Then End of a World

Then End of a World

You know, memories that lay deep in the regions of our mind,

Can somehow, in seconds, quickly convey us to a once known land,

That within the snap of a finger quickly remove all our appetites,

And I suppose all familiar and spiritual delights.

But do you not know, dear friend, it was just the end of a world.

White envelopes that arrive unannounced in the post,

Seem scented somehow with memories, that force you to slowly embark on a quest,

To dredge the abandoned seams of your mind,

And maybe, perhaps, just find,

It was just, the end of a World.


Does not God request, No, demand that all spent sin be accounted for within each person’s heart.

One day each one of us from this World will suddenly depart,

But by then will it be too late. For by each person’s contrition,

Are we finally saved, at last, in God’s loving perfection?

So weep with me, if you will today,

On this the first symbolic day of May,

For those sundry souls known and unknown, loved and unloved who still turn away,

From God’s perfect Gift who willingly sacrifice their immortal soul, because of a debt they were never ever inclined to pay!



Friends, your perpetual Salvation could never ever come cheap!

Two thousand years ago Someone paid a dreadful price for your sins and for mine.

Dear J, so you’ve travelled from St. Ives to Interlaken to Paris and Phnom Penn and whatever impression it may have made on you (and I know it did) it will never ever compare with what is to enfold one day in Heaven.

And, no passports or visas are required!


If a child died today, or any past day or year, by whatever means he or she will, within a second, be safe in Heaven.

My question to non-believers would have to be, where will your final destination take you to. And are you ready for that final terminus?

All Born Again believers are promised Eternal Salvation!

Now isn’t that something to look forward to. Well isn’t it?


Forfeited Children long departed from this faded world are, however, I believe expectantly awaiting a mother’s gentle hand to caress them-to possess them-to kiss them, and maybe compare facial features and touch the softness of a Child’s hair with her own. But most of all, to forever and to always, cherish them! But Sadly many little ones will ask and cry aloud: “Where is my Mummy. When is she coming?”

Then someone devoted to them with tears in their eyes will have to say: “Mummy isn’t coming, now or ever.” How sad, I suggest, for those children that they will never ever know or see their Mother, or taste her lips upon their own or rest each tousled hair upon her weeping shoulder.

And all of this eternal pain could have been avoided.


The fact is for millions today it will be the End of their World, but for many others, it is the beginning of a pristine new promised world, STILL YET TO COME!

(I must have spent more time in the composition of this stanza than any other I have written. It didn’t come easy. But to my reader, I hope it will at least strike a minor chord in their heart, for I know it did in mine.)


14th May 2006

(All Rights Reserved)