The Duke And Duchess Of Windsor Still Courting Controversy

The Duke And Duchess Of Windsor Still Courting Controversy

At the time of preparing this article it is the 77th anniversary of the King’s abdication of the English throne, and all of its routine responsibilities in 1936, rather quite an event I suggest. King Edward was monarch for a mere ten months. But even today the old boy is still making political waves it seems, because in Nottingham a letter typed by himself (and with spelling mistakes as well) is soon to go under the auctioneers hammer, and in it he cast serious doubts on Churchill as a peacetime leader (but not wartime), and naturally suggests that history under him might have been very different if he had been on the throne in 1940, for example when England stood alone against the Hitler war machine. So today is it just wishful thinking on his part or was there something serious in his personal statement, it was after all a long time ago and to my generation as a young man he was the king who had invented and passed down the famous “Windsor” knot for tying a tie; it took me weeks to master its craft and skill!

Naturally, Edward was always going to be the future King of England and the Empire, and where once the Holy Bible was spoken with reverence from people’s lips, today blasphemy and the meaning of its words is now common in all spheres of daily life. And will not Edward always be equated with that “notorious American” woman, aka, Mrs Wallis Simpson, the so-called woman he apparently gave up his throne to marry? Well that’s the story but I believe her great romance with Edward became her later great regret, but by then it was too late for Wallis, she had cast her fate to the wind. However, after the Windsor’s marriage in 1937 in France, the couple would produce no heir to the British throne (that line of succession from him had been relinquished.) Of Mrs Simpson’s previous marriages both had ended in divorce and were childless, but apparently, it seems: “Wallis did not want to have children.” However, Queen Elizabeth II would have come to the throne anyway when her Father George VI died in 1952 (and I do remember that occasion very well indeed.)

Mrs Simpson today has come under the medical microscope concerning her sexuality and personality. In fact there does seem to be a plentiful examination and dissemination concerning her sexuality that has come about in recent years in the media, much of this being useless speculation and much had emanated from a deceased biographer who sarcastically remarked after meeting her that: “She was one of the very oddest women I have ever met…were it not for the suspicion that she is not a woman at all.” And there was also a suggestion, and I wonder from whom that she/he was a transsexual. Well, well, poor Wallis it seems the knives of the Masonic establishment were out to destroy her reputation right from the commencement of her nefarious relationship with Edward.

For example the so-called notorious “China dossier,” perhaps authored by the Special Branch on the Prime Minister’s instructions to present Wallis to newspaper editors, loyal to the Government, that she frequently, as a whore, who had previously trawled through numerous brothels in 1920s in Shanghai, learning and experimenting in Chinese sexual methods of gratification, but as her recent biographer, Anne Sebba confidently states, with authority that “no such a dossier has never been identified.” She, after all, had cautiously examined the numerous boxed files in the National Archives in Kew finding nothing to confirm, if such lies were indeed true. I have to agree with her conclusion and suggest that it was probably from ‘the dirty tricks department’ that all governments fund and encourage, whoever they are. But the mystery of her sexuality is another matter and by today’s medical standards it seems maybe Wallis suffered from the discomfort of “DSD” and all of its complications offered to her in puberty, or maybe “AIS” a milder form so I am informed of this complication could also be mentioned in her medical charts which are apparently still sealed as well.

Mention should also be made of course of the beautiful city of Baltimore and its long history. It was the first Catholic diocese in America having as its head bishop John Carroll, a Jesuit priest. He would later be involved with the construction of Georgetown University, where many selected diplomats are still trained for Government public service. His brother Daniel although not a Jesuit was one of the original signers of the historic “Articles of the Confederation” in 1781, there may well have been some family Jesuit influence on that occasion. Indeed it should not be overlooked as well that in 1776 Adam Weishaupt (maybe a Jesuit, maybe not) and the Illuminati entered the world stage with of course the Roman church eyeing the new world of America and all of its wealth through land, natural resources, and all “up for grabs” it seems. I believe the Jesuits seized this unique opportunity to take control of that fledgeling country’s future destiny on the international world stage, then moulding it of course to their own agenda, with themselves and the Catholic Church at the tiller. I have to add surprisingly that the aura and mystery of this “funny looking” girl from Baltimore, the daughter of a boarding house mother, is still as interesting today to so many who waste time watching day drivel television. In fact whilst researching this article I discovered there are to date over a dozen books chronicling the elegant but wasteful life and legend of Mrs Simpson, many by female authors and historians, so she must still have some “pull” in today’s self-absorbed culture.

He, the Duke, meanwhile, the former king of England for a mere ten months, is today almost a forgotten monarch and man. A man in fact who never seriously really fought for his throne or perhaps never wanted it or its privileges or responsibilities anyway.

Although Baltimore the city where Wallis was born was predominately Catholic I can find no evidence that she practised that faith or was subjected to its erroneous teachings, but instead was raised by her aunt as an Episcopalian, and in fact their rubrics and rituals are very similar to the Catholics and not much difference it seems in worship. No good works or religious rituals or rosaries or relics can or will save you. Yet today from Canterbury to Rome these bloated churches of the ecumenical movement and others deceive so many. Remember: “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction,and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matt. 7:13,14.)

The message is so simple and all should listen and learn from its teachings.

In fact, I suggest that Mrs Simpson was a much-maligned woman attacked both from the English establishment, the Special Branch in particular with the willing collaboration of their American counterparts as well, and it would not be the first time they have both used this tactic to destroy a person’s reputation. In fact, they excelled in its crafts and still do. But was she a female fraud or a woman manipulated and then spat out by her masters. Well any serious probe of her life, including myself, have been presented with that unsolved problem and the mystery of Wallis and her ways. There is even the suggestion that she was a witch who bewitched the king, and even the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Lang, the highest priest in the land hinted that Edward “was mentally ill, having a deranged mind and a persecution mania.” Also, dark stories about Edward were fed to the panting press by aides from Downing Street, that the king was suffering alcoholism and was trying to cure it by hypnotism. What a nice man Lang was, the charming cleric with the tongue of a viper. There may even be a Jesuit connection in all of this which should not be dismissed.

But of course, it is that infamous liaison of the Windsor couple with Hitler at his spooky mountain lair at Berchagarden that is still remembered today. Because ever since his relatives the Tsar of Russia and his family had been brutally murdered on spiteful orders from Lenin, Edward and his relatives had no time for communism and its evils tenets. This would place him into the pro-fascist European camp of Hitler and Mussolini, and I don’t think it took a lot of prompting on his side to do so either. So the excursion to the mountains to meet the demon king was certainly a must for both of the Windsor’s in 1937.

And the unhealthy fascination of Edward with the Nazis before the war is too close for comfort for the British public to know about, even today it seems, with most of the surviving boxed aging paper documents being locked away or classed as “lost”, “not available” or “closed” until many years down the line when they will open up for public scrutiny, if ever, which does seems unlikely to me. And of that historic meeting with Hitler over tea and pastries with the willing Windsor’s, Wallis recalls in her memoirs that: “He gave one a feeling of great inner force. His eyes were truly extraordinary, and I found myself confronted with by a mask. I decided that Hitler did not care for women.” Yet he seems to have been taken with her for when they left the mountain lair he turned to an aid and remarked: “She would have made a good queen.” Well, maybe that might have happened to the wife of a future quisling if Hitler had won the war and occupied England. Instead, after a botched operation organized by the Nazis to kidnap the royals from neutral Portugal, the couple were quickly exiled (if you can call it that) to the humid Island of Bermuda, where the king was offered the position of the governor general, being guarded by a battery of bored British soldiers. Then frequently in the years following in the golf club bar and over VAT69 brandy and Cuban cigars he would reminisce to anyone who would listen that: “If I had been King, there would have been no war.” Well, he was probably correct in this arrogant statement and it’s a lame remark coming from a man many of his old friends previously had referred to as “Peter Pan.” It has also been suggested rather seriously that the king suffered from a type of asparagus syndrome, with assorted mental problems attached to his personality, and late bodily development added as well to his general health gave rise to this unconfirmed assertion. But maybe this is more information from the English ‘dirty tricks department’ that they specialise in.

Later into the post-war era and until their deaths the Windsors enjoyed a life of luxury and leisure, and all played out on the world stage of power and privilege, as recorded by the cameras and gossips columnists.

The frail duchess lingered on for another six years in her private powder blue boudoir, “robbed, abused and alone and sedated,” it is reported, to later deteriorate in the imposing 19th-century château, situated on the fashionable Ave Bois de Boulogne in Paris that had been previously leased to the couple.

After his death, her life would be frequently supervised daily by a scheming lawyer and assorted servants, who it seems was hired then fired with the regularity of a Louis XV antique clock. (In fact years later Mohammed Al Fayed hoped to purchase the building for his son, Dodi and Princess Diana after they married, but that was not to be, was it.) The house today is owned and managed by a trust and can be let out for holiday breaks if you can afford it of course. Incidentally some years ago the late duchess confided to a biographer that: “I never wanted to be Queen,” yet somehow I suggest that she would have revelled in the regatta of royalty had she been crowned the Queen of England, after all her husband may not have wanted to be king himself but for the girl from Baltimore it must have been a dream and desire that almost came true for Wallis and for England, but then God had other plans for England and its history.

In conclusion when Edward became king, inheriting the title “defender of the faith. ” Today, of course, this title is meaningless.

Edward’s desire or lust to marry a twice-divorced married woman and an American at that was too much for the English establishment to chew or digest.

In researching the Windsors I can find no Christian or religious inclinations said or written about, not even a family Bible is mentioned in both Wallis and Edwards declining days on this earth. They certainly weren’t born again and as a matter of fact I doubt they understood or even cared what these two important words meant or offered to a repenting sinner, rather like so many people today it seems who are confused, lost and alone, but listen: “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: It is the gift of God.” So if you have it doesn’t squander it; if you don’t have it then seek it today before its too late.

The divine right of kings to govern, proclaim and defend is very clear in the Holy Bible. From David to Solomon to the coming King of kings. No socialist republic ever gets a look in and no ‘Marxist majesty’ is on the horizon of Biblical history and never will be. Indeed by abdicating his responsibly in 1936 the late King Edward VIII is indeed guilty of that betrayal and prerogative against England and its then loyal subjects. Yet all of this corrupted history is of the past.

Today we still face the Satanic Jesuitical new world order which is far more dangerous and deadly to the true Bible-believing Christian, than that lost world that Edward and Wallis lived and died in, and probably unsaved. Yet the couple are not quite forgotten it seems in the literary world of books, kindles and DVDs.

(Note, the left-sided profile)

The duke died on 28th May 1972. The duchess died in Paris, aged 89, in 1986.

(Both are buried near Windsor)

This article is dedicated to all of our American friends, they will know of course who they are.

“As it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment.”


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