The Death of Pope John Paul II

The Death of Pope John Paul II

Why are three American Presidents kneeling down, next to a dead coffin? Surely, such busy people wouldn’t have time to attend such a ‘religious’ event? Who is the real power/leader of the world here?

Amazingly, Tony Blair and his wife weren’t there, at least not publicly.

I have long been an ardent Vatican observer, going back some 35-years. I also took a great interest in the intrigues of the old Soviet empire. Both of these man-made religions, Catholicism and Communism can and will survive or perish, only at the naked ambition of men.

In Vladimir Putin’s new Russia, Marxism’s long-term doctrine to dominate the world still survives under the feint hand of democracy.

In the Catholic church of John Paul II, the vulgarity and paganism of the old Babylonian religion also still flourishes. Witness what was to happen after the pontiff’s demise in his bedroom, when a senior robed cardinal, tapped the pope’s cold forehead with a gold hammer three times, pronouncing him dead. Then proceeded to smash the so-called ‘ring of the fisherman.’

‘The pope is dead, long live the pope.’

It is indeed truly the end of an era for this charismatic cardinal from Poland, but the show, nevertheless, has to go on.

The Holy Bible informs us that, “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27.)

So what will be the legacy of this popular pontiff, who can even in death, it seems, cause a future king of England to delay his wedding!

Certainly, the ghosts of past scandals will still emerge through a veil of suspicion. Names such as Marcinkus and Calvi. (This tragic banker was murdered under Blackfriars Bridge, London. I have visited that place and a more desolate place to die, I cannot think of.)

Sindona, Law and Cody will always be there like old wounds, festering yet never, it seems, to completely heal. And who can forget the sexual scandals that for so long were covered up with diplomatic ease? For too long, paedophile predators were allowed by the Catholic hierarchy to continue their wicked ways.

For those of us spiritually opposed to the infectious ecumenical movement, we must admit that under John Paul II it has been a ‘success,’ the bursting membership of the World Council of Churches rather confirms this.

So too, in the interfaith meetings that have witnessed the open adoration of the inverted cross. Not to mention the display of the grotesque depiction of Christ on the broken cross, that accompanied the pope everywhere on his travels, and who can ever forget ‘the kissing’ and ‘veneration of the Koran,’ in the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus, by this pope. Much it seems has been gained in this iniquitous field.

Now all that is awaited is the expected appearance of the Antichrist. Everything appears to be ready on the world stage for his arrival, be it in the political or religious arena. And according to ‘St.’ Malachy in his written predictions, only two more popes will reside in Rome before Christ’s triumphant return to initiate His millennium reign. We may yet see the arrival of Pope Peter II.

John Paul II was indeed a showman and through his successful 27-year run, much that was lost under the meek Paul VI has been clawed back by the papacy. Karol Wojtyla will be a very difficult act to follow.

As Bible-believing Christians, bought by the precious blood of Christ, we will stand before the Judgment Seat, but mercifully we will have escaped the fires of Hell.

For others who have rejected Christ’s triple commission to be born again, all that awaits them is the terrible Great White Throne Judgment, be they politicians, presidents or soft-spoken poets.

And yes, even popes!

“For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” 





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