Some Real Estate

Some Real Estate

Did you know that I own a smart piece of real estate?

Oh no, not like the Bush, Kennedy, or Windsor Country estates,

Always it seems manicured and watered in the style of the rich.

No, my majestic divide of real estate,

Was bought long ago by He who was condemned to taste both love and hate!

This stately new future home was chosen for my countenance,

Then it was built, brick upon brick, birch upon coppice,

To be bought by His precious BLOOD!

Paid for by His saving and amazing grace.

Oh and yes, the cost to me

For this primed prepared picturesque dwelling?


Because He once long ago purchased it and He did it all for me!

I suppose I was inspired to write this stanza by an article I read some years ago by the late Harry Rimmer, do try and read it if you can.

As saved Disciples of Christ, we send up each year, I believe, materials for the interior of our future home. But what a sight. And what a blessing when first we will open that door to our future home!

But did not Paul promise such visions in 1 Cor. 2:9. Have you forgotten what he wrote? Then take that AV Bible down from the bookshelf and refresh your memory. Now!

Never, never, let anyone blaspheme His Holy name. Remember Christ paid the final fare. Others never could!


November 2005

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