The Car Wash

The Car Wash

Do the hidden secrets of ones lost youth,

Ever cross that cloudy line that in simple truth,

Was once was so easily proposed,

But now is discreetly, discarded and easily disposed.

Yet now the shrivelled stain of spent sin,

Will forever lie dormant in that country we keep always sealed within.

And do not fool yourself that a convenient car wash,

Designed by men purely for finance will help you tosh

When soon before that great white throne you plead your personal petition.

Before all creation, then Before God naked and trembling before His judging salutation!

You plead GUILTY!

Then await the sentence from God’s affectionate authority!

This dear friend if you did not know is a non-liability!

I’m afraid that tosh is a South London slang word that I rarely use or like using.

But remember before the Judgment seat and the feared Great white throne is a wealth of salvation. If you are born again, praise the Lord you will never stand before God at the Great White Throne, nor should you want to!

The analogy of the convenient car wash is simple: the outside bodywork needs powerful hot prepared water jets to disperse grime and mud. The internal dextrous skills will, however, need a valet to accentuate dashboard, carpet and embroidered leather velvet seats for our scrutiny. Isn’t God rather like this as He primes us for His final inspection? Let us never find Him wanting when as saved Christians we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and await the awarding of the promised crowns. The Scripture speaks of five judgment rewards that await the born again believer.

Please see 2nd Corinthians 5:10 as explained by the Apostle Paul on the crowns distribution.


November 2005

(All Rights Reserved)