The Death of Midnight The ‘Ministry’ Cat

The Death of Midnight The ‘Ministry’ Cat

We are very sad to announce that our ‘ministry’ cat affectingly known as Midnight has died. He was 20 years old (that’s over 120 in human years apparently).

Midnight was a rescue cat and quickly joined our family years ago and was always so very affectionate and friendly. He loved everybody but certainly not other cats and would chase any away who approached him.

He was always purring, including in his sleep, and even in his last precious hours with our family. A very happy and contented cat.

But his health had been sadly failing him for several months and after some tests and weight loss, we were informed by the vet that his liver was not in a good shape. Just last week his back legs and front right leg began to let him down badly resulting in serious tumbles down the stairs. This we knew was serious and could only get worse. We decided that we did not want to put him through further medical examinations or operations knowing his body could not take the intrusion.

He died this morning peacefully at the vets with both my daughter and I holding and talking to him before he just quietly slipped away. It was very peaceful and professionally carried out.

During many hours in the past years when working at my laptop writing articles for our monthly ministry newsletter and the ongoing Munich Nights and watching the news he would join me happily for hours sitting on my desk, usually stretched out by my right hand by the mouse. And also quietly watching and observing me with great interest before sleep overtook him. And I was always appreciative of his company (especially in the very early hours of the morning) except when he stretched out on the keyboard and I would lovingly admonish him.

We have owned many wonderful cats in our family over the years but I have never known or met a cat like Midnight and never will again.

Of course, our family are very sad and tearful at his loss and we are all finding it very traumatic. He was loved by all of us.

He will be missed for a long time to come, but never forgotten by us.

Patrick & James

July 2020