hesitated before launching a channel invasion, deciding instead to attack Russia; this would be known as “Operation Barbarossa.” Of course, he would later regret this military manoeuvre. For England’s green and pleasant land, however, it would be a brief respite to rearm, and believe it or not, to hearken to a call by the king for a national day of prayer.

As regards the superior general, Halke Von Ledochowski, hadn’t he always cherished the hope that the despised Protestant Britain would quickly capitulate under Catholic Hitler’s marching armies in Europe eventually disappearing into the so-called “blitzkrieg” of 1940? The count had already spoken haughtily about the general meeting that the company (of Jesuits) would hold in Rome after England had capitulated.

Well, like so many prelates in the Vatican then and now, hadn’t they always referred to Britain patronizingly as “the lost church”?

Now, I seriously want to propose a personal scenario of what might have happened or could have happened if Britain had quickly surrendered and sued for a useless peace, as many in Rome believed and expected to eventually happen. So after a decisive military invasion of Britain to be code-named “Operation Sea Lion,” and with the landing by German troops probably on the south coast and perhaps from the east coast as well, the serious business of a brutal occupation would commence for a country not occupied since William the Conqueror in 1066. With newly erected concentration and detention camps and holding barracks very much on the planned agenda, these would have had to be quickly erected with forced slave labour using captured Jews and other known enemies of the Nazi state to begin the task. Also, it should never be overlooked that a majority of the staff at these hideous death camps in occupied Europe, both militarily and clerical, were predominantly Roman Catholic. We also believe that the bishops of the dioceses where these camps were then situated during the War were aware of this and of what was going on but did nothing. Some British camps were perhaps to be located on the remote Dartmoor Plain and maybe at “Baskerville Hall,” an old Tudor building that could be converted into accommodation for the camp commandant and his family and general staff.

Locations in Cumbria were also suitable spots where internment buildings could be erected very quickly. Perhaps in the hidden glens and crags of Scotland, the same mode of confinement could be erected and some living conditions for the staff could be sited around or near the picturesque little village of “Brigadoon.”

Also, some holiday chalets prepared for the “overworked” camp staff could be added with stables and a gymnasium. I also suggest that the count after arrival would have made the triumphant journey himself to a defeated sombre London from Rome via Berlin as a personal guest of Hitler on his private Condor aircraft along with Goering, Himmler, and others of his order along for the ride. But for now, he could savour that precious moment and gloat over the fact that the Jesuits under his watch, who once long ago had been banished from Britain were now back in residence. Oh, and that lost English church was now ensconced into the Roman fold. And I also suggest he would have certainly been chauffeur-driven to the Jesuit Heythrop Hall then situated in rural England, and once there to arrange a champagne gala with a picked nuncio bringing a personal blessing from Pius XII. Also seated at the banquet table would be several pro-Nazi cardinals flown in from the continent to add some colour, displayed in their resplendent robes to this historic occasion of the Reich!

At the Jesuit Farm Street church in London, papal citations would be awarded to devotees of the Holy See no less. Then later that evening a lavish candlelight banquet would be held and hosted by Hitler (but not with Eva by his side), and by invitation only, of course, to be held in one of the magnificent staterooms of Buckingham Palace, with the crown jewels on guarded display. Hitler would insist on that of course. Then the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra would be specially flown in to play extracts from Wagner’s operas with some Viennese waltzes to grace the evening celebrations. Sharing conducting honours would be Maestros Furtwangler or Herbert Von Karajan waving the batons respectively. Later after the “Henkell” champagne toasts had ended and before the dancing commenced. There seated with pride of place would be the Duke and Duchess of Windsor both present as the special guests of the Fuehrer himself.

All of this would be filmed for posterity by Leni Riefenstahl. Some weeks later down at the Mall, Lord Nelson’s iconic statue would be replaced on his lofty pigeon-stained column by whom else but Adolph Hitler being illuminated by a dozen Klieg arc lights. Later Trafalgar Square would be appropriately renamed “Barbarossa Sq.” and just around the corner dear old Leicester Square would be known henceforth as “Horst Wessel Sq.” There would also be public book burning events (all invited) on Hampstead Heath with all allowed to participate. But bring your own books to kindle the flames. Naturally, all seized copies of the Protestant King James Bible (AV), as well as the books of the Wesley brothers, Charles Spurgeon, and Jewish authors, musicians, and others would be flung on to the flames by cheering crowds of fascists. All born-again Christians would be arrested and subject to “project fear” with eventual deportations to secret locations, many never to return.

Then daily life (if you could call it that) in Britain would proceed as usual as was witnessed in France, especially in Paris after the shocking defeat of that country in 1940.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the Jesuit connection!

We now examine the discreet but important contribution in editing the finished version of Hitler’s Mien Kampf. This by a sympathetic Jesuit priest named Bernard Stempfle chosen for this task and he, I suspect, would be the count’s designated spy as well in Hitler’s then frenetic inner Nazi Munich circle. I also suggest that he dispatched by courier some of the rough proofs of Hitler’s anti-Semitic ravings in the book to Rome for the count to read, and who knows, make some corrections of his own before giving his final approval.

Maybe Rome arranged a bank transfer for the final printing and later book promotion.

This Jesuit would later be mysteriously murdered in 1934 and maybe this naïve man was aware of too much about the sordid relationship between Hitler and his niece Gelli (who knows?).

So, did pope Pius XI die perhaps by poisoning in 1939? Was the count involved with his slow death? And in 1958 Pius XII had an agonizing death too. Was this Jesuit-related as well in his opposition to the agenda of the Jesuit ecumenical council?

I suspect both popes were impervious to what was happening to their church, but it was then under the strict autocratic Jesuit control of the black pope himself.

I don’t buy into the suggestion that mother Pasqualina was a Jesuit spy in the Vatican, as some suggest. I think she felt too much affection for Pius XII. After all, she had been his housekeeper and confidante since 1917. Now there were other Jesuit spies in the pope’s office in 1958, perhaps one of his two Jesuit secretaries might just fit the bill.

The count also collaborated closely, it seems, with Heinrich Himmler’s uncle Joseph Gebhard Himmler, himself a Jesuit canon at the court of Bavaria no less. Uncle Joseph would die in mysterious circumstances after the war in Nuremberg prison (both my son and I visited that original court house some years ago and very little in the interior had changed), so it seems he took his Jesuit secrets with him to the grave, very convenient.

It should also be remembered that many Jesuit priests willingly put on the dreaded SS Black Death uniform and wore it with pride, it seems, during the war and obviously with the count’s personal approval and encouragement, so writes Edmond Paris. If this is true (and I don’t doubt him), then it is truly shocking evidence against a so-called “man of God,” which in my opinion he never was. Of course, there were many priests and nuns and other men and women of other religious backgrounds who defied the Nuremberg racial laws of 1935 (Lutheran pastor Paul Schneider for example, whom I first read and wrote about some 40 years ago). They bravely refused to be corrupted by the contagious anti-Semitic Nazi rhetoric of their day, with many being arrested and murdered for a refusal to look the other way. One such man who also said no was Alfred Delp, a 37-year-old Jesuit priest who would be hanged in Berlin in 1945. These were truly people of moral steel.

Then Jesuit general, count Halke Von Ledochowski, had conceived a vast plan after the First World War of a federation of Catholic nations in central and eastern Europe forming a unique ongoing espionage spy system. I do wonder if that structure was perhaps never disbanded after the war in 1945 but survived intact and was reactivated by Nazi brigadier general Reinhard Gehlen (himself a Roman Catholic) into post-war CIA-financed-backed spy organisation then operating in West Germany, later to be easily morphed into the BND known as the Federal Intelligence Service.

Then again, as the author Walter Hagen writes: “The Jesuit General count Halke Von Ledochowski was ready to organise some collaboration between the (Nazi) German Secret Service and the Jesuit order.” I suspect that the framework of espionage survived the war and still flourishes today. And as the late E. Howard Hunt, former chief of CIA covert operations, correctly commented: “The Jesuits formed the greatest intelligence service in the world, always have.” And he should know, I suggest.

Today, powerful unstoppable telecommunications are at an all-time high with surveillance and satellites, and with many companies operating under Catholic CEOs. The Jesuit influence in this growing field cannot be overlooked in their future determination to seize more power for the Jesuit order.

During the count’s tenure, now seated at the head table of the Jesuits’ high command, he would be involved with the removal of the Christian Romanov family from “Holy Mother Russia,” then witness the planned Bolshevik revolution that brought in Lenin to be a newly appointed czar and to preside over Russia with the assistance of the dreaded OGPU, later known as the NKVD.

From Germany (where else?) Lenin, it seems, was secreted into a concealed train courtesy of the German government and bankers with 30 dedicated Bolshevik revolutionaries on board to be met later in Petrograd by Leon Trotsky, another possible Jesuit coadjutant agent. Then there was the attempted early assassination and suspicious death of Lenin in 1924, possibly by poison or syphilis (take your pick), followed by the ascendancy of that previously religious seminarian boy, Joseph Stalin. And was this with the Vatican’s approval, I wonder? Was he their future man as well?

Later in Italy the signed treaty with the Vatican with Mussolini’s fascists would be completed, and don’t forget the invasion of a defenceless Abyssinia with Italian troops being “blessed” by priests before they marched into battle (rather like that temporal coadjutor cardinal Spellman who blessed B52 bombers in the 1960s before they pounded North Vietnam almost into oblivion).

And were you aware that over half a million people, mainly civilians, were slaughtered in this worthless campaign that mirrored Italy’s shame? The count would also witness and encourage, I suggest, the ascendancy of Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal, as well as the rise of his protégé Adolph Hitler. What a ghastly cast of characters, but interestingly we must ask: who was this grand puppet master pulling those purple Nazi Vatican silken strings that allowed so much of this living history to unfold in the 20th century with such terrible consequences resulting in death and destruction?

Well, I can only speculate that the always obliging count aka, “the black pope”, fit that religious role. Or maybe he suffered from an impediment of reactive attachment disorder (RAD) that affects so many children well into adulthood? Or in other words, they are completely without a conscience of what they are committing and disregarding the consequences as a result of this affliction!

So, did the count participate so much in the name of his religion and always oblivious to perhaps this psychiatric impediment that he may have suffered from, or was he simply genetically programmed in his deeds, or as they say it’s all in the genes? Now, I do not judge the late count (only God will perform that), but I do question his personal religious and political motives, and as well as those men who willingly colluded with him in building and blessing this catholic new world Hegelian order that left millions dead, homeless, and permanently mentally scared as a result of what he failed to achieve, yet much of what he did achieve remains with us today.

The death of the count in Rome in 1942 by an abdominal abscess is claimed by his church to be the natural cause. But could it perhaps, I suspect, have been by a possible arranged poisoning to permanently silence him to what he had seen or performed at Himmler’s Wewelsberg castle, more about this in the next edition.

The count was also aware of many Vatican state secrets both of European governments and of his church’s wartime financial dealings with each other (always dangerous). We should not overlook the important fact that Himmler’s Jesuit uncle was eliminated in a mysterious manner in 1945, and remember he was, after all, just a minor cog in that Jesuit wheel that had run so smoothly until the Wehrmacht were forced to retreat from the doomed Russian campaign in 1942.

Perhaps the count was murdered by a favoured means of poison (perhaps antimony or antipyrine) carefully selected and professionally administered by one of Himmler’s S.S. doctors who quickly arranged to visit the ailing count in hospital in the disguise of a visiting priest or friar. And who, I suggest, would ever suspect a cassocked cleric calling on the sick clutching his breviary. Or better still, why not employ the acting talents of an attractive woman passing herself off as a doctor or nurse, or even as a nun secretly arriving in his darkened room to perform the deed with the silent syringe. Maybe she had been loaned out from Mussolini’s own secret police (the OVRA) to eliminate the count.

Somebody once remarked rather casually it seems that “the use of poison is a woman’s weapon.” Well, I don’t know about that, but I have to suggest that no one would suspect an angel of death disguised as a nun, or otherwise silently gliding through the hospital wards to administer the ready needle into the count’s withered arm, then slowly to usher him from this life unto death.

After 28 years of loyal priestly Jesuit service the count was sadly no longer needed, or as the say “surplus to requirements.” But we should not be deceived about what these men have tried (and are still trying) to do to usher into this Luciferian state of sin and shame. Yet God will not be mocked but will summon each of us to give an account of ourselves of all thoughts, words, and deeds we have committed, including the named and shamed so-called men in black as reported in this article.

To be continued…

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September 2016

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