The Jesuits, Part 1: “Doctors of Deception And Disguise”

The Jesuits, Part 1: “Doctors of Deception And Disguise”

(Danger: Men at ‘work’)

I suspect that the Jesuits are rather akin to the Roman catholic churches’ dedicated loyal Jihadists, and unlike the present Islamists who clutch the Koran for substance as they wade into battle, the Jesuits follow the teachings of ‘General’ Ignatius Loyola but without the strapped-on shirt bombs of course. Instead, they skillfully use another form of ammunition in their mission to continue rebuilding that old corrupt ‘holy’ Roman empire yet again.

Founded in 1540 AD by a Spanish ex-mercenary named from the Basque Country, Ignatius Loyola, they were originally named ‘the company of Jesus’ (a blasphemous title), but it seems the pope of the day did not appreciate the military connotation of the order and instead it was renamed ‘the Society of Jesus’ (just as bad). After all, Loyola had modelled them originally on the Knights Templar, and he may also have been an honouree knight himself (who knows?). According to Baigent and Leigh, however, “Like the Templars, the Jesuits were normally subject only to the [catholic] church; but like the Templars, they often became a law unto themselves.”

(Ignatius Loyola, Jesuit founder) 

The author Edmond Parris writes of Loyola, saying: “That he was a first class example of that active mysticism and distortion of the will…and did not the Madonna herself appear to him one night holding in her arms the child Jesus…he was praying with long fasts, flagellating himself, practicing all forms of maceration, and he even witnessed a serpent’s head with many eyes; this it seems gave him much delight but left him depressed when it vanished.

It seems to me that this apparition, or whatever it was, had beguiled this sick man, or maybe he was hallucinating.

We at this ministry have long been aware of the Jesuits’ machinations and duplicity against born-again Bible believers and their rubbishing of the spiritual supremacy and authority of the AV, the King James Bible that they so wish to destroy or rewrite. Yet Revelation 22:18-19 is very clear, with a solemn warning to those who interfere with this Book or dumb it down: Don’t do it!

They have been warned, and not by us, but by Almighty God!

The Jesuits have been popularly referred to as the ‘shock troops’ of the Roman catholic church, and even old Joe Stalin – who knew a thing or two – could say accusingly through thick pipe smoke to a blinking Churchill: “The pope! How many divisions has he got?” Was he referring to the Jesuits and was he himself an honorary disciple of that order as some have suggested when he was a seminarian? That old Communist serial killer knew a thing or two about making people disappear when he needed to, and he probably could have given the Jesuits a lesson or two in that department, or maybe it was the other way around, who knows?

In researching and commencing this article for our newsletter, I am naturally aware that we at this ministry are now entering deep into enemy territory, and in turning up those previous rocks of history to try and see what may lie underneath concerning these clerics and their previous religious methods as they try to achieve naked power at any cost in this fallen world. This can be very dangerous for the researcher. I also somehow see their clerical hands behind the Roswell incident of 1947 that focused so much useless attention towards extraterrestrial arrivals from another galaxy, and foolishly ignoring the saving grace of the Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Great Fire of London in 1666 was another example of their possible involvement, with the Jews naturally blamed for this tragedy.

I therefore I have to suggest the power of Satan (it’s his world after all, and I also do not believe that one man ‒ i.e., the pope ‒ can control the thinking and lives of nearly two billion people, it’s just impossible). So, there has to be an inner Vatican group that promotes and has always pursued that church’s future political financial and spiritual agenda. According to the author Leo Lyon Zagami: “The spirit of Satan along with his gang of paedophiles, Satanists, Mafiosi and Masonic businessmen are leading the church of Rome into an inexorable decline.” Well, he said it, not me, and it also has to be remembered that Catholicism is not Biblical Christianity by any means, but a fabricated and conniving pagan religion founded in the 4th century by Constantine.

Just look at the symbols of that Roman dynasty, i.e., the bishop’s mitre. It is the symbol of Dagon, the old Roman fish god. Excuse the pun, but very ‘fishy’, I suggest, and there are many more of these demonic/pagan symbols that the church of Rome is stacked to the brim with. So, if you’re still a supplicant practicing that religion, then listen to the Book of Revelation and its warning: “Come out of her my people.”

It has been reported of the Jesuits that: “If you don’t love them you must fear them,” or, “They are a public plague and a plague of the world.” Wow! Is this the mafia we are discussing here? No, it’s the Jesuits, and here a few more to add to this tale of danger and deception that resides in our fallen world.

From Abraham Lincoln: “This [civil] war (1860-1865) would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.” I further suggest that they organised the murder of Lincoln as well. His own personal connection with the Jesuits comes from the time when he personally defended Charles Chiniquy (then a catholic priest) on a trumped-up rape charge, and other convenient felonies brought in against him by the catholic church. Lincoln also called to the stand a bishop Foley, and after an erratic trial his client was found not guilty, then apparently later on the way out of the courthouse Lincoln witnessed his client Charles Chiniquy standing alone and in tears, and asked why? Chiniquy thanked him, then turned to him thanking him for he had all he done to maintain his innocence and the kindness he had shown the former priest in assisting him in clearing his besmirched name but then fortuitously warned the future president that the Jesuits had very long memories and they would somehow where possible seek their revenge for how he had challenged them and belittled them in the courthouse. The priest would leave the church of Rome and, it seems, take most of his parish with him, wonderful!

As Lloyd Lewis writes in his book: “Chiniquy developed a lasting admiration for the tall lawyer and travelled to the White House at least three times to warn Lincoln against murderous plots which he imagined the Jesuits were forming against the President.”

The same author also quotes another story which cannot be confirmed:

“The suspicious deaths also of Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Harrison, Garfield, and Zachary Taylor do seem to point towards foul play in how these prominent men, no friends of the Jesuits, met their suspicious deaths (I do hope they were saved). I could name many other 20th century politicians as well as past presidents caught in the cross fire of revenge killings.

It is further claimed that Lincoln shortly before his death had been asked by an Illinois clergyman the question: “Do you love Jesus?” Lincoln had replied: “When I left Springfield, I asked the people to pray for me. I was not a Christian. When I buried my son Willie, the severest day of my life, I was not a Christian. But when I went to Gettysburg and saw the graves of thousands of our soldiers, I then and there consecrated myself to Christ. Yes, I do love Jesus.”

We should all take note, of course, that our lives are like a vapour, here today and gone tomorrow. Always be ready therefore to meet the Lord if you are saved, for all will have to give an account at the Judgment Seat for every thought, word, and deed one day.

President Lincoln was shot on the 14th April 1865, dying on the 15th April 1865, being Good Friday in fact. The same day, curiously enough, that the ill-fated Titanic went down in the Atlantic Sea, being 15th April 1912.

As regards the Titanic, strangely enough, an invited young Jesuit priest named Francis Browne was on board the liner, and apparently took many photographs with a camera given to him by his uncle, the then bishop of Cloyne in Ireland. Browne seems to have been given free access to photograph where and who he wanted (maybe by Captain Smith, perhaps a Jesuit agent provocateur or a coadjutor himself?) The young priest later reluctantly disembarked with strict orders from his superior by sent telegram that ordered him to: “Get off the ship, Provincial.” It seems he had been previously invited by a first-class travelling family to proceed with them to New York as their guest, then after asking permission from his superior this suspicious telegram arrived. He quickly disembarked at Queenstown. All very strange and suspicious I suggest for the life of this ‘lucky’ priest, as one famous actor remarked. He lived to tell the story; sadly, thousands did not.

I will be looking later at the serious ramifications of the sinking of this great ship and the murders of those who died, 1,517 I believe, but there may have been many more on board, such as stowaways, and some still unaccounted for.

But back to Abraham Lincoln’s death, prepared it seems on the orders of the Jesuit black pope to punish him for his prominent role in the Chiniquy trial, and his further questioning of the Roman clergy in the court house. Always remember the Jesuits have been cursed with having long memories it seems (I’ve also heard that the IRA also suffer from this revenge gene) frequently used against those who deny or attempt to unmask them as they lurk in the cloisters of the Vatican corridors, for as the Holy Bible warns: “Men loved darkness rather than light.” But of course everything is possible until proven otherwise, and that is an aspect of the cult of Loyola.

Other quotes worth mentioning about this unscriptural priestly tribe come from Napoleon Bonaparte, who said: “The aim of this military order (the Jesuits) is power. Wherever the Jesuits are admitted they will be masters.”

Jesuit theologian Michele Schmaus arrogantly wrote: “The national socialist (Nazi) commandments and those of the catholic church have the same aim.” And listen in amazement to what the German Jesuit superior general Franz Wernz said: “The church can condemn heretics to death, for any rights they have are only through our tolerance and these rights are apparent, not real.”

These sound like little clerical tin gods issuing threats and orders, and they will surely burn for these sickening unrepentant remarks issued against so many.

We should be always thankful to our God that we have been given the Holy Bible as our weapon against them, the true word of God, and of course the free and saving gift of everlasting life through Jesus Christ. For these past Jesuits, there will be nothing but damnation in the outer darkness of hell awaiting them. But we are commanded today to pray for these powerful men, however difficult that might well be for us.

And what about this little gem from Hitler himself, said with some pride in his voice: “I have learnt most of all from the Jesuit order. I will tell you a secret. I am founding an order (the S.S.) and in Himmler, I see our own Ignatius Loyola.” Well, many a true word said in jest.

He later added, with menace: “As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the catholic church has adopted for fifteen hundred years, when it has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettoes, etc.”

Those ghettoes he talked about would later morph into working concentration death camps with many being staffed by Roman catholics in all branches of administration, and with the support and knowledge of the local diocesan bishops, many who outdid themselves to be more Nazi-like than the Nazis themselves.


(No shame from such apostate ‘men of God’)

Pope Clement XIII did suppress the Jesuit order (a brave man indeed!) and remarked afterwards to a worried cardinal that: “This will be my death,” and the old boy was correct; they poisoned him. He would sadly say on his deathbed: “Alas, I knew they would poison me but I did not expect to die so slowly,” and he did, probably unsaved, and certainly never deferential to them.

Pope Pius V was murdered for the simple reason that he objected to the Jesuits using the holy name of Jesus, a bad move on his part.

In 1813 Jesuit general Brzozowski was somehow able to negotiate the release of pope Pius VII, and he incidentally would have had the honour of crowning Napoleon emperor, but as we know, Bonaparte did that honour himself instead. From strict captivity interment, this pope had been placed there by Napoleon. Later the pope would reinstate the order back into the ecclesiastical fold and he would forever be in their debt. He would arrogantly threaten any who might criticise the order.

I also suggest the Jesuits were involved with the implementation of many masonic lodges and worked in collusion with top mafia families and maybe the Illuminati itself. The late Malachi Martin himself, a former Jesuit, surprisingly suggested this some years ago. Some today even suggest Martin was murdered in suspicious circumstances in 1999, well, who knows?

We should remember that today there are over 83 world regions of Jesuit influence, with 10 being located in the USA alone.

Concerning the still unsolved suspicious death of pope John Paul I in 1978 (the ’33-day’ pope) he had foolishly and naïvely spoken out in calling for left-wing priests promoting Communism/Marxism to be disciplined by their bishops as well as ordering an overdue overhaul of the secretive Vatican bank and questioning his church’s ‘cosy’ relationship with the Marxists in Moscow.

The Jesuits would not and could not allow or accept any of these implementations to happen. I also suggest a successful idea of obtaining the paid services of a professional actor (union rates, I hope) to portray and remove the vacillating pope Paul VI for whatever reasons, probably because he would not allow his beloved church to swallow the poison cup of Marxist/Jesuit liberation theology that was slowly being diluted into his church’s calendar in the 1960s, courtesy of Vatican II of course.

If you’re not sure about this theory, just look at some of the photographs taken of him before and after Vatican II.

So, was he murdered after all, or wounded, or maybe imprisoned, or quietly drugged up then left lingering in some secluded Swiss monastery, forgotten and alone? There had been an assassination attempt on Paul on his life in Manila in 1970, and he may have been wounded in this attack.

Also, an attempt on pope John Paul II in Rome has never been entirely explained, he after all had placed his own designated choice to run the order after Jesuit superior general Pedro Arrupe suffered a stroke in 1981, and this certainly cooled relations between the Jesuits and the Polish pope. And what about the assassination attempts in 2007 and 2008 by a ‘mad’ woman directed against Benedict XVI? All very strange, and was she perhaps a ‘Manchurian candidate’ acting under orders, but from whom? And what about the remarks by cardinal Romeo on a flight to China some years ago, claiming that Benedict “could be the victim of an assassination plot” later that year? Did this cardinal from Palermo (not a Jesuit) know something we don’t? And why do I see the sinister manicured hands of Loyola’s troops somewhere in these woods of doubt and disorder?!

I also wonder why they have waited so long to put their own man in the top job on the so-called ‘throne of Peter.’ Rubbish of course! Peter was never in Rome, and he certainly did not expire there.

Why did Lenin suspiciously in 1922 reinstate that ‘accursed’ proscribed religious order back into the fledgling Soviet Union society after Tsar Alexander had expelled them in 1820? And did not Marx famously claim that: “Religion is the opium of the people”? Well, obviously not the Jesuits who later quickly built a Russian college in 1929 in Moscow to perhaps assist Lenin in bringing in the brutal murder and almost extinction of Russian orthodox church members and hierarchy. And what about the terrible gulag concentration camps that would swallow up millions into their gulags dotted across godless Russia? All with the aid of his secret murderous police, a body of bloodthirsty thugs, no less.

And where were the Jesuits in the genocide of the Armenians in 1915? Almost 2 million innocent people were part of the ‘final solution’ genocide initiated by a Muslim Turkish government, and of course, the Greek orthodox church were almost decimated in the final sweep later. Was this a religious crusade against that church, because within years both the Russian and Greek orthodox faiths were almost destroyed along with most of the people who worshipped in that religion. And of course under the Nazis’ anti-Semitic ‘final solution’ Messrs. Hitler, Himmler, and Heydrich (all Roman catholics, one must note) were eagerly instrumental themselves with the might of the Third Reich in the organised murder of six million Jews. But the church of Rome continues and flourishes, does it not? This was and always had been on the Jesuits’ wicked agenda prepared at the Council of Trent in 1545-1563 to quickly extinguish all other churches, specifically born-again Bible believers who have not and will not submit to the apostate boot of the church of Rome!

And there are many more examples I could choose, of course, but it is worth examining the Jesuits’ promotion of Hitler and their very cosy connection with him. In Germany in the 1930s for example in his ascendancy to power whilst imprisoned in Lansberg prison not far from Munich. In 1923-1924 he began dictating his memoirs (if you can call them that) to his cellmate Rudolph Hess, later to be published as Mein Kampf.

Into this diabolical and depraved plot enters an ambitious Jesuit priest named ‘Fr.’ Bernhard Stempfle, who each day, it seems, cycled to the prison and collected Hess’ neatly typed pages of Hitler’s anti-Semitic thoughts, the memories of his youth and his future plans for the Jewish race. The Jesuit priest then edited them and prepared them for the Nazi’s own printer, but more importantly, he was also a member of Hitler’s personal inner circle. I believe he was also feeding important information back to Rome to the then superior general Ledochowski (more on him later).

He may well have originally become acquainted with Hitler and Hess and maybe Himmler through the dubious secret societies that were so much a staple diet of the political esoteric menus then thriving in post-war Germany. For example, the Vril group, the Black Sun society and the Thule group, all very much into the worship and study of mysticism and dangerous occult practices, and probably no doubt controlled by the Jesuit hierarchy themselves.

The Jesuits had infiltrated these mystical movements, probably because of their bizarre beliefs and promotion of the existence of extraterrestrials coming from space and the Vatican’s belief in the hollow earth theory.

In fact, the alien belief is very much on the Jesuit religious agenda today under this present Jesuit pope. However, Jesuit priest Stempfle seems to have gotten dangerously close to Hitler’s ill-fated niece, Geli Raubal. Too close, I would suggest. He would be later murdered in 1934 as a victim of the infamous ‘night of the long knives.’

The Jesuits of the 21st century have skilfully created their own (not of the Holy Bible, of course) personal ‘Jesus.’ The false Messiah of their devious creation is a crude depiction of a grinning Cuban cigar-smoking Che Guevara armed with a loaded Kalashnikov rifle, of course, and always on the side of the striking proletariat. Remember: “Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains,” wrote Marx in 1848 and probably assisted by a Jesuit from Farm Street, London.

Marx was never a worker of course, nor did he ever do an honest day’s work in his life, but shamefully sponged off Engels whenever he could. The working creed of the Jesuits has always been that the end justifies the means if it brings or promotes the greater good and their understanding of their personal god.

Just remember the terrible price paid by millions who would not bow down to the pope or his evil authority.

The creeping globalisation of the Jesuits continues today with the obliging press as well as the Internet and naturally Hollywood acting in compliance with the daily dictates that arrive from Rome. An unhealthy abundance of popular films, such asET, Close Encounters, Independence Day, Signs and Contact, frequently invade our cinemas and now our television screens, seemingly influencing us to joyfully await and welcome a friendly alien invasion, with this pope naturally acting as a proposed mediator to the new world government.

He is even prepared, it seems, to welcome and baptize them when that mothership slowly descends to (where else?) St. Peter’s Square in Rome, and naturally, CNN, ABC, Fox News and NBC have been altered to this “Breaking News Alert.” All will watch and many will welcome these demons of Satan now at last showing themselves. They will happily pose as our friends but they are really demons and enemies of mankind.

Well, that’s the current Jesuit scenario being quietly promoted (if that’s the word) to an unaware population. Yet the born-again Bible believer knows they will return with the Lord one day after the much awaited and anticipated pre-tribulation rapture. Amen!

There’s a popular theory circulating today promoted by so many misguided academics concerning the so-called and rather silly ‘big bang’ theory, which was conventionally invented and introduced to the scientific world by a certain ‘Fr.’ George Lemaitre, a Belgium Jesuit no less and a buddy of Albert Einstein, which seems to me to suggest that they hoped this might give him some street credibility in the murky world of evolution. Out of this uncertain nether of the false ‘big bang’ many other civilisations were created it seems in our own universe and maybe beyond, then some time in the future, maybe sooner, these coming allies or visitorsfrom other galaxies will descend onto a defenceless earth to pay homage to the Roman pontiff, and of course they will be baptized by him as well as being initiated into other useless Roman practices.

Listen and learn if you will of their efficient network of spies and paid agents and what they have achieved, for example. This is what the 18th Jesuit secretary general Michelangelo Tamburini (1706-1730) boasted to a visitor, perhaps the Duke de Brissac, when he said: “See, Sir, from this chamber, I govern not only Paris but to China, not only to China but to the world without anyone knowing how I do it.”

But whom does this dangerous or deceived boaster sound like to you? Don’t we read of another dark and powerful person, who made a similar and sinister statement many years ago to the Son of God:

“And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever, I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (Luke 4:5-8).

One would do well to bold the last part of this and take great heed to it: “And JESUS answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the LORD THY GOD, and him ONLY shalt thou serve.”

One must worship Almighty God and not man, whether he is a Jesuit priest, a TV celebrity, or politician, or a pop star!

I would not have expected however such a statement from the mouth of a so-called ‘holy man,’ but from the mouth of the head of the CIA, or the Russian FSB (the former KGB) to boast about at any ‘boozy’ embassy garden barbecue. But more importantly, if that Jesuit general had that power, then what can they use now against King James Bible-believers! Wow, I hate to think. But always remember, we are protected by the full armour of the Lord. Amen.

Well in advance, the Jesuits have prepared the secret church blueprints for influencing this world. All they have to do is take them out from their trusted ‘chubb primus’ safes located somewhere in Vatican City to use in ushering in their inflicted ‘new world order’ to be perpetrated against a sleeping uncertain frightened world that needs Jesus Christ now more than ever.

The Jesuits can offer nothing but doubt and deception, but Jesus Christ offers the gift of eternal life to forever reside with Him in heaven. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

But always know your enemy and that wickedness in high places. For the apostle Paul would tell us such: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Eph. 6:12).


 (The Jesuit symbol)


To be continued…

As of completing this article, an aborted brief coup has failed in Turkey. Who or what was behind it is unclear, but it looks to us like an orchestrated event, perhaps from Ankara. Any serious student of the Bible or of end times has to remember that this country is prominent in that aspect. The possible dubious role of the Vatican or the Jesuits in this attempted coup is unclear, but historically they have been involved in Istanbul politics and other religious ventures since 1609. Any new information will be presented in the follow up to this article.

Also of grave concern to us, this month was the surprise announcement from Hillary Clinton that she has chosen for her Vice President, Senator Tim Kaine, a practicing catholic who was involved with lay church missionary outreach for the Jesuits in South America for a year. These dangerous Jesuit links of his are very concerning. Our advice to Mrs Clinton is, watch your back, lady. His church will do all they can to secure a sympathetic Jesuit leader in the White House as the serving president, and they can be ruthless in their quest. During my research for this two-part Jesuit article, I noted that during one Jesuit superior’s watch, six popes were murdered by means of poison, and suspicion has long been pointed at their ecclesiastical door. With a Jesuit pope – the first in fact – we cannot rule out a future Jesuit-controlled American president installed in Washington, maybe by this time next year. These previous Vatican assassins have brought nothing but pain and death through history to all who try to obstruct them and will continue to do so. Their quest for a so-called ‘holy Roman empire’ is endless with their man the pope calling the ‘shots.’ We at this ministry will remain vigilant and always watchful until the Lord calls all Bible believers out from this fallen world, into the coming joyful rapture.



July 2016

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