So It Was

So It Was

So it was when virgins sin,

Hastily prepared and primed entered in

To God’s pristine earth.

So it was that it became the ancestry,

To all future generations that would witness all marked hostile deficiency.

Then deceitful Satan’s gilded accent,

Wooed and charmed Eve’s willing consent,

With cunning opulence from his profane purse.

Then did she unwittingly derive from him a constant curse?

And so it was that rampage, rage and war,

Entered this worlds counterfeit stage, allowing sin and much more to hastily appear.

And does not God still witness all future debauched misgivings?

That we so happily dwell in, disport in and willingly delight in?

And so it was that man must daily toil.

And women in distressing birth pangs must travail.

Because you see,

They had spontaneously sampled from that forbidden tree!

Then so it was,

Then so it always was.

And so forever it will always be!

And so forever it must always be!



July 2004

(All Rights Reserved)