Stanzas For God’s Glory

Stanzas For God’s Glory


Praise that day in 1611! Oh praise that day in the year of our Lord 1611, When from the magnificent portals of Heaven, God’s divine word, Became OUR divine Word. For by Royal Decree, James King of England, in 1604, Instructed forty-seven scholars by Royal Commission, …READ MORE

A Sense of Wonder

A special sense of wonder and peace, Is offered by the Father, who claims the lease, On this His fallen world. Not our world but His world! For do you not comprehend or understand, That He who so majestically arose from the dead, Offers to …READ MORE

A Stanza for Salvation

In the approaching end times that are certainly coming Every fixed eye should always be looking. Every prepared word should be as a crusading witness To family, friends and strangers. We neither know the allotted time or place. This we are informed with prophetic grace. …READ MORE


Today a baby will be slaughtered! So please do not dismiss what I have to say or have long feared. Today a little one’s hand will reach out in fear, And none will see or taste this infant’s tear. How sad I exclaim that this …READ MORE

April Is For Ann

The known name of this month arrives from the Greek word for opening. And for this seasoned delight, let us all joyfully sing As we greet it’s expected coming, With faith, hope, love, and thanksgiving. But cannot April be cruel to those at the end …READ MORE

Awaiting On The Mountain

How alone and confused, Confident but now strangely bewildered, Do they huddle close together ready to stand, On a spiritual plateau located there by HIS guiding hand. Now each disciple is forged forever by He, in that joyous fire in the melting Flame of a …READ MORE

Awesome August

Awesome August, Sweet August doth appear, So recorded once an inspired favourite sear. By stating its claim to fame, August does claim its name from Emperor Augustine. Awesome August, Claims this month’s unique glory, That is revered in an esteemed Gospel story: Told of the …READ MORE

Beslan: The Screams of September

There they lie the children twisted in a hospital morgue.  These are the true orphans of Mother Russia. These are the victims of a deadly plague that arrogantly parades itself around the world. Rejoicing in the name of terrorism! Yet, on that September day, never was …READ MORE

Bethlehem, Oh Bethlehem!

Your favoured name through aching years, Has given, nothing it seems, but blood, sweat and tears, To this once chosen Royal city of David the King, Given By God to silence forever, Satan’s cruel whispering. Bethlehem oh Bethlehem: And did not once that royal command …READ MORE

Blaspheme NOT The Lord’s Name

JESUS: say it with hushed reverence and love, Pause, then listen to His sainted speech from above, For if you neither seek His advocate or approval, Then from His saving grace, will you not, perhaps stumble and fall? Today: crude cheats curse and blaspheme. And …READ MORE

Buried Secrets

Any probing exploration of a man’s mind, Will almost certainly expose a fertile find, Of past emotional deeds and broken barriers, That left a trail of devastation of all those lost years. So Beware: The first faltering steps towards scepticism, They always seem to somehow-terminate-with …READ MORE

Condemned Already?

To be or not to be deplored Prince Hamlet in far of Ellsinore, But each journeying soul in this life must enquire, Do I believe, or do I not believe? For if we do truly receive, Then we are promised a joyous lasting reprieve, From …READ MORE

Dear Friend

Hark; listen to the wind that is weeping. Sadly, now she parades her woe at the forthcoming passing, Of He who will expire today. But in the silent garden last night, A tableau of trepidation became visible at first hesitant light. Then cruel temple guards …READ MORE


Seek not your share of bodily despair, For when perfected does it not always repair, To reside in your fractured heart, To languish and pant before it will silently depart. But the pain of Hungary sin, When freely offered within, Can only willingly succeed, When …READ MORE

Destination – Hell

Dear Friend, what is the Saving antidote for Hell? Well, I have to suggest, It has to be Jesus Christ, And within His assured arms, only then will You gain eternal rest. This hour, this minute entering Hell’s gothic burning halls, Each day are many …READ MORE

Destination And Next Stop: HELL!

Somewhere today a ship is docking in…HELL! And all paid up doubters and sinners have happily bought, A one-way ticket to…HELL, And all of this – upon themselves – have they happily brought! Now, the recent dead, Perhaps will indulge on the popular “A” deck, …READ MORE

Do You Have The Time?

(Author unknown) My name is Tammy. This is my life. I will get saved when I’ve got time. I was born 1st January 1964. As I grew up, the Lord kept his hands on me. He healed my polio. Now I walk like you. Thank …READ MORE

Don’t Walk Away From The Cross

PLEASE LISTEN! Never ever walk away from that stark wooden Cross, Cause if you do, it will forever be to your fading permanent loss! Just simply turn then seek some much needed spiritual gain, Whatever the personal price, whatever the expected pain! But sadly today …READ MORE


You know I don’t want to share other people’s leftover dreams, Well not if I can help it, always, somehow unstitching those worn seams! Nor am I interested in “the impossible dream” or any other gilded dream, Or the hackneyed, “I have a dream.” I …READ MORE

Each Day

With each fleeting day, Silently pause and humbly say, To GOD our Father above, Today and forever, You have my love. And with each days missing minutes, That enter a depository of wasted hours. To be forever lost, into the tapestry of time. Only then …READ MORE

Fast Forward

Is not all past life, Just a scattering of greedy rewards and serial strife? That if we could possibly vote, We would search for the armchair remote, Then happily and without discretion quickly press rewind, Through life’s past pathetic emotions. And some yet to be …READ MORE

Finding The Way

Shall I ever find comfort, care and repose Under a humid cloak that offers, I suppose, Lasting eternity, or an endless sleep, That is washed away eternally in the burning fires of the deep? “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Asked an angel …READ MORE


Friends, do you ever think about your approaching death? Or, is it all perhaps ever so slightly beneath, you’re pale inner happy scope? But do you realize that for the lost and the unsaved there will be very little lasting hope? But are we only …READ MORE


To forsake Christ is to forsake life, To accept Christ is to gain eternal life. Lifelike liberty is no more than a frail vessel, Tossed around Gods oceans in a reseeding agitated swell. So, reach out the appointed hour of this new day, And accept …READ MORE

God’s Gift

One day during the cold wind of an April morning, I suddenly found myself searching and praying, To beseech God, to allow me to behold the magnitude of an atom of HIS World, And all that it would allow me to see and perhaps behold. …READ MORE

How Far Is Heaven?

How far is Heaven, asked the jester? How far is Heaven, asked the preacher? Heaven is as far as when you seek true repentance, For then it is just as near when you search and gain the answer in your enduring conscience.   GPB 2004 …READ MORE

How Sad

How sad, I state that your special Saviour cannot save you? ‘But’ he protests, ‘I don’t need Him, or you’!! ‘So, please don’t persist. Because everything you say and do I will strongly resist’! How sad, I say, that one day you will be forever …READ MORE

How Sweet

How sweet the precious gift of Jesus. That was and is yet to come. For did He not once divinely succumb, To purchase our eternal gain, Through His sacrificial pain? How sweet that gift of our Lord. That from Heaven’s distant portals, Came He. Not …READ MORE

In The Stillness of The Night

Only now I sense the cold clasp of the probing fingers of the night. Earlier they had calmed me into a blissful delight, Now they drift before my eyes Leaving just a mist that shrouds my sight, Offering only fatigue before – perception offers me …READ MORE

Innocence (And Its Loss)

How precious the redeemed gift of innocence, That is blessed and freely bestowed, Upon a cherished child, Purchased forever by God but lost by Man just once! For does not the Almighty sanction, To all His children, His ransomed gift? Moulded in his love, polished …READ MORE

Just a Soldier of the LORD

I’m just a soldier in the army of the Lord, Prepared, primed, and sharpened by His shining sword. I’m just a soldier in the army of the Lord, Anointed and adjusted to announce at any time His saving word. No, I’m not a drill sergeant …READ MORE

Life’s Gifts

Are all of life’s gifts and delights that we joyfully seek, perhaps today, maybe tomorrow, say next week, merely perfidious preludes waiting to tranquillize us into a pretended reasoning? For don’t you know that within yourself, life’s a lie? The most friendly one. It’s all …READ MORE


Any famous London architectural sight, Is always, at least for me, a lasting delight. And to any feint hearted well-wisher that is perhaps weary and sad, Does it not make all of them and me smile, and feel perhaps very glad, That we are all …READ MORE

Memories of May

In welcoming the merry month of May, There should never be any lasting delay. For May did, you not know, is derived from Maia, the “mother” of Mercury, Or is it I cynically ask just fancy Roman poetry? May seems to be the favoured month …READ MORE

My Little Book

Now I’m old and sadly alone, With never ever a friendly call on my Bakelite phone, I’ll often slowly turn and start to look, For my little worn black leather book. One wonderful spring day – long ago – I was married in 1941, And …READ MORE

New Year’s Day

Christmas days, Christmas yesterdays, Do they not always help us to happily recall, Muffled footsteps heard on Christmas Eve, coming down a darkened hall? That to a waiting child sounds rather like a nun’s swishing cloak. Now New Years Day presents itself with promised anticipation. …READ MORE

Oh, Lord

Oh Lord, send me Your saving hand, That one day soon, at Your wish, I may stand On the polished marble steps of Your given mansion, Prepared for me so long ago by the precious blood of Your salvation. Oh, Lord from crystal windows will …READ MORE


Perhaps in the gathering storms yet to arrive, Each person’s soul will perish or survive. None of us ever know the designated hour of our destiny, None will know how or where they will spend a lasting eternity. Perhaps for will not all torturous souls …READ MORE

Prone To The Preachers

I’m not sadly hooked on those TV soaps. I’m not sadly addicted to musical pops. But sadly it seems I’m very prone to those popular radio preachers! Early morning begins with tea, Well at least for me. With the resolute voice of dear Adrian Rodgers, …READ MORE

Rage of the Age

The rage of all previous ages, Once loomed to become the disjointed music of that age. For many it became the chords of a dividing crescendo, That languished to become for us a saving adagio! From glorious Gethsemane to a churlish Calvary, Was heard a …READ MORE

Requiem For A Thief

How far away that lost day now appears. And how late that fatal hour, When brutal Roman soldiers dragged me to their cruel dungeon tower, Still struggling in chains of rope and rough fetter. I, Raffio the late, an inhabitant of Nazareth, Known to dear …READ MORE


How bitter and profound, Does this harsh word to me, always sound. And maybe, just maybe, over many grieving years, It has offered to many women nothing but lasting pain and tears. To a woman still grieving for an act committed long ago, it is …READ MORE

Rhythm of The Rain

How precious the rains that will descend, And refresh the scorched earth of this fallen World. But look! What is that silhouette upon a jagged skyline? Is it a withered stump, or a wasted tree in eternal decline? I am not sure. But as I …READ MORE


Saved! Saved! Saved! Praise the Lord! Once I believed I was alive. But I was dead, Surviving in a fallen World. To that, I was happily wed! Bonded to all false dogmas. In that life, I would happily spend, All my wasted hours in the …READ MORE

Searching Through Books

I’ve long suspected those doomed works of Tolstoy, Should never, well hardly ever, be treated as a toy. And sadly I must regretfully decline, All offers to browse any fiction by Gertrude Stein. And why when I attend a reading on Blake, I’m just about …READ MORE

Sex In Sin City

Why is it I have to ask in all sincerity, Are all those favoured television soaps, Always pitched at cretins, losers and dopes, And if so then all I have for them is pity! ER, Scrubs and General Hospital, Will, not I’m afraid survive the …READ MORE

Shifting Sands

Do not the declining years of a person’s sweeping life, So quickly slip through the shifting sands of time, Leaving so many of us wilting rather like twisted twine. But shouldn’t each passing minute be pleasing and without strife? And do not life’s waves of …READ MORE


Are some of the wickedest sins always re-enacted at night, Or perhaps played out against an obscure hinterland of willing deceit? And does not any familiar sin to fully prosper Have to have a willing admiring proposer? Sin in all its beguiling demeanour, Is, I …READ MORE

So It Was

So it was when virgins sin, Hastily prepared and primed entered in To God’s pristine earth. So it was that it became the ancestry, To all future generations that would witness all marked hostile deficiency. Then deceitful Satan’s gilded accent, Wooed and charmed Eve’s willing …READ MORE

Some Real Estate

Did you know that I own a smart piece of real estate? Oh no, not like the Bush, Kennedy, or Windsor Country estates, Always it seems manicured and watered in the style of the rich. No, my majestic divide of real estate, Was bought long …READ MORE

Stranger On A Road

Once long ago and far away, I met a Stranger on a dusty road. He carried, it seems, neither satchel nor an archaic gleaming sword. And on that road, all journeying strangers upon its harsh soil Approached its secret shadows with caution and counsel. For …READ MORE

The Car Wash

Do the hidden secrets of ones lost youth, Ever cross that cloudy line that in simple truth, Was once was so easily proposed, But now is discreetly, discarded and easily disposed. Yet now the shrivelled stain of spent sin, Will forever lie dormant in that …READ MORE

The Death of a Pope

There he silently lays, adorned, mourned and deceased, This once praised man is now displayed for all to gape at and openly worshipped. Blood silken vestments now adorn his shrinking cadaver, This once religious icon. This once princely ruler! But weep not for Pope John …READ MORE

The Final Farewell

Dear friend, have you ever considered or thought About that eventual extreme final roll call That will summon, the insignificant and the important, The famous and the infamous to gather at that final farewell? Sadly not for them – those many squandered souls, The gift …READ MORE

The Haunted Church

The silent church now stands erect like a frozen sentry. But no throng will ever pass across its gaze. So bleak, so wary. Once in another era, this chapel had been purpose-built for prayer, To joyfully proclaim forever the perennial word of our Creator That …READ MORE

The Hospital Ward

Early Friday morning and all is serene and non-vocal Hospital patients sedated and suffering now await the arrival Of the doctor and his locums into this acute hospital ward. The doctor’s quirks of who stays and who remains swings From his stethoscope like a silver …READ MORE

The Living Dead

Who are they, the living dead? And why are they identified as, the walking dead? If life is for the living, Then what can the dead be giving? On any given day just stop and observe all who slouch by you, With blemished skin, mocking …READ MORE

The Mystery of Love

Why does the mystery of love have to be such a mystery? Love and its delights come in many sized* tetra-paks, Look at any new father with tears running down his cheeks, As he gazes with love at his baby in a ward full of …READ MORE

The Parable of Purgatory

A simple doubt, dear friend, concerning purgatory, Is it all poppycock or just a mystery? And we all love a mystery…don’t we? Well let’s see, shall we? But first isn’t the cruel lie of limbo, To many a weeping parent-just a simple NO! That brings …READ MORE

The Parting

The final parting of each person, Is sometimes sad, sometimes sorrowful, Occasionally tearful, often dreadful! The final parting of each person is not uncommon. It can level a grown male, Leaving him drifting like a torn canvas sail. The final parting of each person is …READ MORE

The Past Is Lost

You can’t change what is past, It’s gone, let it go, it could never last! Rather like a cut from an executioners sabre, All marble memories must die just like an earth bound burning sphere. Come on! Could you choose the desired reverie? However sweet …READ MORE

The Storm

How wonderful to witness that day on the boat, When Christ silenced dashing waves to keep afloat. But I do wonder did not Satan use that inclement weather, To try and somehow quench the Lord’s prophesied power? And did not His anointed disciples, Who knew …READ MORE

The Valley

This valley was different. It was bleaker, darker, Nothing lived or breathed here. No fish, no fowl, no flower, This terrain was harsh, unfamiliar. Of that he was sure! Hadn’t he backpacked many continents? But not this sphere! But it was the nauseating, sickening smell, …READ MORE

Then End of a World

You know, memories that lay deep in the regions of our mind, Can somehow, in seconds, quickly convey us to a once known land, That within the snap of a finger quickly remove all our appetites, And I suppose all familiar and spiritual delights. But …READ MORE


Some eagerly explain and proudly proclaim that all Past time is eternally lost. But I enquire is it in the present or in disguise? Or all in the silent past? Yet all false teachers still maintain that None have tasted its Sweet aroma, or listened …READ MORE

To Search

In the fast frenzied mayhem of today’s distorted world, Many gentle minutes spent in commune with God, May, perhaps through his silent whisper, Allow each petitioner to silently prosper. For all silence, if we but knew it, Is God’s answer. Revealed through His abiding Spirit. …READ MORE

Topeka Nights

Oh, those spent Topeka nights, How I yearn for your sounds and sights. And to taste – once again – those hazy nights, That I sampled so long ago through Topeka nights. Now, on wet windy boulevards have I many times sauntered, And gazed into flooding …READ MORE

Unrequited Love

Have you ever sipped from the Chalice of unrequited love? If so, then how bitter and unfulfilling you Will certainly perceive it to be. Unrequited love declared The lyricist is a bore, In a jazzy musical score. But that to my reasoning is merely An …READ MORE

Victoria Sunday

Victoria Sunday briefly arrived in the world on a wet Friday, I’m told on the sixth day of the last week, in May. However, she like so many others were conceived in passionate lust, And throughout all of her short life, she had to collude …READ MORE


Waiting, waiting, waiting, how much time We waste, just waiting, For is not all waiting just a waste of time? Sixty seconds can seem like sixty hours, With fluid months melting away into liquid years. But is not all life a cycle that twists and …READ MORE


Don’t all of today’s familiar Health warnings about, What to eat or quickly select and Swiftly drink, Leave you and me with little or No doubt, About what not to sample. Or leave little time To pause and think. Many of today’s warnings About tomorrow, …READ MORE

When Death Entered The Tunnel: (A Tribute To The Victims Of 7/7)

Now forbidding tunnels crumble beneath the ground, Of London’s finest, streets and avenues, Only now do they reverberate to the marching sound, Of heavy cutting metal as it searches, selects then slices. For at 8.50am on that radiant Thursday morning, Death entered that inky …READ MORE