The Final Farewell

The Final Farewell

Dear friend, have you ever considered or thought

About that eventual extreme final roll call

That will summon, the insignificant and the important,

The famous and the infamous to gather at that final farewell?

Sadly not for them – those many squandered souls,

The gift of crowns that will be awarded at the judgment seat.

Nor to listen to the heavenly sounds of those angelic choirs,

As they approach that concealed rustic narrow gate!

But, dear friend, listen. At the Great White Throne Judgment,

Now fully eclipsed in the full sweep of eternity,

God’s mercy it seems has now been amply spent,

On the lost tears of a lifetime that will deprive all standing men; whatever their dignitary!

For do you not realize that in the depths of the accursed,

And amongst the anguished of the lost are reserved,

A terrible betrayal and failure that they will never glimpse:

The Light of the World!

How bitter for them the relish of regret,

That for all eternity they will now be forever beset,

From He who enunciated with love:

“Take, eat: This is My Body (Matt. 26:26)


June 2004

(All Rights Reserved)